When I look back at the Big Kid starting school I feel like I was in a hurry for her to grow up – I know seems weird doesn’t it? But I was, I couldn’t wait for her to start crawling, to start walking, to start talking, to start school. I worked pretty much all her baby years – she started creche at four months old because I got a job opportunity that I couldn’t turn down. So she spent four years in the same creche – by year four she ‘mammy’d’ the other kids. She was very independent, she was confident, she was ‘ready’.

What Age Is The Right Age To Start School - A Collaboration With M&S

Fast forward a few years and I wish I had of waited the extra year. She is a bright, clever and creative little kid but she struggles in some area’s and has done two years in a row now. As I get older with more life experiences I know that extra year would have really helped her.

What Age Is The Right Age To Start School - A Collaboration With M&S

Those experiences have most definitely helped me make a decision regarding my second born. He graduated from his preschool class last week, it was a little emotional because a few of his close friends are heading off to ‘big school’ and if I’m honest he’s taking it hard. He doesn’t understand why he can’t go with them. He wants to be with the ‘big boys and girls’ and that’s completely understandable. He’s four.

What Age Is The Right Age To Start School - A Collaboration With M&S

Unlike his dad I have many concerns all backed up by his three wonderful teacher – I honestly cannot credit these women enough. The boy is a big softie, he’s a charmer and he had a wicked sense of humour but his speech isn’t at school going level, he cannot grip a pencil properly, he’s yet to draw anything that resembles anything and then if you fast forward a few years, he will finish school when he’s just turned seventeen and that’s if he chooses to complete transition year. I sat my Leaving Cert at sixteen, that’s way too young to be deciding what you want to do in life.

What Age Is The Right Age To Start School - A Collaboration With M&S

And here he is, the boy. He will be doing the second year of ECCE. I’m in no hurry for him to grow up. I’d rather keep him in preschool the extra year that is now available for him than regret it and keep him behind a year during junior school if he happens to fall behind for whatever reason.

What Age Is The Right Age To Start School - A Collaboration With M&S

This year he will hold his little sister’s hand as she starts her first year in preschool and yes, his little sister. Believe it or not, there are 17 months between the two. He will keep her in her place while she fights his corner. Everyone thought it would be the two girls who had an unbreakable bond, they got it so wrong.

This is a paid collaboration with Shopping Links. All clothes featured are from the Marks & Spencer Back To School and kids range. This is my second time to work with M&S on their back to school range and again I have absolutely no faults. This year I didn’t need any spare uniforms or skirts because she’s grown all of an inch since last September and her uniform from our last collab is still immaculate. 

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7 Comments on What Age Is The Right Age To Start School?

    • Definitely, I kind of always knew he wasn’t ready deep down and had him booked for the second year from day one but you know when you hear about his little pals heading off and all and then daddy thought he would be well able for it… the year will do him wonders – same for E!

    • She was 4.6 starting and she was very advance like she was the only grandchild on both sides for a good while, knew all her rhymes word for word, abc’s, could count to twenty from and write her own name from age 2. This lad will be 5.6 starting.

      • I didn’t send any of mine ( two April kids) & a July one to school until 5. I am so glad my eldest is 12 and two of his pals from school have ended up repeating a year. The playschool teachers are great & my 3 all ended up going for two years and loved it. M&S uniforms are the biz so durable i have some of their pinafores for years & their no irons shirts are exactly that. Enjoy the summer & all the adventures.

  1. It’s such a tough one trying to judge their readiness. I get asked this in work all the time from a speech and language point of view, and for the most part, if parents have any doubts and it’s feasible, a second year in preschool can make an incredible difference for a little person in terms of their confidence and overall readiness. Like you I left home for college at 17, and looking back now it was so so young! Great post and great insight Kellie!

  2. I was the very same when I had my first born she was so advanced went at 4.3 all the teachers said how good she was and we found out in first class she had special needs I so regret not waiting to send and her and she might of got help earlier my boy is started this year and he be 5.1 and he wasn’t ready emotionally last year but your post is so relevant and your making the best decision 🙂

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