Remember when I said I’d blog more often, I lied. Yeah, I’ve written about days out and stuff but actual blog posts are pretty non-existent at the moment. It’s just hectic, I don’t know my arse from my elbow most days. It’s got to the point were the Big Kid has stopped asking to have friends over ’cause I’ve got a pile of washing stacked up behind the bedroom door that’s almost as tall as herself. There’s also six black bags of clothes for the charity shop sitting in an unused cot in the smaller kid’s room and my bathroom probably hasn’t been cleaned since Christmas Eve. So I kind of feel guilty for taking out the laptop whilst the upstairs of my house is pretty much falling apart.

We took our first family holiday as six to Disneyland in December. We almost didn’t make it, really was touch and go until we were actually sitting on the plane. Kadie got a nasty ole cough a couple of days before so we brought her to the GP got some antibiotics and hoped for the best but the night before I noticed her breathing was very off, as if she was gasping between coughs. So as I was finalizing the last bits and packing the car while Joe was at the surgery with the poor little sod. After a few frantic phone calls we discovered she need a nebulizer but after the longest hour of our life, the Doctor gave her the go-ahead to fly. If that wasn’t enough I forgot my camera, I realised just as we got off the car park shuttle in Dublin airport and then, of course, the boy only went and got hand, foot and mouth over there BUT we had an absolutely amazing time. We kept Kadie indoors for the first twenty-four hours as requested by the doctor and she was buzzing once the steroids kicked in. Joe doesn’t know it yet but I’m planning on booking for December again this year.

funderland kk

Funderland. Funderland. Funderland. Where do I even start? I think I’ve avoided this post because of this paragraph, to be quiet honest. If you follow me on Snapchat you’ll know this whole story but if not we were invited to the opening preview and KK came off one of the rides for whatever reason back in late December as me, Tracey from Love of Living and every other parent surrounding the ride screamed for your man to turn off the machine. He didn’t turn it off quick enough because before we knew she was pulled underneath one of the moving cars and they continued to travel along the tracks trampling on her little legs as I almost killed myself to get to her. I reefed her little legs out. I swear, I thought she was going to lose a limb. Knowing how this particular machine ride runs now and that they are only conveyor belts running along the track it doesn’t seem so bad but in that moment I thought it was either a. going to kill her or b. she was losing a leg. It was most probably one of the scariest parenting moments of my life, the first being her birth of course. Her little legs were destroyed and I’ll never get that scream out of my head but thankfully after a trip to A&E and an argument with the Paediatrician over getting both legs x-rayed she was fine. KK is my tough cookie as you already know. She is as hard as nails and wouldn’t react for the doctors when they poked and prodded at her when I clearly knew she was in pain. She was black and blue for about a week and had a little limp. Nothing a lifetime supply of cuddles and chocolate didn’t sort out. We did return much to everyone’s surprise but my main reason was to investigate whether seat belts had been mounted to the little cars and buses. Some had a brand spanking new belts, others didn’t. I’ve tried calling numerous times but unfortunately, my calls were left unanswered.

Christmas was grand. Hectic but grand. If my memory serves me correctly I was sick as a dog on the lead up to it (and funnily right now I have suspected Aussie Flu). The week before like, vomiting, diarrhoea, the works. I know I don’t hold back do I? But no really it was everything I wanted it to be. The kids were spoilt, my mam, dad, brother and his wife came over for dinner. Kayla spent time with her dad. We did Joes on Stephen’s Day. Did I mention Frankie was sick Christmas day? Yeah, of course, he was. Wouldn’t be Christmas if someone wasn’t sick. Kayla got a bike, Frankie got a tractor that is so big it carries the three kids through the park and the two smallies got a playhouse to share, an outdoor wendy house for during the summer. Although I ain’t sure it’s gonna last that long. Between the boy baiting it with his wooden tools all day every day and Kadie dancing on it. Literally. Like on the roof. I’ll be happy if it makes it until Easter.

Joe and I had some serious conversations about child number three’s balance and speech. She’s always been wobbly on her feet or flat on her face because of her feet and her speech isn’t the best at all for her age. She’s very advanced in many ways but she had less than ten words until recently. Now before anyone goes and says ah she’ll be grand she’s only two, she’s just a little slower etc. I know my child. I live with her every day. Her younger sister for jazuz sakes had more words than her and she’s only gone one at the time. So I’ve had her referred to Speech Therapy and I’ve been working day in day out on the speech. In a short few months, she’s actually said ‘mammy‘ and it was the most amazing feeling. Yesterday she started saying Tink, as in our dog Tinkerbell and it gives me all the warm little feels hearing her saying it. She’s also been to Physiotherapy and we’ve discovered she’s hypermobile and has flat feet. I look at her feet now and wonder what planet we were living on cause it’s pretty obvious. Within a couple of weeks of getting the correct shoes and doing some at home exercises, I’ve noticed an unbelievable improvement. Her poor knees are getting a break cause she’s not falling as much. Between walking the kerbs on the street, jumping off every step that crosses our path, a balance board, gymnastics and silly stretching games the muscles in her little legs are getting stronger by the day. We’ve had many a recommendation to bring her to yoga too but I just don’t see it happening at all. Like can you see her standing in one spot stretching and meditating and shit, no, me neither? I’ll leave her to run a muc in the free play gymnasium until she gets bored which will hopefully be never.

One of my kids now refuses point-blank to sleep at night. She even skipped her nap today and you can be guaranteed she’ll be breathing over me just after midnight looking for me to paint her nails. We’ve been blessed with sleepers over the past three years so it’s beginning to take its toll on us.

I’m also currently planning our wedding. Joe just wants to know what day and time and how much it’s gonna set him back. I want a particular hotel as I want to get married in the garden (we’re not doing a church wedding) but I’ve since found out it’s booked out the dates I want so I may hold off till the following year. We’ll see. There’s no major rush is there?

In other news, we got a new sofa that Joe rarely lets the kids sit on in his presence (you’d know he was paying for it!) and it got attacked with a Sharpie today. I can only assume Joe didn’t see my snaps today cause he hasn’t said anything but all is okay the fabric care kit we got with it worked a charm.

I’ve killed three fish, like how is it easier to keep little humans alive than fish?

Our car is on the way out. I’ll give it a month or two and I’d say the engine might fall from it.

I’m ‘STILL’ breastfeeding Kenzie. Platinum boobies are what they call it. Although as much as I loved our journey and the bond it gave us, I’m feeling very touched out now especially in the past few days more than the last time I mentioned it. The twiddling. The demanding. I’ve told Joe I think I’m really ready to wean her now even though I’ve said a few times that I’ll wait until she’s ready.

So that’s it. I’m not gonna promise anymore of these posts because to be completely honest I’m not sure what I’m doing with my blog going forward. I love it, I really do, I love engaging with my readers, the friends I’ve made through it and the opportunities it has given me and my family but I feel I’ve hit a wall with it lately. The kids are getting older and I’m getting wiser. I will keep the travel bit going for now as we love our little adventures so who knows…

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