Frankie has found his feet, he’s not walking exactly, just crawling and climbing EVERYTHING! The sofa, the dog, the presses, the window ledge, the stairs, the doll house, the washing machine, the bed, my leg, the toilet, absolutely everything!

Also every single thing that he has EVER touched goes in his mouth since he began crawling. So far this week I have fished Lego, beads, little Sofia characters, Play-Doh, the hoover cord, toilet roll, crayons, dog food, pebbles and the end of an unplugged charger from his mouth.

Most of the five year olds toys come with small parts and regardless of how careful she is something always falls or gets left behind. I’m like a patrol officer threatening to throw out everything as I’m constantly trying to baby-proof the house.

I hoover every single morning while Kayla eats her breakfast and Frankie mashes his into his hair and regardless of how many times I do this, he will always find a crumb. ALWAYS. Nothing is safe. Nothing I tell you. He loiters around the bin, the dog bed and toilet too.

He is fascinated with everything and regardless of my redirection he returns to investigate and explore every single object that crosses his path. Even Tinkerbell our

lab is exhausted from just looking at him.

He’s slowly driving me insane. I can tell you honestly, I am in no rush for my this little monkey to learn how to walk. He sure keeps me on my toes and this time next year there will be two of them. I’m screwed.