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The best 3 child bathroom decor Ideas

Bathrooms are a great place to add some fun and colour to your child’s bedroom. You can make the bathroom their own personal space by adding some decorating touches they will love. Here are 3 easy ways to decorate your child’s bathroom:

If you have a toddler or pre-schooler, then it’s likely that you already have a lot of toys lying around their room. Why not incorporate them into your child’s bathroom? For example, if they have a favourite stuffed animal, then consider placing it somewhere on the wall so it’s visible from the tub or sink. If they love cars or trains, then place one on top of the toilet tank or sink cabinet. You can also add some fun accessories like bathtub crayons or bath paint that will encourage your children to get creative while taking their baths!

If you want to go above and beyond when decorating your child’s bathroom, then consider creating a theme that ties everything together. For example, if they love dinosaurs and elephants then find small dinosaur or elephant themed items (such as towels or soap dispensers) and incorporate them. Well, we shall look at 3 easy ways to decorate the baby’s bathroom using wallpaper for walls;

Creating a pattern on the wall

First, you have to choose the desired pattern of the wallpaper that you want to use in your kid’s bathroom. Are you an educative parent? Or you are the kind of parent who wants his/her child to have the fun they desire. If you want to give your kid an educative experience, then there are a variety of wallpapers to pack from. You can get a wallpaper containing alphabets, numbers or even different kinds of animals with their names labelled on it. Then there are the parents who want their kids to have fun. You can decide to use a wallpaper of famous cartoon characters like the Tom and Jerry wallpaper or even famous movie characters like the Jackie Chan wallpaper. After choosing the wallpaper you want to use for the baby’s bathroom then you create a certain pattern from the wallpaper rather than applying the wallpaper in the traditional manner. Creating a pattern will include cutting the wallpaper into a pattern that satisfies your desire. For instance, you make patterns out of different cartoon characters e.g., combining the tom and jerry cartoon with the Winx club cartoon characters or even cutting and sticking different movie stars on the bathroom wall. This will help make the bathroom become lively for the baby.

Mixing tiles with the stick wallpaper

floral bathroom peel and stick wallpaper
Source: lovevsdesign

Mixing the tiles and the stick wallpaper by using the tiles up to half of the wall then the remaining half you use the wallpaper. This gives a practical solution to parents who are not sure if to have wallpaper in the child’s bathroom. This gives you a chance to get really creative with the tiles and wallpaper combination.

This design may be used to prevent getting the wallpapers damp since any potential ‘splash’ area is greatly protected by the tiles therefore there is very little danger of getting the wallpaper wet. When doing this you should be very careful with the type of tiles you choose and the kind of wallpaper you choose. This is crucial for the decoration since you do not want to create a messed-up pattern. The tiles should match well with the wallpaper. For the little one’s bathroom, there are a variety of tiles that could be used to match with the Wallpaper for bathroom walls.

For instance, you can choose to use plain coloured tiles e.g., Marble Vitrified Tiles, Plain Vitrified Tiles, Onyx Vitrified Tiles, Statutario Marble Vitrified Tiles or Stone Vitrified Tiles. And for the wallpaper, you may choose any design that you want to use for your baby’s bedroom. This will depend on what you want for your baby’s bathroom. Another combination of the tiles and stick wallpaper can be when you choose to use tiles on one part of the room and on the other part you choose to use the stick wallpaper to complete the decoration of the baby’s room. You may decide to use the tile on the area around the baby’s bath tap and around the sinks then you apply wallpapers on the rest area on the wall. Once again this can be used as a method to avoid getting the wallpaper wet since the wallpaper is located away from any possible splash.

Decorating other features

This is for the parents who want to use less capital and yet accomplish the aim of decorating the baby’s bathroom. The baby’s bathroom contains many features such as the bathtub, the sink, the toilet seat, framed mirror, the baby’s toys or even a medicine or toys cabinet. To make the decoration first you get one design for the bathtub, the sink and the toilet seat.

The reason for you to get one design is to avoid mixing a lot of patterns on the bathroom which might create a muddle. For the mirror and the toys, you do not need to pick similar color as the bathtub and the sinks. Then get a stick wallpaper that you want to use in the room. Cut the wallpaper and stick on the features making sure to maintain one pattern all through the room from the bathtub to the sinks and then to the seat toilet.

For the mirror use the stick wallpaper on the frames of the mirror. Remember to maintain the same pattern up to the medicine or the toys cabinet. When you come to the toys just use small pieces of the stick wallpaper just to make the pattern look lively.


Decorating the baby’s bathroom needs some attention especially when it comes to using the stick wallpaper since there are different methods to decorate it using the stick wallpaper. How to decorate it will depend on your personal interest. You have to consider what you feel comfortable with and what you want for your baby.

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Kellie Kearney
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