I’m sure you’re all aware by now that our family unit is on our own little eco journey. To date we use cloth nappies, we compost, we use reusable water bottles, buy second-hand toys and clothes and recycle them too. I avoid chemicals where possible and I’m currently teaching my kids about saving energy and water.

The past few weeks I’ve been working behind the scenes with at F&F at Tesco on their new ‘same blue more green’ campaign. I’ve been completely out of my comfort zone doing this campaign but it was worth every second to be able to showcase their sustainable range of denim.

f&f at tesco sustainable denim range eco friendly my little babog

Since 2015 at Tesco have been working hard to develop a range of low impact sustainable range of denim, a line of clothing which uses the most advanced technology in order to use less chemical, energy, and water. As a result, they have increased their eco denim rage, a sustainable line that uses 56% less water consumption, 43% less energy consumption, fewer chemicals and overall better worker health.

f&f at tesco sustainable denim range eco friendly my little babog

Last month F&F tasked me to find some new wardrobe staple denim across their jeggings, contour, relaxed skinny and bootcut ranges. When I first read the email my initial thought was they do denim jeans? I buy clothes for the younger two girls there all the time and I’m always the first in line when they have a sale on.

I had three pairs of jeans everyday jeans on the lead up to this campaign. Two of which had broken zips and another had a rip in the belt hook due to me pulling them up every time I bend down. It gives me rage.

f&f at tesco sustainable denim range eco friendly my little babog

I invested in a pair of contour high rise jeans – while I’m body positive I always feel more comfortable when jeans sit over my hips. They tuck me in in all the right places, they’re the ideal everyday skinny jean that stretches to hug your figure without riding up or creasing too. The pockets sat perfect and thanks to the high rise waist they don’t crease at the bum so there’s no pull when you stand back up – something I’m sure everyone looks for in a pair of jeans. With a fancy top, these would be ideal for a night out or dinner with himself. I’m a size ten normally in jeans and in F&F denim’s I was no different, they were the perfect fit.

I also picked out two pairs of jeggings, my go-to everyday look and these were as cheap as chips too. At €16 a piece you cannot go wrong. They have a thick figure hugging elastic along the high waisted rise and they’re a heavier denim material. In experience the average pair of jeggings material is flimsy and they just don’t last. These ones come in a range of different colours, leg lengths, and waist sizes.

f&f at tesco sustainable denim range eco friendly my little babog

Overall I’m well impressed. It’s not every day you find denim that won’t break the bank, that has the perfect flattering fit and is good for the environment. It’s great to see such a huge brand putting so much work into their range of eco denim.

f&f at tesco sustainable denim range eco friendly my little babog

Look out for the pocket label on their eco denim range instore or why not enter their #BeYourOwnBlogger campaign. F&F at Tesco will be giving three very lucky ladies the chance to become a blogger for a day and get spoiled with F&F products. To enter head over to the F&F Facebook or Twitter page, give it a like or follow and fill out the survey for a chance to win.

This a paid collaboration with F&F at Tesco Ireland. Thank you for supporting my blog and the brands that support it too. 

Photography: www.nessarobinson.com

10 Comments on Same Blue, More Green – An F&F Collaboration

    • Haha, awe a bug bear of mine and so common with cheap jeans – delighted these are cheap and you don’t have to hop around like a right idiot!

    • Thank you, Sinead. I was nervous as hell as it’s completely out of my comfort zone, I’m always the one behind the camera instead I was the one in front. I hadn’t a clue what to be doing. Hope you find something you like if you go but keep a lookout for the jeggings and contour jeans cause I honestly know where I’ll be shopping for denim in future!

  1. You look fab! I’m not mad about jeans but jeggings I can get on board with. And different leg lengths…yippee…..when you’ve got legs shorter than an Ooompa Loompa any trousers is hard to find.
    Great to see affordable eco-friendly clothing, so often it’s way out the ‘normal’ price range.

    • Nicola, I’m honestly not a huge jeans wearer either but these ones aren’t heavy IYKWIM. I think you’re gonna love the jeggings range, especially for the price!

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