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Simple Classic Irish Apple Tart With Pink Lady

pink lady apple pie tart national ploughing championships

When it comes to our food shop there is some corner we just don’t cut so you can only imagine how excited I was when one of our favourite brands got in touch to collaborate. We have eaten Pink Lady apples for years and I can guarantee you my three-year-old daughter could tell the difference between a standard apple and a crunchy PinKids, the smaller version of a Pink Lady that’s perfect for their little hands.


A Fashion Blogger I Am Not – An M&S Collab

marks and spencer collab my little babog kellie

I’m not a fashion blogger, in fact, clothes, in general, don’t really spark joy in me, the way they do in some people. I do love my jackets though, I’ve probably about 20 that I’m not willing to give up as we downsize to move into our new rented accommodation this weekend. The stress is real. As a busy working mum of four, I find most days a struggle to find something half¬†decent to wear – well that was until this little opportunity.¬† (more…)

What Age Is The Right Age To Start School?

What Age Is The Right Age To Start School - A Collaboration With M&S

When I look back at the Big Kid starting school I feel like I was in a hurry for her to grow up – I know seems weird doesn’t it? But I was, I couldn’t wait for her to start crawling, to start walking, to start talking, to start school. I worked pretty much all her baby years – she started creche at four months old because I got a job opportunity that I couldn’t turn down. (more…)

Chunky Chicken Pasta Casserole With Knorr Mealmaker

Chunky Chicken and Pasta Casserole With Knorr Mealmaker

Anyone who knows me well will tell you I’m an awful cook with exception to my homemade vegetable soup – it’s whopper if I do say so myself. If I was to be completely honest, I would say I don’t really enjoy cooking at all – for me, it’s a chore. And then of course with four smallies I struggle to find meals they will all eat. (more…)