What a summer. Lads it was non-stop. I got a childminder for it though, my guardian angel as my friends know her by. I swear, I would not have got through it without her. Summer was jam-packed, without a doubt my favourite to date.

We spent two weeks in the UK and it was bleeding brilliant! The kids are still talking about Bluestone, asking ‘when are we going back’ and the likes. The whole campsite, resort type thing really is my kind of thing, or should I say, my families. Having spent the last week in Costa Brava in Spain on a press trip I’m really looking forward to planning future vacations.

Did I just say vacations?

I blame the kids. They have me saying all sorts these days. We now live EIGHT houses away from the kids preschool (insert dancing flamenco emoji) and can fit two rounds of Baby Shark in, in that short walk while chasing a three-year-old with her shark bag. Yeah, I know. People around here must think I’m bleeding nuts.

So we moved, not that I wanted to. In fact, I was devastated when I got the message. The landlord had to sell so we had to find a new house. Fucking property crisis. We found one, thankfully, well actually it found us and it’s lovely. It has a massive back garden, the kids got to keep their playroom, I’ve made a little office in my bedroom because it’s so big but we’ve yet to use the sitting room because it is literally overflowing with boxes. We’ll get their though. Hopefully by Christmas Eve.

The rest of the house is literally gleaming. I can see my face in everything as I pass, all thanks to Ellen O’Keeffe, the Instagram clean queen. Man, she has skills. She’s basically Google for all things clean. Elbow Grease, Scrub Daddies, micro fibre clothes… I’ve never been more influenced by anyone in my life. Are you following her? Do you find some weird sense of enjoyed of watching someone else clean their home? Because I do.

We finally got the wild child’s (jazzuz I better stop calling her that) SLT assessment date and I don’t whether to laugh or cry about the whole thing. It’s been almost a year since we applied (or so we thought) and I know loads will say but why didn’t you just go private – money isn’t the issue and it never will be when it comes to my kids BUT when it comes to school and creche without those assessments your child will get jack shit here in Ireland. We had her hearing checked privately earlier this year in the hope it will speed everything up and thankfully it’s 100%. I know she’s only three and I know some people including my own family think I’m overreacting but I know my own child and I know when something isn’t right and I will fight my goddam hardest until I get her the help I know she needs.

Over the past few months you’ll have probably noticed I’ve been extremely quiet but there’s a reason behind it all. I was the content editor and still am (until the end of this month) over on Family Friendly HQ. This is where my guardian angel came in and saved me over the summer months – she’s an absolute legend. All thanks to my blog (and Olivia Cannon!), without it, I would never have had the opportunity to be put forward for the role and while it’s absolutely unbelievably hectic, I bloody love it. I’m also extremely proud of myself for what I’ve achieved with no qualifications just this little old website for teaching me the basics.

And finally, the blogging world has gone mad lately and nobody is truly blogging anymore for numerous reasons in the past few months and it makes me so sad to see. I love blogging, where it has taken me in terms of actual work, the community, the friends I’ve made and connecting with you guys.

I love when I get messages thanking me for sharing our measles story, my unplanned homebirth, PTSD, or when I get messages about posting the National Poisons Information Centre’s number. I’m not sure if I love that I’m the first person hundreds of parents in Ireland think about when it comes to worms – but I suppose I’m really glad I can help!

Social media seems to be taken over but I much prefer my little corner here, my own little slice of web so I’m going back old school and I really hope some of my favourite parenting bloggers will join me… because blogging is absolutely deadly!

I’m on Instagram.

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  1. I love your blogs and your Insta stories, you’re one person I never skip through or not watch because I’m a working mother of 3 kids and I love how normal your stories are, keep up the good work, you’re doing great xx

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