Have you seen the Tree of Life breastfeeding photo doing the rounds? Aren’t they just divine? I haven’t shared any brelfies, or any breastfeeding photo’s online before, it’s not really my thing but my god these are just simply amazing. I’ve seen so many people asking again and again how to do it so I had to whizz up a quick post and share with you how to do it yourself, it’s so simple and the results are just beautiful. I just love how these edits highlight the love and beauty of mother and baby in such an artistic way. I’m going to frame mine.

*tree of life breastfeeding photo brelfie picsart create transparent

How to create your own PicsArt Tree of Life Breastfeeding Photo

  • Download the PicsArt app onto your phone.
  • Download a free to use tree with roots image or clip art.
  • Upload the image you want to edit (your brelfie).
  • On the bottom of the screen there is an option bar, click ‘add photo’ and add your tree with roots image.
  • On that same bar click ‘blend’ then press ‘multiply’. The white background should disappear.
  • Rotate your tree with roots to fit across your breast and your babies head.
  • You can edit and crop some of the tree to fit by using the eraser on the top left-hand side of the screen.
  • Next, you click on the ‘magic’ button and choose the effect you would like to use. Midnight, Nighcore, Flare and Rainbow seem the most popular and then you are done, just save your tree of life magical breastfeeding creation to your phone, tablet or iPad.


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20 Comments on How to Create a Tree of Life Breastfeeding Photo Using the PicsArt App

  1. It originated from a gentle brestfeeding group a woman by the name of Cassandra, she created a page @keeponboobin on Instagram

  2. These are beautiful. They’re almost enough to make me want to start breastfeeding my newly weaned two year old again…Almost. 😉

  3. It won’t let me select a tree! I get a “use” bar but when I try to pick a tree it does nothing. Any suggestions?

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