I’m sorry Doidy Cup, this is not the most pleasant of reviews. As you can tell I haven’t much love for you. I did for about a week, and then it all backfired. Water and milk fired, fired at my walls, doors and floors. 


The Doidy Cup is designed to teach your child to drink from the rim of a cup. The unique slant of the cup enables children to drink easily as they can see the contents without thrusting their heads forward and downwards. They also learn to put the cups down properly. It’s suitable for children as young as three months. They are top rack dishwasher safe, made in the UK, and comes in lots of eye pleasing colours. It’s about five euros too.

So this cup is supposed to be great for teaching little ones how to use an open cup and comes highly recommended to those who are practising baby led weaning. For us, it’s no different from any other open cup… in that it spills everywhere. I’ve tried numerous times with the little one. She just swings it about by it’s little handles and drowns herself. It’s been three months and there has been no development, in that time I’d say she’s drunk all of 50mls for it. The floors, seat and her clothes get the rest.

The boy, well he thinks it a launch missile, he’ll take a sip, he’ll realise he has loose fluid at his disposal and throws it across the room with an evil Chucky laugh. It has not helped us with his transition either. It’s just made more work for me. I’ll be sticking to my Nuby Flip-It Beakers for now.

Unfortunately, I cannot recommend it from my experience, it has not helped us in the transition from bottle or beaker to the cup. Have you had a different experience with the Doidy Cup? I’d love to know your thoughts…


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  1. I had one. I found it good when he was actually ready to learn how to hold a cup and drink from it. I wouldn’t bother with any kind of open cup until they seem interested in using it instead of flinging it though! Maybe try again in a few months…

      • I wouldn’t have given one at 3 months! Mine wasn’t ready for a spoon until he was way past a year old. They all progress at a different pace. I used it when he wasn’t quite managing a normal open cup to let him be able to see the drink easier so he’d know if he was close to spilling it. I think that’s the only advantage over an open cup. Better visibility. Totally won’t help you if they’re only interested in making a mess 🙂

  2. We have had one for all three of our children and we really liked it. We didn’t use it until about 10 months or so with baby number one and three, but the middle one used it for cup feeds from about 3 or 4 months (with us holding it) He was breastfed and wouldn;t have a bottle so used it for expressed milk or water, and got on well with it. x

  3. I think it’s a great idea (maybe when they’re older) but obviously not very practical… especially from 3 months? i don’t get the logic in that either! Corben loved to fling his arms about so would rather stay safe with a lidded beaker

  4. Lovely to see an honest review, so refreshing! Nice idea but maybe not for super small children! My daughter didn’t get the hang of cup drinking until 1.5 years old! x

  5. I’ve heard about these before but I really don’t understand the big difference between this and a normal cup other than, like you said, they can see what they’re drinking? Lily is 14 months and still throws the liquid around unless I physically hold the cup for her to sip from. It’s just what they do isn’t it? X

  6. It absolutely saved my life when my little guy, who was breadtfed, absolutely refused to take a bottle and I had to be away for a few days. I started him at 4 months (putting tiny amounts in and holding it for him), and by 7 months he was taking full feeds from it. I reckon timing is everything: had I started him on it much later, when he was physically much more able, it probably would have been the disaster you experienced. Using it for a young baby (4 months or so) who won’t take a bottle, and who’s too young for a sippy cup, can work really well.

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