I recently received a 3 month supply of WaterWipes and Sensitive Make-Up Removal wipes to review. I have been using the sensitive facial wipes for 3 weeks now. I’m really impressed, they are pretty awesome!! I do not have time to cleanse, tone and moisturize every morning or night, if i did I’m pretty sure I’d be a beauty blogger. I rarely get a chance to put makeup on too so these wipes came in handy and my skin is genuinely feeling refreshed and clear.

The Company

Water wipes are an award winning company, with their products manufactured right here in Ireland by Irish Breeze which is based in Drogheda. Not only are you indulging in the latest beauty product you are also contributing to Irish jobs.

The Product

UK allergy approved ‘The Worlds Purest Wet Wipe’ are unique compared to most facial wipes on the market. They are preservative, fragrance, paraben, alcohol, benzoates, phthalates and triclosan free. Sensitive facial wipes are 100% natural, with 99.9% purified water, 0.1% citrus grapefruit seed extract and dead sea minerals.

These wipes are aimed at people with extremely sensitive skin, as we all know most facial wet wipes on the market can sting and dehydrate the skin and are generally not that effective at removing our make-up.

The Review

So I have skipped my usual double cleanse routine as I’ve been super impressed with these wipes. I never use facial wipes as I find most wipes on the market sting my eyes, dehydrate my skin and you need about ten wipes to effectively remove your make-up.

Ultra-mild, non-irritating, thicker and stronger than your average face wipe. These soft absorbent wipes leave no oily residue, just a clean and fresh feeling. Suitable for daily use, these natural wipes are free from chemical preservatives and other hard ingredients that you would find in other facial wipes. They left my skin soft to touch, clean and hydrated.

Sensitive make-up removal wipes are available in Dunnes Stores, Tesco’s and McCabes Pharmacy.

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