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Pregnancy Update Week 38


So there is absolutely no sign of anything happening. My Hicks, the niggly back cramps, and those mild contractions have disappeared off the face of the earth. It’s a really weird feeling especially at 38 weeks pregnant considering all my babies come early. I’m normally praying for the onset of labour, I even served Kadie her eviction notice this time last year, I dunno I feel like I’ve another week or so left in me. (more…)

Pregnancy Update Week 37


It’s been a long week. I’ve had five iron infusions, my last one was yesterday. And I must say even though I was stressed out looking for minders for the kids these little infusions have me feeling fabulous. Everything to my complexion, the colouring of my eyes and I have bundles of energy. I’ve never in all four pregnancies felt so good especially not at 37 weeks pregnant. (more…)

Pregnancy Update Week 36


It was my birthday on Wednesday, and as much as I wasn’t in the humour of celebrating because I couldn’t see a thing I had a great day with the gremlins. They made me breakfast in bed and ate it too. They cleaned the playroom before school then wrecked it again just before we left. They sent me flowers and ate the accompanying chocolates. Joe even organised the family together for a cake that evening, I ate it with a fork (more…)

Pregnancy Update Week 34 (and a half)


I use to blog when the kids napped, or when they were in bed. Now I’m napping with them or eating my body weight in crap. The blog is taking a noticeable landslide in the past week but bare with me, I’m sure I’ll have loads to be giving out about when we become a family of six in a short few weeks. (more…)

Pregnancy Update Week 28


My dates have been confirmed, I’m still due on the 25th of July but my OBs would still like to induce me early. I’m gonna play it cool and just not gonna show up. Can you do that? Like can they section you to come into the hospital? I can only imagine two guards arriving at the door ‘I am arresting you on suspicion of not delivering your baby…‘.  (more…)

Pregnancy Update Week 22


At this stage on my last pregnancy I wrote ten or so pregnancy related posts, this time not only have I avoided writing about it I have also avoided early scans and appointments too. I don’t want to be dragging two babies around a hospital for bloods and finding babysitters for scans nor did I want to relive the stressful time we went through at the beginning of my pregnancy with Kadie. I chose to wait it out, my dating scan was my anomaly scan and as my dates were a whole month off we’ve basically jumped from a pregnancy announcement to 22 weeks pregnant. I’ve just rocked half way through the second trimester. Woo! (more…)

Pregnancy Update : Week 33

Do you hear that? The pitter patter of rain? Imagine an Irish person giving out about the little bit of sunshine we get on our little island and during the summer of all times. But it’s bliss, we’ve no excuses not to be out exploring parks entertaining the kids. Instead we had showers this morning, got into fresh pj’s and chilled for the day. There was even naps. (more…)