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The Little Girl Who Lost Her Name – Children’s Book Review

A couple of weeks back Kayla received a Lost My Name book for review. The Little Girl Who Lost Her Name books are slightly different to your average book, it’s a magical personalised tale of a child who wakes up to find out they have lost their name. The child then bravely heads off on a journey to find it and stumbles upon lots of creatures on his/her way. Each one with a unique story to tell, providing a letter helping the child to recover their name. Hense why it’s called Lost My Name.

The Little Girl Who Lost Her Name books come in A4 size and printed on thick quality eco-friendly matte paper. Each book is made to order, recommended for children aged 2-6 and if you have a short name extra pages are added to extend the length of your story.

It is so simple to create your own Lost My Name book online. You type in your child’s name, pick a language, gender and then you also choose between different characters to play your child within the book (I didn’t know this when sending Kayla’s details to the PR guy, that’s why her book has brown hair!). And when you have created your book you can the virtually flip through the entire book start to finish.

My five-year-old little bookworm really enjoyed her customised name book, she was pretty confident on the letter ‘Y’ that the little girl’s name was Kayla. She loved all the colourful engaging characters, all weird and wonderful. Kayla met a Knight, an Aardvark, a Yeti, a Lion and an Angel, no princesses and fairies for a change. There are no skipping pages with this book, she genuinely enjoys it. I didn’t get the boy one because he wouldn’t appreciate it, being one. The boy is a little young yet to appreciate such a beautiful book so next year maybe he’ll find one under the big tree.

This Lost My Name books would make a fabulous gift to any small child whether it’s for Christmas, a birthday or just a treat. It’s a great read with a bit of humour and we all thoroughly enjoyed it.

The Little Girl Who Lost Her Name offer free shipping worldwide and 25% off when you buy more than one book.

Kellie Kearney
Kellie Kearney
Hi! I'm Kellie, a mammy of six vibrant youngsters. Juggling the roles of stay-at-home parent, I share honest stories and parenting fails. You'll often find me as a mum bun wearer, professional cake eater, and also a coffee lover. My typical day involves navigating through parenting challenges, whether it's enticing my little ones with a tempting custard cream, googling our next adventure, or eagerly awaiting Joe's return home. Join me on this rollercoaster journey of love, chaos, and laughter!

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