Order Your FREE ToucanBox Full Of Educational And Creative Crafts For Kids

ToucanBox is an award-winning flexible fortnightly subscription box service for kids age 3-8 full of engaging crafts for creative little minds that are delivered directly to your door and it’s personally addressed to your child too. All of their products are gender neutral and there is no commitment, basically, you can cancel your subscription at any time and it’s developed by educational experts.

Each project is designed to stimulate children creativity and curiosity and to encourage key development skills such as concentration, numeracy, fine and gross motor skills, and problem-solving. The boxes are tailored to suit each child own development stage, and the content of the box will differ accordingly.

At present there are three different boxes available:

  • Petite toucanBox: delivered fortnightly, contains 1 activity and fits through the letter box (£3.95/€5.45)
  • Grande toucanBox: delivered monthly, contains 2 activities and a book (£9.95)
  • Super toucanBox: delivered monthly, contains 4 activities and a book (£16.95)

If you would like to treat your kid to a FREE taster toucanBox including materials to make an amazing project and an activity book with puzzles games, facts, and recipes you can sign up by clicking the picture below. Simply subscribe to the box through the link and if you are not happy with you just have to cancel your subscription once you receive your taster box. there are no commitments to the box whatsoever! I’ve ordered one for the Big Kid and an extra one for the Toddler for €2 because well we all know all kinds of hell will break loose if he doesn’t get one too.

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