I’m not even joking with you when I say I started writing this post back in March. I use to love writing these posts and recording our family updates and being honest I don’t even know why I stopped. Time maybe, it’s has been really hectic – when is it not? Kenzie’s on her feet RUNNING around, mumbling words. She started just before she turned 11 months and there was no stopping her no matter how much I tried. One evening last week Joe and I were watching telly, she just strolled into the sitting room stared at me and muttered boobie whilst making her way back up the stairs. She’s a fierce little one, knows exactly what she wants in life.

So according to my draft, my kids have had ‘chicken pox, hand foot and mouth, four viral infections, a million snots, coughs, and bronchitis’ since March. We’ve also had five birthdays, recorded a Tesco ad, got ENGAGED, Frankie started ECCE and my little big brother got married. Joe was a groomsman and I was a bridesmaid. It was a very small wedding with just close friends and family but a wonderful day.

We trained the boy, finally. Well kind of. His younger sister TOILET TRAINED HERSELF. She wasn’t even two and she practically pushed him off the potty to show him how it was done. Without sounding too smug, she was night trained from day two, the boy is not. She’s a clever cookie and I honestly cannot believe she trained at twenty-one months old. However, she’s lacking on the speech front and shouts ‘whaataar’ like she’s from inner city Dublin whilst squatting in her nip to tell us she needs to go and it doesn’t where she is. Joe and I have been working on getting her to tell us in a more polite manner since the day she pissed at Bray airshow on the seafront in front two Garda and about two hundred spectators. Naturally, Frankie clapped and screamed said ‘Go KK’ whilst I pretended she wasn’t my child. I’m getting really good at that now.

We had an amazing summer. We couldn’t afford a holiday abroad so instead, we did lots of little mini adventures. A handful of the days out we got here through the blog and the rest we paid for ourselves. I added up the petrol, food, and entrance costs to all the places throughout the summer and it turns out we would have got to Disneyland Florida for a fortnight for the price of our staycation in the end. I set up the Adventures of Eire group on Facebook too and I’m flabbergasted that it reached over 3K members in those short two months. I’ve yet to write about 90% of the places we visited but I’m sure I’ll find the time when the youngest is ten.

We started KK in crèche this morning. I had notions of mornings with just Kenzie and I. Little glimmers of hope that she would nap and potter about whilst I worked. By surprise KK hated it. That piercing cry you here in the Tesco’s ad, I have to live with that daily. Man, it would break your heart in two. Baby steps. I’ll give her a week before and I bet you she’ll be walking to the crèche on her own. We call her the fidget spinner now. She does not sit still. She can climb every safety gate. Open every door. She can even wipe her own arse.

The boy now refers to me as ‘woman’. He’s a head banger. Nothings changed there. I’ve caved to the Big Kid and she’s setting up a YouTube channel. Apparently, she wants to be a blogger (insert eye rolls). I can’t be in the same room as her when she’s recording a video cause she puts on the most ridiculous American accent, it’s the funniest thing I’ve ever heard. And I’m still feeding Kenzie. In fact, she’s still in our bed. I’m back a vegetarian so I’m definitely not having Irish quadrupeds. I’m still convinced Joe still parks up at the local garage for a snooze on his way from work. And I’m really thinking about dying my hair purple for the absolute craic. My mother thinks I’m having a midlife crisis. Maybe I am, who knows.

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    • Defo some fab memories and I’d say some family traditions too. The scarecrow festival in Durrow was amazing and I can imagine we’ll be going till they get sick of our adventures.

    • Probably a slight exaggeration but we defo would have got away on a play for a week. Sure I was putting nearly €80/€100 in the car on petrol alone, normally it’s €25 a week.

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