GRIP the baby bottle gripper is designed to help babies to hold their own bottle, encouraging them to develop the skills necessary for independent feeding. Available in six beautiful colours – rose, apple, sunshine, tangerine, sky and flamingo. With a universal design – one size fits all bottles (dimensions are 8.7 x 8.7 x 15 cm), GRIP is suitable from four-month, it’s BPA free and dishwasher safe (top rack).

We received a flamingo GRIP worth €14.99 for Kadie from Cognikids last month to review. The packaging stated compatible with her Tommee Tippee bottle but I’ll admit I struggled to get it on so much that I gave up. I’m very stubborn and the GRIP had defeated me.

Few days later I was super busy with the little fella and Kayla’s homework and of course Kadie demanded her bottle so I took it out to give it another little go. The GRIP had been through the dishwasher since our last encounter and it wasn’t as stiff and literally slid on the bottle.

I gave it to Kadie, she played with it, swung it around a little, poked the holes, chewed it, then drank her whole bottle securely gripping her own bottle. It was an instant success. Not a bother to her, she was looking down at her bottle and back up at me as if to say, hey look at me drinking my own bottle.

Now that she had finished her bottle I had the unruly task of removing the GRIP. It was a little disobedient and I’ll admit that it was a struggle.

Even though I struggled I have used the GRIP numerous times over the past month, it’s really handy especially when we’re walking to school, in the car or if I’m busy in general. Only the other day we were in the in-laws and she picked up her bottle (GRIPless) all by herself and drank the whole darn thing showing off her new skills to everyone. So the GRIP has definitely encouraged her independence at just six months old.


  • The GRIP helps ease the transition from breast to bottle.
  • Promotes and develops hand eye co-ordination.
  • It supports the development of fine motor skills and pincer grip.
  • It encourages independent feeding.
  • Available in six eye pleasing colours.
  • The GRIP also supports sensory development.
  • Compatible with most bottles including Advent, Dr. Brown, Nuk, Mam etc.


  • As above, it was very stiff and I struggled to insert Kadie’s bottle on my first attempt. The dishwasher did soften it though.
  • It’s also a little bugger to remove at first.

For more information on the GRIP or Cognikids check out their website.

Like my review? WIN 1 of 2 GRIPs in colour of your choice HERE!

I received a GRIP for the purpose of this review, all thoughts and opinions are my own.


11 Comments on GRIP – A Baby Bottle Gripper Review

  1. This looks like a really cool idea. It is something I would buy and then use a few times and then think what the hell. I love the fact they come in lots of different colours though. Just not sure it is amazing!

  2. I’m well and truly past the ‘bottle stage’ now with my youngest being 4, but it would be something I would have considered as my boy was a lazy little toad and would rarely hold his bottle himself!! x

  3. Great review. Will definitely be getting one, win or lose. Lol. My 2 little girls would never feed themselves their bottles. Even the younger girl was 2 and I still had to feed her. I’m hoping my little man will do it himself when I wean him.

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