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Top 10 Must-Haves For Your Baby Delivery Day

When it comes to handling the pressure of a due date, most people tend to falter a little. And if you are becoming a father for the very first time, it’s quite natural for you to feel this way.

However, the delivery day of the baby is extremely important, both for you and the mother. So, it’s best to keep up your game and be as ready as you can.

And to prepare yourself properly, I have shared ten different tips on the topic in this article. Thus, if you are feeling too helpless, don’t forget to stay with me till the end.

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1: A Nursing Pillow.

Baby Delivery Day
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A newborn might seem small and light when you look at them. But carrying them around, even for a while, can put a strain on your hands and arms. Since you must feed your baby for a week or so, having a nursing pillow by your side can come in handy. It’ll allow you to provide support to your baby while feeding them with infant formula or breast milk.

2: A Pacifier.

A newborn will always want to suck on her mother’s nipples, even when they’re not feeling too hungry or something. But, providing such continuous support and attention to them can be a little too difficult for the mother, especially after the delivery. Therefore, in that case, using a pacifier can be beneficial to your child while your wife gets a little bit of rest.

3: A Cord Blood Collection Kit.

If you are thinking about collecting cord blood, it may be better for you to get a collection kit at the earliest. Just talk to a provider with regard to this aspect, and they’ll offer whatever you are looking for. They can also assist you with the collection if you want.

4: New Wearables.

Once the delivery is completed, both the mother and the child will require new clothing. Thus, as the father, it will be your duty to bring something with you to prepare both of them. Ensure that the outfits are clean and well-sanitized before wearing them.

5: Insurance Card, Birth Plan, and ID.

When you are getting ready for the hospital, the first thing that you should put into your bag is the ID card, the insurance card, and the birth plan. So, don’t forget to bring them accordingly.

6: A Towel.

After the delivery is done, both your wife and the baby will need to be cleaned before they’re able to wear anything. So, make sure to keep a towel in your bag so that it can soak well. It is also important to clean it properly before letting them use it.

7: Feeding Bottle.

Bring a feeding bottle with a small amount of lukewarm water in it as well. It should be used whenever your baby feels thirsty. If they are crying or making any gestures, just put the bottle in front of them and see if they drink from it or not.

8: A Pack of Diapers.

Do you want to prevent the risk of your car getting “spray-painted” by your child? Well, then, keeping a pack of diapers near your hands can come in handy for you.

9: One Thermometer.

When it comes to tackling a newborn, you should always keep their temperature in check as long as you’re on your way home. So, for that, keeping a thermometer will be ideal for you. If you can get a digital option, you will also be able to use it rectally.

10: Diaper Rash Cream.

Finally, sometimes, using a diaper can also affect the skin of your toddler and develop a rash. So, it’s best to use a diaper rash-cream on their backside before putting it on them. It’d offer some sort of relief to them.

Wrapping It Up!

So, there you go. I hope now you have an idea about what you need to bring with you during the due date of your wife. Just make sure that you are packing each and everything that’s necessary. This way, it’ll be easier for you to handle everything, no matter whatever comes in front of your way

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