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Video memories: How to create a baby’s first-year video?

It is very likely that we have many photos and videos of our baby, especially from his first moments. What better idea, then, than to compile all these memories in a video that summarizes that first year?

You may think that this task is quite complicated and, therefore, you consider that the ideal is to hire a professional filmmaker. However, with the tools available today, creating a good quality audiovisual product in just a few minutes is easier than you think. We will tell you how to do it!

How to make a video of the baby’s first year?

Here are some tips to keep in mind when creating a video of your baby’s first year.


When making a summary video, it is essential to consider what we will use it for. Is it going to be projected in the background while the birthday party is taking place or at a specific time? Based on this, its duration can be defined.

The best thing to do is to make a short video that lasts between 3 and 6 minutes. In this case, around 30 or 50 images should be selected. Sometimes it isn’t easy to sum up, a whole year in a few minutes. However, the reality is that if you make a video that is shorter and less than 6 minutes, the guests will stop paying attention.

Photo selection

The quality of the video photos is very important, whether taken through a mobile phone or a digital camera. Therefore, it is preferable to discard dark, blurry or shaky photos not to affect the video’s quality.

On the other hand, individual photos of the baby can be included when choosing the right photos, as well as group photos where family members and loved ones appear. To add a photo on paper, you must first take a good photo with your phone or scan it.

Add videos

The selected photos can be combined with home videos of different moments of the baby. Today, any video editor can perform this simple task and create a great memory. In this case, the quality of the clips to be used must also be taken care of. In turn, you can also add videos of family and friends who surely have some lovely memories of the little one. To make it special, you can customize a baby logo and add it to your baby’s video.

The choice of music

You may have already decided on the song you want to accompany the video. Depending on the result you want to obtain, it can be more emotional or fun. You can choose a meaningful song or just one that you really like.

We can always resort to the examples if you can’t think of any option. If you search on the Internet, there are many options in the data banks where you can select beautiful and happy music to accompany the video.

Share the video with family and friends

A highly recommended option is to share the video with loved ones once the celebration is over. Thus, everyone can take home that gift with the memory of the best moments of the baby’s first year.

At the same time, it also allows you to share an essential celebration with those who live far away and have not been able to attend the celebration. On the other hand, it is an excellent gift idea since it is an economical, emotional and environmentally friendly alternative.


With all these tips, you now know where to start to create a beautiful and complete video with the different memories of the baby’s first year.

Kellie Kearney
Kellie Kearney
Hi! I'm Kellie, a mammy of six vibrant youngsters. Juggling the roles of stay-at-home parent, I share honest stories and parenting fails. You'll often find me as a mum bun wearer, professional cake eater, and also a coffee lover. My typical day involves navigating through parenting challenges, whether it's enticing my little ones with a tempting custard cream, googling our next adventure, or eagerly awaiting Joe's return home. Join me on this rollercoaster journey of love, chaos, and laughter!

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