A couple of months back Slumbersac approached me and offered a Slumbersac sleeping bag of my choice for one of the babogs. And of course, being a huge fan of baby sleeping bags it was an offer I couldn’t refuse. I choose to review one of their new sleeping bags WITH FEET. Who knew such things even existed?


Let me just start by telling you I’ve spent hundreds on sleeping bags for the babogs over the years. They are dead handy for keeping them all cozy, especially through the winter months. My only fault with sleeping bags is when the babogs get active they literally trip over themselves. This is where I’m currently at with Kadie (my 10 months Houdini). She’s a wriggler, a climber even, she’s fascinated with feet and has lost her balance in her sleeping bags and planted her cot too many time to count.


And this is where I fall for the innovative design of the Slumbersac with feet. I’m just going to get straight to the point, I cannot fault it. We have the 1 tog raspberry pink stripe baby sleeping bag with feet, and it’s perfect for the summer months. Regarding size, we got 12-18 months purely because she’s a tall one and we wanted to get decent wear out of it (I sound like me mammy). It’s been a blessing in our recent room swap and it keeps her safe, comfortable and most of all warm.


  • She’s no longer tripping over herself and planking the cot when trying to stand up.
  • Our sleeping bag with feet has been washed every couple of days over the past few months and it has not faded, nor has the sac lost its shape.
  • The shell and lining of the sac are 100% cotton so it’s super soft and dries pretty quick (it’s also tumble dryer safe).
  • It’s available in 12-18 months to 3-4 years.
  • It’s available in 0.5, 1.0, 2.5 and 3.5 tog.
  • They offer free delivery on orders over €50.
  • They also offer a free gift wrapping service, you just have to add it in at checkout.
  • They have lots of adorable designs to choose from.


  • It doesn’t come in my size.

At €26.99 a piece, I would definitely recommend a Slumbersac with feet and I promise you, I will be ordering a couple more for the babogs coming into the winter months. For more information on Slumbersac check out their website.

We received a Slumbersac of our choice for the purpose of an honest review. 

13 Comments on SlumberSac Sleeping Bag with Feet Review

  1. Love the idea of these slumber sacs. I’m pregnant on my third and have a few sleeping bags from my previous two but like yourself had to swap over to a duvet when they started falling over standing in the cot. Would love to give one a try when this little one comes along! A unisex in tog 3 aged 12-18 months would do the trick thanks for the informative review and slumber sac FB pg liked

  2. I’d love this for our toddler – unisex tog 2.5 aged 24 – 36mths.

    The discount code isn’t working unfortunately. I just tried it to purchase 2 slumbersacs and it said code wasn’t applied. The items weren’t embroidered or on sale so no apparent reason for it not work.

  3. They’re super aren’t they! We had one given to us for my little girl, it also had clip on arms and a car seat hole which was so so handy in the winter like you say. Unfortunately it was pink so I’ll definitely be looking at these for my little man! X

  4. This is a lovely product. One of my twins has a duvet but the other is determined to still have a sleeping bag (even though I think he’s a bit too old for one). Maybe this would be a good option for him so he can still be snuggled while being able to move freely.

  5. Surely the point of the sleeping bag is to keep them warm/at a comfortable tempreture. How do you keep their feet cozy? Mine have all been very detriminded sick removers.

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