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My Body is Ruined After Having a Baby: How to Go Back to Normal?

Pregnancy brings with it unwanted changes in physical appearance, which many find unpleasant and bothersome. “My body is ruined after having a baby,” is a disturbing notion, etched in several minds after giving birth. The svelte and shapely figures of celebrity moms make you wonder how to achieve a body like theirs. Here is our take on this usual matter of interest for new moms.

Physical changes after giving birth

Below are some of the common physical changes moms face after pregnancy and childbirth:

  • Melasma
  • Pallor/anemia
  • Weight gain
  • Saggy breasts
  • Hair loss
  • Stretch marks
  • Loose skin
  • Belly pooch
  • Broader hips
  • Vaginal laxity
  • Perineal scarring

Tips to get back to normal after giving birth

Give yourself time to heal

Your body has gone through a lot. Don’t rush it. Be patient with yourself. It will certainly take time to bounce back to its previous form. Give yourself time to heal. Prioritize rest, as peaceful sleep is necessary to get the hormones and metabolism back on track. Stay organized and be consistent in your daily routine. It will help you in taking time for rest.

Eat a healthy diet

Pregnancy not only takes its toll on your physical appearance but nurturing a new life in your womb also makes your body systems devoid of many essential nutrients. Replenish your body’s nutrient stores by eating healthily. Don’t give in to those unhealthy cravings for processed fast food.

Take multivitamins and iron supplements. They help your body restock the nutrient stores. A balanced diet lays the foundation for your body to get back to normal.

Breastfeed your baby

Breastmilk is best for your baby. Contrary to popular belief, breastfeeding is not a significant factor in sagging breasts. However, changes in breast size during pregnancy have implications. Breast lift surgery is an aesthetic corrective option for mothers who feel uncomfortable about their droopy breasts.

Breastfeeding helps you burn calories and get back in shape. Don’t deprive yourself of this special bond with your baby for fears without substantial scientific evidence.

Sweat it out

Nothing can fill the role regular workouts play in getting a toned body and returning to its pre-pregnancy form. To feel motivated, join a mothers fitness club.

Start with gentle exercises like taking a stroll in the neighborhood. Gradually ease into more intense workouts to gain your core body strength and stability. Also, include kegels into your routine to strengthen the pelvic floor and to improve bladder, bowel and sexual function.

Maintain your skin’s health

Pregnancy affects the youthful appearance of the skin adversely. Women experience stretch marks, loose skin, melasma and cellulite. Establish a consistent skin care routine to counter these unwanted effects. Invest in daily skincare essentials like a quality cleanser, toner, moisturizer and sunscreen.

Treat yourself to exfoliative scrubs and revitalizing face masks once a week. For persistent bothersome issues, think about advanced skin rejuvenation and resurfacing treatments from a skin care expert.

Consider aesthetic procedures

You will gradually get your form back with a healthy diet, regular workouts and skin care. With consistency in your routine, many of the physical issues get reversed. However, for women who are not satisfied with the results of lifestyle modifications alone, a mommy makeover may be considered.

These are body form restorative aesthetic procedures, which can address issues like breasts and belly sagging. A mommy makeover must be your personal preference and shouldn’t be done to fit into others’ ideal body image.

Focus on your intimate health

One of the many insecurities of new moms is about their intimate lives. Childbirth causes vaginal laxity and perineal scarring. This, and lack of time due to baby care and the usually low estrogen levels during breastfeeding, can lead to a loss of sex drive.

Take some time with your partner and find ways to rekindle your relationship. Plan a visit to an aesthetic professional to help you achieve better sex and arousal and guide you on minimally invasive, safe and painless procedures to address these physical problems.

Embrace the new you

While it is important to achieve your pre-pregnancy figure, keep in mind that there is no single perfect body you should try to fit into.

Your physical form changes throughout your life. Make efforts to bounce back, but don’t get overwhelmed by your bodily insecurities. Instead, find ways to elevate your look by revamping your wardrobe and hairstyle. Remember, the secret to a content and peaceful life lies in embracing the new you.

How long does it take for your body to go back to normal after birth?

This feat cannot be accomplished in days or weeks. It will certainly take months. The timeline varies according to your body type, the extent of transformation you desire, and the amount of effort you make. Stop hitting the scale every single day and have realistic goals in mind.

However, getting back in shape is worth it due to the many benefits. All it requires is dedication towards well-being and patience until the results become evident.

Benefits of bouncing back to pre-pregnancy body

The advantages are numerous, including:

  • Restored body shape
  • Improved functionality
  • Coping with postpartum depression
  • Building physical stamina
  • Improving cardiovascular health
  • Positive body image

Final note

After childbirth, many mothers experience significant physical changes that make them feel insecure. The desire to return to pre-pregnancy shape is common, but it’s important to approach this journey with patience.

Returning to normal involves giving your body time to heal, exercising regularly, eating a balanced diet and taking care of your skin. In addition, consider focusing on intimate health and aesthetic makeover techniques for troublesome issues. Remember, the key to contentment lies in embracing your body.

Dr. Jehan Ara
Dr. Jehan Ara
Dr. Jehan Ara is a highly qualified consultant obstetrician and gynaecologist with a passion for writing and health education. She has more than 10 years of practical patient care experience. She is currently working as an Assistant Professor of Obstetrics and Gynaecology in a medical school and a clinical supervisor for post graduate residents of obstetrics and gynaecology in the affiliated teaching hospital. In addition to her clinical work, Dr. Jehan is also a passionate writer and educator. She regularly writes articles and blog posts on women's health. She is committed to helping women understand their bodies and make informed decisions about their health.

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