When it comes to our food shop there is some corner we just don’t cut so you can only imagine how excited I was when one of our favourite brands got in touch to collaborate. We have eaten Pink Lady apples for years and I can guarantee you my three-year-old daughter could tell the difference between a standard apple and a crunchy PinKids, the smaller version of a Pink Lady that’s perfect for their little hands.

apple pie tart national ploughing championships

Pink Lady sent us to the National Ploughing Championships for the day and after a trip around Ireland’s Ancient East (I drove to Offaly instead of Carlow), we arrived at their energetic stand bursting with life and had a little song and dance while the girls helped out by giving apples to the long queues of families.

During our brief visit, we learned all about Pink Lady and it’s production and how it is so much more than an apple and how they grow their apples is a step ahead of the rest.

Firstly there’s no waste, all of their apples are used, the best ones become Pink Lady or Pinkids – those who don’t make the cut are used to make apple juice or compost and we learned about how they have developed a training programme to respect biodiversity by encouraging all their growers across Europe in the preservation of bees in the orchard. We love bees here in this house so the older kids were especially thrilled to hear this!

pink lady apple pie tart national ploughing championships

As part of our campaign, Pink Lady challenged us to bake an apple tart (or three) following a simple recipe specially created by one of my favourite award-winning chefs, Donal Skehan, and as someone who wouldn’t be a dab hand in the kitchen, I baked with the help of my little ladies. They absolutely destroyed the kitchen in flour but they had a ball doing it.

pink lady apple pie tart national ploughing championships

Apparently the key to an insanely delicious classic apple tart is to bake it on a plate – who new? It was one of the easiest recipes to follow and hand on heart – it didn’t last an hour in our house. To date, we have recreated Donal’s classic apple tart three times – one as a gift to a neighbour.
The kids had a ball rolling the recipes pastry while they used our kid-friendly cutters and peelers to dice and slice the apple up – although funnily more went in their bellies than in the pie.

pink lady apple pie tart national ploughing championships

It is so simple to create using just five basic ingredients including flour, butter, water, eggs and of course, six Pink Lady apples and cooking time is quick too which suited my little ones – they are not one’s for waiting around. I loved that it only required 50g of sugar due to the already crunchy sweetness of the main ingredient.

apple pie tart national ploughing championships

If you fancy recreating Donal Skehan’s simple and sweet Pink Lady apple tart you can check out his how-to recipe on Youtube, I promise you won’t be disappointed!

This is a paid collaboration with Pink Lady

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