We received a finger licking food box of Organix Apple Rice Cakes, Tomato Slices, Sweetcorn Rings and Carrot Sticks for ‘Kenzie to try out’ last month and unknownst to Organix, these particular treats are cupboard staples in our house, she LOVES them. She gummed on them from the first days of weaning and these days she empties a packet into her mouth. Without a shadow of a doubt, the Sweetcorn Rings are her favourite snack from the whole Organix range followed closely by the Oaty bars. The Sweetcorn Rings are made from organic corn, shaped into rings and baked before being topped with a sweet corn flavouring. You can be guaranteed each time I give her some she will lick the flavour off before nibbling on the corn snack itself.

organix finger foods review finger licking food

What I’ve always loved about Organix is their ‘No Junk Promise’ – basically a stamp of reassurance for parents that they are made with the best organic ingredients and contain nothing unnecessary, so little ones get great tasting snacks without the junk. Recently they also changed their age recommendations from four to six months in line with the World Health Organisation weaning guidelines. The WHO recommend weaning to start from six months or around 26 weeks. It was a positive step forward and I can only hope other baby manufacturers voluntarily adjust the ages in line with WHO guidelines.

organix-finger-foods finger licking food

We baby-led wean here and my three younger kids have been eating Organix snacks pretty much for the past three years. For me, it’s rare that you find a healthy convenience treat aimed at kids, toddlers and babies that they will actually eat and enjoy. And even though the kids are getting older we still buy the Organix range all the time. Joe had a good old belly laugh at my expense in Tesco last week when I went to pick up the favourites and the whole shelf was completely empty due to a leak or something in the roof just above where Organix snacks are normally stocked.

Whether you are traditionally weaning or baby led weaning these snacks are the perfect convenient snack for babies and toddlers. Everything from the texture, size and price hits the spot for me. Other than the rice cakes each of the corn snacks practically melt in your mouth so there is no fear of choking, even from a young age. They are petite enough and perfectly shaped healthy snack for little hands and most of all they contain no crap – so they really live up to their no junk promise. They are delicious for on the go and lunchboxes too. Organix Finger Food snacks are available from Dunnes, Tesco, Boots and Supervalu stores nationwide from as little as 66c. 

This is a paid collaboration with Organix Goodies but all opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting my blog and the brands that support it too. 


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  1. Absolutely love the Organix Gingerbread men and the Carrot crisps here – tried the Aldi version last week and it came nowhere near the taste – my friends rob poor Eliott’s snacks they’re so yummy!

    • Omg, I literally bought two boxes of Gingerbread men today. They are so yummy and SOOO handy – it kept the kids quiet while I ran errands around our local shopping centre! #winning

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