In the past week I’ve been inundated with messages, mails and tweets about the babogs Antilop high chairs. So I’ve decided to put together a quick little review and share my love for the Ikea high chair. 

I’ve had my fair share of high chairs in the past, including brands like Mothercare, Mama’s & Papa’s and Cosatto. We’ve had our Ikea Antilop now just over a year and bought a second for the little one. Designed stupidly simple with no frills, a white frame, 3 point safety belt, removable tray, no hidden crevasses, lightweight and above all inexpensive. It’s €16 all in including the tray. Whats not to love?

I like the Antilop so much that I’ve turned down two high chair reviews in the recent months because price verse quality this Swedish high chair will win hands down every.single.time.


  • Wipe clean
  • Easy to assemble and portable
  • Lightweight
  • No hidden crevasses for food to build up
  • Doesn’t stain
  • Straps are removable
  • Very sturdy
  • If you have two high chairs they stack once the tray is removed
  • Sits at average table height so older toddlers can join in at the dinner table


  • It doesn’t fold (but does come apart easily for storage)
  • Only suitable for babies who can sit up unaided
  • 3 point harness
  • One sitting position (doesn’t recline)
  • Sometimes you may have to give the tray a little yank to remove it but that’s never stopped me buying a second
  • No foot rest

Highly recommended as a cost effective baby led weaning, traditional weaning or combination weaning high chair. We love it!

Disclaimer – I cannot guarantee you will go to Ikea in search of this high chair and not buy half the store.


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  1. Looks fab! I decided ages ago that I shall get this one next time around. I had a cossatto one previously and not only was it very garishly pink, food would build up in it and it was very heavy to move! xo

  2. I LOVE this high chair! It had lasted well for both my kids and they’ve both enjoyed using it. I love how the legs come off making it easy to take places when necessary. I also love how easy it is to keep clean, no little crevices to collect food in. I’ve got the red one which is even better at hiding the wear and tear!

  3. I love your disclaimer…. VERY true haha! I love, love, love this high chair…. I wish had bought one as we always loved using them in cafes. The only thing that put me off though is that it can’t be folded/easily stored. I love the no fuss design though, it’s superb!

  4. We’ve used these when out and about and they’re great! We don’t have one at home anymore but we have experienced the cosatto struggle.

  5. I bought one 8 years ago for my childminder’s and it’s still going strong, she loves it, ours was got in Belfast before IKEA even opened in Dublin. So, so easy to clean. Only issue I found is that my small girl figured out how to jump it across the kitchen!

  6. We used to use these high hairs at nursery and I wish I’d have bought one! I got sucked into buying a pretty padded one again and the food gets everywhere! x

  7. haha i chuckled as your disclaimer. We love this highchair, although teddy can wiggle out of the straps grrrrrrr

  8. We had a couple of different high chairs before buying the Antilop with my first. It’s amazing and I love it. The whole thing (minus the legs and straps) can even go in the dishwasher if it’s absolutely pitted. I’ve bought another one for my second but he’s only 5 weeks old so won’t be using it for a while just yet! x

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