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Jack Allen’s Kitchen Reviews

If you’re looking for a good restaurant in your area, you are at the right place! There are countless restaurants near you but not all of them deliver the quality that every customer wants. Jack Allen’s being one of them, it has been praised by many families and individuals for providing the best casual dining in a very friendly atmosphere. However, there are few other people that have complained about one thing or the other.  In this Jack Allen’s Kitchen review, we will deliver honest and unbiased reviews of Jack Allen’s Kitchen with all the details from operating hours, to the quality of service, price, menu, food quality and taste etc. I want to help you avoid all the bad experiences that I had so that you can enjoy a wonderful meal without having any worries. But before that, let’s understand Jack Allen’s Kitchen from all perspectives.

Jack Allen’s Kitchen Overview

Jack Allen’s Kitchen is one of the most popular restaurants in Austin, Texas focusing on locally and naturally sourced ingredients. The restaurant is owned by Jack Gilmore who works closely with the ranchers and the farmers in Austin to source all the cooking ingredients and materials as explained on Jack Allen’s Kitchen website. According to this source, in early 2021 Jack Allen’s Kitchen brunch was opened with about 6,500 square feet of space. The Jack Allen’s Kitchen Cedar Park branch is the fifth location for the restaurant.

This restaurant is loved by many for providing the freshest ingredients in the kitchen which are free of harmful chemicals and genes. It is equally important to note that Jack Allen’s happy hour menu is classically a mix of southern-style dishes and southwestern flare. This is actually what highlights the different seasonal and local flavor mixes.

Checking on what many customers have said, Jack Allen’s Kitchen is praised for offering a welcoming dining room and open patio. The bar staff and the waitress/waiters are attentive and always working as needed. The restaurant is open for lunch and dinner all days of the week serving taco platters, signature cocktails, steak, and seasoned specials, 13 spiced chicken, Cruzan black cherry mojito, a delicious selection of entrée salads, and healthy and farm-sourced fruits and appetizers.

The food menu is not extensive but it is always updated regularly and can be customized according to your taste for those going with Jack Allen’s kitchen reservations. The price range of Jack Allen’s Kitchen is from $5 to more than $35, depending on the type of food that you order.

Jack Allen’s Kitchen Cost

The cost for dinner ranges from $35 to more than $50 depending on the type of meal that you order. The portion sizes for even the entrée meals are big which makes sure that every customer will get their money’s worth and also be very satiated. However, comparing the prices and the value for money from this restaurant and the restaurant around the same area, it is clear that Jack Allen’s kitchen is one of the most expensive restaurants around. But in terms of the value for your money, it is clear that Jack Allen’s Kitchen Austin restaurant is a great value for every customer.

Jack Allen’s Kitchen Atmosphere

Jack Allen’s Kitchen has a welcoming and warm atmosphere that makes it stand out amongst other restaurants in the same location. This is actually one of the reasons why many customers love dining here. The menu is also updated regularly to provide you with the best local ingredients at the best price.

In its own words, Jack Allen’s kitchen states that it is where you get natural foods ‘’Local in source, Texas in Spirit”. The seasonal menu and the best quality ingredients will make you remember every delicious bite that you take.

Jack Allen’s Kitchen ordering

Another great thing about Jack Allen’s Kitchen is that you can consider Jack Allen’s kitchen order online service. This means that even if you are about to start your journey, you can just order the food that you love when you get to the restaurant and it will be served hot.

Jack Allen’s Kitchen Menu

There is a huge variety of foods on Jack Allen’s kitchen menu with different mouthwatering recipes. All the meals are perfectly fresh and made from great quality ingredients. The menu also changes every now and then depending on what ingredients are currently available in the market at that moment. The menu is not too small either as every diner will be able to get their favorite dishes without having any problem.

The menu does change from time to time. However, the restaurant always brings innovative ideas to keep the food fresh and tasty. A must try here is the scallop’s dish which is perfectly seasoned and just melts in your mouth once you take a bite into it. But still, when compared to some other restaurants in Texas, the menu is not too detailed and it might not work well for new customers or tourists especially those that want to find their Italian Dish, Indian Aloo gobi, or Nigerian Fofo ready to be served. The nice thing is that you can easily make custom orders for the Jack Allen’s Kitchen pimento cheese recipe or any other type of food depending on your tastes and preferences.

Jack Allen’s Kitchen Service

The service is great and very welcoming at this restaurant. The wait staff is fast in handling all the orders and does not leave any orders unattended at all regardless of whether you want Jack Allen’s kitchen gluten-free menu or a vegan dish. The customer service is impeccable and friendly here. Every customer will feel welcomed here and be looked after, just the way they were treated when they were a customer of Jack Allen’s Kitchen.

The service at Jack Allen’s Kitchen is great. The bartenders are attentive, friendly, and prompt in handling all the orders. The customer service is impeccable and they are also very welcoming to all the customers.

Jack Allen’s Kitchen Value for your money

Being one of the most expensive restaurants in the area, Jack Allen’s Kitchen offers great quality foods at a very friendly price. The food is worth what you pay for and the prices are not too high as some customers have claimed it to be. But checking on the menu, Jack Allen’s kitchen Anderson Lane menu might not be the best mix for vegetarians. Most of the negative reviews found here reveal that vegetarians have a hard time getting the perfect value for their money in the restaurant.

Jack Allen’s Kitchen Reviews

On average, Jack Allen’s Kitchen has a 3.8 stars rating from numerous customers on Glassdor.com and has been reviewed more than 400 times on different product review sites. Some of the most common and prominent reviews include,

“Great place for a nice casual meal. Food is good, service is great and it’s great for SXSW”

“My first visit to Jack Allen’s Kitchen cedar park was perfect. The service is wonderful and the atmosphere is very welcoming. The food was really good too.”

“If you love steak and seafood then this is a great place in order to satisfy your taste buds. Jack Allen’s Kitchen has culinary masterpieces prepared by the best chefs. The food is very delicious and worth every penny that you spend.

“I love it. I went there for the first time for brunch it was great. I can’t wait to go back again.”

These are some of the most common reviews from various customers.

Jack Allen’s Kitchen Timing and Opening Hours

The Jack Allen’s Kitchen Anderson Lane branch is open from Monday to Thursday from 11 AM-9 PM, Friday to Saturday from 11 AM-10 PM, and Sunday 10:30 AM-9 PM. 

The Jack Allen’s Kitchen Happy Hour Monday-Friday: 3-6:30 PM. During the happy hour, you can get ½ priced appetizers and $1 off all  drinks

Is Jack Allen’s Kitchen Open 24 hours?

From the timings shared on the official Jack Allen’s Twitter account, the restaurant is not open 24 hours. The management has shared special hours when the kitchen is open and other details that can help you reserve your time for special customized meals, drinks or dinner with family and friends.


Overall, Jack Allen’s Kitchen is a great place to dine at given the menu and the food, price, and customer service. The food and the service that this restaurant offers are worth what you pay for. It is extremely safe to say that almost all customers are greatly satisfied with their dining experience at Jack Allen’s Kitchen and they would highly recommend this restaurant to everyone looking for a nice place to enjoy delicious food in Austin.

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