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Kids Activities When Visiting New York

Traveling to New York City with children is challenging, partly because of the inescapable crowds. However, you will be richly rewarded if you can pull it off.

Dreams come true in New York City, where the vibe is infectious. Children also benefit from the inspiration that is unavoidable for visitors. In addition to some suitable paid activities, New York City offers many chances for free things to do with kids.

Nowadays, the most upcoming activity for kids is Christmas and seeing all the decorations and trees. Kids are excited to see Christmas Lights in Dyker Heights or to visit Rockefeller center for the beautiful tree along with some ice skating.

Below are some trendy activities for kids in 2022

Harry Potter Store

I’ll say something that won’t win any friends, but it’s true: I never understood the Harry Potter frenzy. I’m curious if I’m doing it correctly, but I wouldn’t put myself in a fan’s time zone. So when I went to the Harry Potter Store, I wasn’t expecting much but was pleasantly surprised.

Parents cite this as one of the most significant family activities in New York City since the entire store is a fantastical fantasy. Two fascinating business floors are home to a lively cafe serving butterbeer. Be prepared for large groups of screaming children; the delight is difficult to conceal.

If you can leave the Harry Potter store without buying anything, it’s one of the best free things to do in New York City. But if you want something to remember your trip by, be sure to get the tempting chocolate frog!

Central Park

We need to mention the masterpiece that is Central Park to discuss the finest family-friendly activities in New York City. It is well-deservedly famous, and everyone’s list of must-see attractions when visiting New York City includes it.

Few people can avoid falling in love with Central Park, which spans over 840 lush acres. There are so many wonderful activities in the park, but if you’d like some advice, I recommend reading 15 ICONIC Central Park Activities You Can’t Afford to Miss.

There are numerous playgrounds and fields where your child can burn off some energy. One of the best family-friendly activities in New York City is climbing to the top of Belvedere Castle, so make sure you get it. Additionally, if your child enjoys visiting zoos, remember to visit the one in Central Park!

Explore the High Line

One of New York City’s most distinctive parks, The High Line, is also one of the top family-friendly activities.

Before the High Line was even thought of, this location was used as an elevated rail line for freight trains carrying cargo. When trucking grew more popular, the market for this service vanished, and the railroad was ignored until Mayor Bloomberg authorized a plan to turn it into a civic park.

When The High Line first debuted in 2009, it was a huge hit. The 1.5-mile elevated promenade sees an average of 8 million people each year.

When the plants are in flower, spring or summer is the ideal time to visit the High Line. No matter what time of year you visit there, you’ll discover stunning murals, original artwork, and moving sculptures. To that end, if you’re traveling to New York City with children, stop by and explore the High Line because they’ll love it!

Brooklyn Bridge

The Brooklyn Bridge, which connects Manhattan and Brooklyn, is regarded as one of the nation’s oldest bridges and was formerly the longest suspension bridge in the world.

One of my favorite free activities in New York City with kids is walking across the Brooklyn Bridge. The family will enjoy visiting the famous bridge, which is a sight to behold. While crossing, you may see the Statue of Liberty and Manhattan’s impressive skyline, providing you with plenty of conversation starters.

Experience The Escape Game

Playing a round of the Escape Game is one of the best activities to do with kids in New York City if you want to stay indoors.

There are five different rooms you can select from, and each is filled with puzzles and hints that you must solve to beat the 60-minute countdown.

My favorite was the Gold Rush room, which my buddies and I completed in under 5 minutes (talk about squeaking by!). We canceled our lunch appointments and answered yes when asked if we wanted to play a second round because it was so much fun.

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