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How Much Is A Day Ticket To Peppa Pig World?

Peppa Pig World is one of the parts of Paultons Family Theme Park that is included in all entry tickets. The Peppa Pig World is a very unique theme park in the world!

Buy Paultons Park Tickets

As a visitor, you must require an entry ticket. There are two types of entry tickets available.

1. Single person ticket

2. Family package ticket.


  1. All the tickets are valid for a single day on the date selected.
  2. Children under 1 metre in height don’t need a ticket, but children 1 metre or above in height require a ticket. (Children must be wearing shoes when measured for height).
  3. Free parking.

The price of the tickets

The price of the ticket depends on the package of the ticket.

The price for an individual ticket starts from £48.500 and the Family Package for 3 members starts from £143.00. Based on the family members, the prices of the tickets are different.  The price for a family of 4 members is £190.00  and £237.50 for a family of 5 members.

You can also know the updated ticket fee here.


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