What to take in your maternity hospital bag can be real tricky especially if it’s your first baby. Space for bags in maternity hospital can be cramped and you don’t really know how long your labour will last or how long you’ll be admitted for.

I have put together this post in hope it will guide you on what you should bring during your stay. My number one tip in preparing your hospital bag is packing all small items in labelled zip lock bags so you can find them easily. I couldn’t live without my own pillow and witch-hazel either.

I was admitted early on my second after a heavy bleed as a precaution due to thrombocytopenia. I wasn’t prepared for those extra days in the hospital, so a spare bag at home for dad to bring in with essentials like underwear, pyjama’s, a towel and socks is always handy. Also, the baby may be a little bigger than expected so be prepared in advance and have some larger onesies and vests set aside too.

I’ve only four weeks left to go but both my babies came before their due date so aim to have your bag ready at 37 weeks and to avoid any annoyance pack dads yourself, trust me, it’s not worth the hassle nagging him!

My Labour Ward Bag

An old t-shirt/night-dress

Comfy socks

Slippers (with hard sole)

Dressing gown

Wet wipes

Lip Balm

Light snacks


Own pillow

Hair bobbins/clips


iPod/iPad and earphones

1 complete outfit for baby including vest, long-sleeved onesie, reusable or disposable nappy, socks, hat and mittens (if onesie doesn’t have integrated mittens) in a zip lock bag.

Sports cap water bottle


Cooling spray/facecloth

Post Delivery Bag

2 x packs of large sanitary towels

2 x dark coloured towels


3 x pyjamas

2 x night dresses with buttons down the front

8 x old underwear



Flip Flops

Miniature Toiletries (shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, deodorant, toothpaste, toothbrush, moisturiser)


Sports cap bottle of water

Disinfectant wipes

Shower cap

Note pad & pen (you will have to take notes of all babies feeds and wet/soiled nappies)

Mobile phone charger


Laundry bag

Travel hairdryer & brush

Ear plugs (wards can be very noisy)

Mirror and make-up

Prescribed medication

Arnica tablets (for bruising)

Multi-Mam compresses

Moisturizing nipple cream

Breast pads

2 x support/nursing bra

Baby Bag (all pre-washed)

4 x Long sleeved baby grows/onesies with integrated mittens

4 x Short sleeved vests (long-sleeved in winter)

1 x Cardigan

1 x Hat

2 x Socks

1 x Sock on’s

8 x Bibs

2 x Baby blanket

Baby towel

1 pack of newborn nappies or approx. 16 cloth nappies

2 x WaterWipes

Handful of nappy bags

Cotton wool

Small plastic bowl

Muslin clothes

Cot sheet

Hand sanitizer

Newborn soother

Dad’s Hospital Bag


Phone charger

Wash bag with tooth-brush and deodorant etc.

Spare clothes


Change for car park

Discharge Bag (to be brought in by dad)

Comfortable loose clothes and Converse

Hat, coat and blanket for baby

Car seat (with base fitted into car)

Change for car park

Other things you may need…

Birth plan (if you have one)

Tens Machine

Birthing Ball

Duvet in the car for dad (some maternity hospitals will send dad home if labour isn’t progressing and he may not want to drive all the way home).

It’s long, I know, but I hope this helps guide you through packing your hospital bag and if there is anything I have missed add it to the comments below.

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19 Comments on Packing Your Maternity Hospital Bag For Mum, Dad and Baby

  1. Very useful thank you… Did u find your second round in the labour WARF any less terrifying.. Will be bracing my second trip there this October and I’m still as anxious as I was on my first .

  2. Earphones!! I loved having netflix while in hospital, was there over a week and was great during night feeds to have something to keep me going. So yes I needed my ipad too!! I was lucky most of the week I had the room to myself so could watch away, if sharing just be careful to close curtains and watch in peace with hospital light off….nothing is as annoying as someone turning on overhead light for no reason….

    On that note, I’m aware the excitement of baby arriving is immense but if you get back to your ward bed at 5am maybe wait to ring family and friends til a reasonable hour of the day….and DON”T wake the person in bed/asleep in the room with you!! (yes I had issues when I did get a hospital roommate….)

    • Oh must download Netflix onto my phone. Great idea.
      Totally agree with waking up the neighbours. Poor girl next to me had only fell asleep (she was being induced), she’d had a long day when suddenly my waters popped and I had immediate contractions and waited by the bed humming to myself in labour waiting on the other half to arrive to got the labour suite. I was in the height of labour and all I could think about was this poor girl who was finally getting some rest.

  3. wow …. so organized xx great tip about not waking anyone beside you,,,, that would of drove me nuts x good luck with it… but im sure you,ve got it all covered x

  4. Great list! When I was packing my hospital bag for Emma’s arrival I remember googling and searching through different websites. Wish I’d read this then! 🙂 #mummymonday

  5. Awe loved reading this post! I have a ways to go yet but have bookmarked to come back to. Huge congrats on number 3 🙂
    I would say the only thing that jumped out at me was the change for car park. Bring LOADS. We ran out several times which was a pain in the arse as himself had to go looking for shops to get change. Also handy to have your own change stash for late night trips to the vending machine 😉
    Best of luck for number 3

  6. I’m not sure if I commented already as I cant see it doh! Anyways I was saying defo bring lots of change; some for the car park and some for emergency trips to the vending machine 😉

    Best of luck for no 3 delivery xx

  7. That’s an extensive and exhaustive list. During my two pregnancies I definitely didn’t take enough clothes. I also had a lot of time to read, so plenty of reading material was vital. #mummymonday

  8. This post is really useful for someone who doesn’t know or cant remember what to put in their hospital bag! I miss this part of when I was pregnant! I cant wait to experience it all over again one day.xx

  9. awesome post! this would help a lot especially the first timers. I know when I had to pack my hospital bag for my wee one, I needed a lot of help to make sure I didn’t forget anything important. 🙂 #mummymonday

  10. I have 10 days till my due date, and how’s bag still not finished, now I see the organisation of your list and bag, feel like I gotta start again. Good tips earplugs, earphones etc (hate other people’s noise hahaha help me now)

  11. I will definitely be bringing an eyemask as I found the ward too bright at night even with the lights off. When I was in having my first there was a spotlight hitting me right in the face so got very little sleep.

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