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Babypotz – Baby Food Storage Review

The one big difference between my two babies is their eating habits. I have one kid who eats bland dinners consisting of mash, veg and one meat, mainly chicken. While Frankie my littlest babog will eat anything. If he had to choose between food and his mammy, food would win every time.

Kayla my eldest ate jars of food most of her baby life. If jarred food wasn’t on the menu she got whatever my mother cooked for dinner mashed in a big lump of gravy. She’s a very fussy eater but I’m slowly and successfully introducing new foods to her. My little man Frankie eats solely home cooked dinners. He loves butternut squash, sweet potato, avocado, risotto, peas, courgettes and cod. Kayla eats none of the above.

When I batch cook for Frankie I normally raid my presses for any tubs, lids, lunch boxes and I struggle every time to find tubs with matching lids. So I was delighted to receive a complimentary set of Babypotz. Frankie likes a variation of food so I batch cook at least four or five different dinners fortnightly.

When I received my pots I headed over to www.mummycooks.ie, the sister site to Babypotz. Using our BPA free, dishwasher, microwave, freezer and sterilizer safe pots we tried the coconut chicken curry, homemade gravy, butternut squash risotto and avocado and cucumber puree. He loves each and every one of them.

The pots are fantastic. They don’t stain, they stack nicely in the press, fridge and freezer for storage and there have been no messy leaks in my baby bag as they have a nice deep seal on them. They are also very durable, not one has cracked, my pet hate with weaning pots.

I use our babypotz to store snacks for both the kids and raw juice for little man. They are so handy for treats on the go while Kayla gets a pot of fruit in her lunch box daily. The first few times she brought them to school she thought they were disposable so I’m a few pots down but they come in large quantities so we’ve still got plenty to use.

I would highly recommend Babypotz for batch cooking in the early days of weaning and the larger mixed storage pots are perfect for soups and leftovers for the big people too. If you would like to know more about Babypotz check out their website www.babypotz.com.

Kellie Kearney
Kellie Kearneyhttps://mylittlebabog.com/
Hi! I'm Kellie, a mammy of six vibrant youngsters. Juggling the roles of stay-at-home parent, I share honest stories and parenting fails. You'll often find me as a mum bun wearer, professional cake eater, and also a coffee lover. My typical day involves navigating through parenting challenges, whether it's enticing my little ones with a tempting custard cream, googling our next adventure, or eagerly awaiting Joe's return home. Join me on this rollercoaster journey of love, chaos, and laughter!

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