Aside from the heartburn, nose bleeds and horrendous restlessness come evening time I’m pretty much ‘sailing’ my way into the third trimester. It feels pretty awesome to be growing a tiny person again. Twelve and a half weeks left and counting. Here’s some of the funniest and relatable pregnancy ecards I’ve come across on the net…

Unsolicited advice on the whole morning sickness… because we haven’t tried everything!!


It’s a MONSTER and it’s coming to eat you.


This one’s courtosy of Joe, he’s love this…


Stage two.

Here, quick… no put your hand here.

Nope this baby doesn’t like you either.


When your other half arrives home from work, you’re in your joggers and there are waffles and beans on the table for the third time that week.


Lets be honest, you’ve never prayed more in your life when you can feel a sneeze coming on…


When you accidentally eat a weeks work of shopping while everyone is sleeping.


It will be the longest month of your life!


Unless you fancy being forked never touch a pregnant womans food EVER!


Quack, Quack, Quack. Embrace that waddle!


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11 Comments on Pregnancy in E-cards

  1. I feel your pain. I definitely didn’t ‘bloom’ during my pregnancy! Good luck for the remainder, hope it gets better! X

  2. Hahaha!! So funny. I LOVE all these! I had so many people rub my bump and say ‘ooh you have a small bump, are you SURE it’s twins’ — so RUDE!! YES. I AM sure!!! Then as I got bigger, they’d say — ‘wow — you’re enormous. Are you sure you’re not having triplets?’ GAH.

  3. Love it, so clever. I am HORRENDOUS pregnant. It does not suit me at all. I definitely grow good ones though. Glad our family is now complete thougg x

  4. Haha these are amazing. Definitely agree with the morning sickness one, my first pregnancy I had morning sickness 24/7 all the way through pregnancy and people’s advice on how to deal with it drove me mad!

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