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Xpluswear Reviews: Is Legit Or A Scam Website?

Over the years, some conflict has come up regarding the legitimacy and authenticity of the Xpluswear website. Many people have claimed that the site is a scam and rips people off the money. Nevertheless, controversy exists about whether the accusations are true.

The answer can get found through the Xpluswear reviews that the website and brand’s customers have left over the internet. Nonetheless, let us deliberate on the topic on this website so that you can decide for yourself.


What Do We Know About the Xpluswear Website?

The Xpluswear website, operated under, is a fashion store based on an online platform. It offers various clothes designed and prepared especially for broader women. In other words, the stitching done on the attire are suitable for plus-size ladies who generally cannot find any dresses of their size.

The Xpluswear website remains based in China. Nevertheless, they ship their products to other countries. Overall, a woman can find different and distinct clothes on the website. It entails formal pants, jeans, dresses, 2-piece sets, and tops. Additionally, various accessories and jewelry remain available on the site. They match the needs and expectations of numerous women.

The website and brand operate with the slogan and aim of allowing plus-sized ladies to become as fashionable as their skinny kin. Moreover, they want to help these women look and feel beautiful and stylish, irrespective of their body shape and weight.

Generally, all the products listed on the Xpluswear website can get bought at an affordable cost. Furthermore, some of their prices get marked down with discounts. It remains proven through the Xpluswear customer reviews available on other websites.


How Does the Xpluswear Website Operate?

The Xpluswear website features and offers various trendy clothes for plus-sized ladies. Their stock gets renewed often, allowing the site to provide new arrivals almost daily. It enables the customers shopping through the website to get a broad category of options from which they can choose.

Due to government restrictions and the cancellation of the flight, the website offers shipping within 20-30 working or business days on average from purchase. Additionally, it provides free delivery for all products at more than $79. But you will be charged the shipping fee for a product that is less than $79. Their standard shipping is 10-20 business days ($9.99). Moreover, you can order any products with a request for fast delivery which will be received within 4-10 business days, but this will charge you an additional $39. This claim remains proven through the multiple Xpluswear shipping reviews that customers have posted over the internet.

Another noteworthy thing is that Xpluswear offers a full refund for products returned within 30 days of delivery. However, a crucial point comes here. The apparel that the customer wants to return has to remain in an appropriate condition. In other words, it should not receive any damage due to the buyer’s negligence or intention.

Overall, all purchases and online transactions made on the Xpluswear website can get done through various online payment systems and portals like Google Pay or PayPal. Besides them, options, such as a Master or Visa card, also remain open.


What are the Various Benefits of Purchasing From the Xpluswear Website?

The Xpluswear website offers multiple advantages to the customers who purchase from them. A few of the pros encompass:

  • The website offers plus-sized clothes that a woman may not be able to find elsewhere. Additionally, it sends only the chosen sizes, as several customers have stated in their reviews on Xpluswear products.
  • The attire remains available at a reasonable price. Furthermore, they can get returned within 30 days of delivery.
  • An individual can use various payment methods to purchase on and through the website.
  • Xpluswear offer customization option to their customers. It remains ready to meet their needs and preferences,
  • The website had a valid and legitimate SSL certificate. It implies that the site offers security and protection to online communications to a specific extent.
  • 365 Daily new arrivals
  • Enjoy free shipping over $79


What are the Disadvantages Associated With the Xpluswear Brand and Website?

The Xpluswear website has its fair share of cons, as suggested and stated in the numerous Xpluswear official reviews. A few of the disadvantages comprise:

  • Access to the Xpluswear website remains blocked in multiple countries. It raises the question regarding its legitimacy.
  • The site does not offer cash on delivery option. It implies that the customers have to pay for the product they want to purchase beforehand.
  • Various reviews for Xpluswear clothes and shipping also revealed the point of late delivery. Many customers have reported receiving the product several months after the purchase.


Is Legit Or A Scam Website?

I cannot answer directly to this question since there are some positive or negative feedbacks found over the internet from their existing customers. Since there are some customers happy after buying their products, so, it’s really tough to prove the website is a scam. So, it’s up to you whether you will trust them or not.

One thing is that if you want to check their existing customer reviews, then continue reading the next of the content.

Negative reviews:

Overall, the xpluswear com reviews, and ratings come up to only 2.2 stars. It implies that the customers have qualms about the brand’s products, services, or delivery.

Xpluswear review

Various Xpluswear clothing reviews state that the orders or purchases get delivered late. Furthermore, some of the shipped products have a sub-standard quality. Thus, it contradicts the item featured on the website. In the worst cases, customers have also reported receiving apparel entirely different from the one they purchased and ordered.

Many customers have demanded a refund from the company for these reasons. However, they have gotten refused each time. Furthermore, the brand’s 30-day return policy works only if the buyers pay for the shipment fees. In other words, Xpluswear declined to give the amount necessary to send the purchased product back. Nevertheless, there are instances when people have purchased specific products off Xpluswear and received precisely for what they paid.

Thus, the question about Xpluswear’s authenticity comes down to its customer ratings and testimonials. However, another thing here is Xpluswear reviews remain absent from its official website. It puts the site under severe scrutiny and suspicion. Additionally, the reviews on other pages about the brand are primarily negative. According to, here are a few customers’ negative reviews mentioned as references.

xpluswear negative review 2 xpluswear negative review 1 xpluswear negative review 3 xpluswear negative review 4

Xpluswear is a relatively new website with some trusted and some non-trusted customers. The name of its domain owner remains hidden on WHOIS. 

Xpluswear not available on whois

Positive reviews

Nevertheless, Xpluswear responds to the questions and queries presented by its customers on Facebook and Email. It is something a scammer of the illegal site would never do. Hence, it leads us to believe that the website might be legitimate.

Moreover, there are many customers who are happy after buying their products. According to, here are a few positive feedbacks mentioned as references.

xpluswear review 4 xpluswear review 4 xpluswear review 2 xpluswear review 1

Overall, the Xpluswear website has its negative yet redeeming points. Thus, its authenticity remains unknown.

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