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Blue Whale Bitten in Half 2021 – What is the Real Incident? Is It Fake or Real News?

In 2021, an appealing and thought-provoking piece of news surfaced over the internet and the news channels and shook the world. It went by the attractive headline “Blue Whale Bitten in Half 2021” and aroused the curiosity of thousands of people all across the globe. However, is it fake or real news that got reported? What lies beyond the headline? Let us find out the answer in this article. Before that, let us gloss over a few details related to the information.


What Had Gotten Observed and Noted About the “Blue Whale Bitten in Half in South Africa, 2021” Case?

In 2021, the “blue whale bitten in half, South Africa-based” case exploded on the internet. It got featured on various news and social media outlets, attracting the attention and curiosity of thousands of people worldwide. It led to the google search bar getting filled with keywords like “South Africa blue whale bitten in half 2021,” “whale bitten in half 2020 South Africa,” “blue whale South Africa bitten in half 2020,” and other similar items.

According to the origins and initial testimonies of the case, a blue whale washed up in South Africa, bitten in half, and dead. The incident immediately became viral on numerous social media outlets and sites, especially Tik Tok. It created havoc in the people’s minds, throwing them into chaos. The worry of an even-larger creature than a whale emerged. The question- “what can bite the blue whale?” came up, seeing the largest mammal on Earth in that state.

The case blew up owing to the hidden details and never-seen-before happening. It resulted in the concerned authorities and interested researchers looking deeper into the incident. They did so in search of the truth or even something beyond existing knowledge.

The researchers speculated that the blue whale’s death could have resulted from a collision with a huge ship. In addition to that, they suspected that the deed had gotten performed by a group of orcas.

The venture for the truth allowed the actuality behind the case to come out.


What Was the Truth Behind the “Blue Whale Bitten in Half 2021 South Africa” Case?

The blue whale cleanly bitten in half case that emerged from South Africa in 2021 quickly reached the rest of the world in the blink of an eye. Numerous interested people kept a keen eye out for the truth behind the incident. Their anticipation got answered by the researchers and scientists who showed up at the site and performed the relevant tests. They provided the truth behind the “blue whale bitten in half, South Africa, 2020” case.

The investigation and examination of the washed-up corpse of the “blue whale” revealed that it was, in fact, not what the news channels and social media outlets had claimed. Instead, the carcass belonged to a great white shark.

A son and father duo had spotted the corpse in Maui. They immediately reported the case to the local authorities. However, substantial misunderstanding and confusion emerged because they initially mistook the great white shark for a blue whale and testified according to their misconceptions.

Thus, the entirety of the “blue whale” part remained far from the truth in the “blue whale bitten in half 2021 Africa” case.

What Do We Know About a Blue Whale?

As one may know, blue whales are the largest mammals to live in existence today. Scientifically named and called Balaenoptera musculus, they weigh over 200 tons and can extend more than a hundred feet long. A fascinating fact is that a blue whale’s tongue can win over an elephant when it comes to its weight.

Many people over the years have wondered and raised the question- “megalodon vs blue whale- which is bigger?” Let us answer this question as well. The former wins when comparing blue whale vs megalodon size. It is so by a significant margin. It stands true even when the comparison basis is their weight. However, the two can never compete in terms of strength, unlike the public’s expectations. When it comes to meeting a megalodon, blue whale of any type or size would not have a chance. The former became extinct before the latter came into existence.

Blue whales are carnivorous and feed on tiny sea fishes called krill. They can consume approximately four tons of the latter in a single day. Generally, blue whales appear blue underwater. It can get owed to the color of the water that gets reflected against their skin. Nonetheless, they have a grayish-blue hue on their outer skin in actuality.

A blue whale has a flat head with a broad and tapered body. They can get found in all the oceans on Earth, except the Arctic Ocean. In addition to that, they are one of the few mammals that have an exceptional lifespan. Records state that the oldest blue whale lived for about a hundred years. Conventionally, these creatures have an average lifespan of 80-90 years.

One essential thing to note about blue whales is that they cannot protect themselves flawlessly when attacked by predators. For that reason, they fall victim to the attacks of killer whales and sharks.


What Do We Know About a White Shark?

A white shark is the largest living fish in the whole wide world. Scientifically called Carcharodon carcharias, these creatures weigh over 2.5 tons and are approximately 15-20 feet in their length. They are also renowned for being the largest aquatic predator. A white shark can travel at a considerable speed underwater. This ability, coupled with their extraordinary sense of smell, enables them to detect prey from miles away.

White sharks are carnivorous and generally feed on sea lions, seals, mollusks, and sea birds. They may consume a few other shark varieties as well. In some cases, they may also eat dead whales. Contrary to popular belief, sharks do not intentionally target and feed on humans. Nevertheless, they may attack them if provoked. Overall, almost 30% of the total noted shark attacks get done by great white sharks.


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