Hi Everybody, Kellie here. So this is my first ever blog to tell you a little about myself and my little family.

I’ve always dreamt of setting up my own blog. As a working mom, I stressed it would be a lot of work communicating and networking. My grammar, spelling and punctuation is atrocious. Spell check comes in the name of one of my BFF’s, Sue. Who has helped me and encouraged me to continue with my blog. So pop the kettle on and enjoy!!

I have always fancied myself as bit of a writer. I’ve wrote poems about life for a long time, the best ones when I’m angry and emotional. It was something that was recommended to me whilst attending counselling after my father walked out on my mam almost twenty years ago. It really helped me express my feelings and someday I will share some of my poems with you all.

I had big hopes of attending IT Tallaght to do Media Studies almost 10 years ago. However I did not get a place in any of my course choices on my CAO. Thats due to the fact that whilst I was ‘studying’ for the Leaving Certificate in the library (sorry mam) I was really behind bus-stops kissing the boy who is now the father of my little boy Frankie. Jojo (as Kayla likes to call) and I were together for three years and seperate and now we have reunited after five years. Frankie is six-weeks-old now and if Carlsberg did babies he would be one of them. He eats, sleeps, cuddles and smiles. I’ve been blessed with one of those angel babies everyone craves, maybe Gods apology for my torment with Kayla as a little babog.

So my four-year-old Kayla unfortunately cried most of her baby life. She cried, pooped and very much projectile vomited all day everyday until she was one. That’s pretty much all I can remember from her first year. Oh and you had to vibrate her to sleep. Yes literally shake whatever you tried to get her to sleep in. She slept in a buggy 90% of the time. I was too terrified to transfer her into her cot, as was everyone else who took the task of minding her too. So, as imagined with the help of my mum or any visitor, we carried her up the stairs in her buggy. I know what you’re all thinking, but I was young, selfish and hadn’t the bluntest idea what I was doing when raising Kayla.

Now she is getting so big and heading off to school in September. My heart is breaking picking up her uniform by the week. She’s such a little princess. She will only wear girly dresses, pretty shoes, nails painted, the lot. She’s my living doll. After a short romance, her father and I separated. He is a doting dad and I’m blessed to a built a good relationship with himself and his new partner over the past few years.

I’m currently on maternity leave, hairdressing is my real job. As much as I love it and love making people feel happy and look great. It’s the same colors, cuts and conversations from week to month. It doesn’t complete me, unless you’re in a branched high street hair salon there’s very little opportunity to further or excite yourself.

So here I am. Setting up my own little platform on my own little slice of web. Doing something I wanted to do ten years ago. I’m beginning a new chapter in life and I hope you will continue to read my future ramblings.

Kellie xx

**Occasionally companies send me complimentary products to review. I base my recommendations on my own experiences with these products. I do NOT get paid for these reviews. I just share my own personal opinions on these products with my readers.

**Any advice or tips published here or on my Facebook or Twitter pages are my own views and they are not a substitute for proper medical advice. If you have real concerns about baby, toddler’s, child’s or even your own health contact your general practitioner (GP).

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