So here we are on the eve of the referendum. It’s been a very long road. It’s been emotionally draining. I’m literally exhausted after weeks of chats, events, canvassing, postering and leafleting. Tomorrow we will vote in one of the most important referendums of our lives. Tomorrow I will vote YES.

vote yes repeal the eighth

I will vote YES because I am not being asked whether I would have an abortion or not. I am being asked if I believe the 8th Amendment should be removed.

I will vote YES because the 12-week proposal is considered best practice worldwide in order to take care of women who have been subjected to rape and abuse. It is impossible to legislate without victimizing these women again.

I am voting YES because there is no such thing as ‘abortion on demand’. It’s abortion on request with a legislation that recommends a GP led service with a 72 hour cooling off period.

I will vote YES for Savita, Michelle Harte. Ms A, Ms B, Ms C. Ms P and Ms Y.

I will vote YES because Down Syndrome is not a grounds for an abortion under the proposed legislation.

I will vote YES because abortion already happens in Ireland. Women take illegal abortions pills here every single day.

I will vote YES for the women sitting at home right now with a crisis pregnancy searching online for abortion pills, terrified that if anything goes wrong they could face a 14-year sentence.

I will vote YES because 170,000 women have already travelled for terminations since 1983.

I will vote YES because no woman ‘wants’ an abortion. They need one.

I will vote YES because the women of Ireland deserve a choice.

I will vote YES for myself, my three daughters and for the women of Ireland.

I will vote YES because I trust women.


I originally shared this post on my Facebook and Instagram but I’ve since decided I wanted to have a record of it here as it was such a huge part of my life this year. 

P.S we won 

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