In case you’ve been living under a rock, you may have missed the new Dove Baby campaign. The one where they claim they are ‘with’ those who think women should not feed their babies in public.

I kid you not.

One advert by Dove claims ‘75% say breastfeeding in public is fine, 25% say put them away. What’s your way?’. Well, I say it is illegal to discriminate any woman for breastfeeding in public and I dare someone to say something to me as I nurse my child. Who was the clever fool who thought this was okay to publish? Meanwhile over on their website the stat’s conflict each other. It actually states 66% versus 34% and they openly admit supporting those who do support breastfeeding mums, ‘whatever choice you make, we are with you every step of the way’.

dove baby campaign breastfeeding campaign

One Irish mum, Fiona Carey has hit back with an absolutely brilliant campaign of her own. She says ‘I 100% don’t give a f*&k where people think I should breastfeed and I will be buying 0% Dove products… Dove’s not with me’. And I’m with her on this one and I’m pretty sure you are too.

dove baby campaign breastfeeding campaign

They say there is no such thing as bad publicity but I promise I will never buy a Dove product ever again!

image credit: Fiona Carey

38 Comments on Irish mum HITS BACK at the new Dove Baby campaign

  1. Fiona, good on you! What bullshit! Seriously!
    Why are people so bothered about breast feeding??? Baffles my mind !

  2. That’s really getting crazier and crazier…..why would even brands be involved in this kind of discrimination? Well, I’m with you on it Fiona. I’ll continue feeding my babies in public if they need to eat and haven’t bought anything from Dove for ages and defo not going to do it now……this just makes me wonder how do they think their grand parents fed their children in their early years…madness is ruling the world.

  3. I am still breastfeeding my 7 month old . I think people have to much to say about breastfeeding because they don’t no much about it and people are afraid of the unknown.

  4. Well i for one dont wanna see womens boobs out in public – we dont see bits of men so why bits of women – noooo its wrong. All women that breastfeed in public are exhibitionists.

    • Are you actually taking the piss? Exhibitionists? WE ARE FEEDING OUR CHILDREN NOT FLASHING FOR ALL TO SEE!

    • We see bits of men all the time. When it’s hot they walk around topless. Your comment is ignorant. ‘Boobs’ are ‘breasts’ and should not be sexualised! If ANYONE ever passes comment of me feeding my child in public, there will be hell to pay.

    • I assume you don’t like seeing lambs and calves feeding from their mums either then?! What a ridiculous thing to say! It’s what boobs are there for in the first place. Plus when the weather is warm, the first thing you see is bloke walking around topless…how is that ok????

    • If it were the case that baby food was produced from the male genitals then yes, you would see them on display a lot more, however as it turns out the female mammary glands are instead the area developed for feeding children, it’s the area designed for feeding a baby. If you however have some kind of twisted perversion to that concept than that my dear is your issue! Kindly don’t ram your misconceptions down others throats!

    • See, Heather, men don’t use their bits to feed children. Women, on the other hand do, which doesn’t make them exhibitionists but good parents for feeding their child. See the difference you moronic prude?

    • If you don’t want to see don’t look! Men walk around topless all the time. You see more flesh on a lady in a bikini then you do from someone breastfeeding. Oh and also tough if you don’t like it the law is on our side.

    • Women’s boobs and cleavage are already out and about! Just look at a billboard. Get over yourself!

    • Breast feeding has been around since the beginning of time. How do you think people fed their babies before plastic bottles and formula came a long?? It’s the most natural thing in the world and no women should be made to feel ashamed of it. Disgusted at your ignorance

  5. Good for you. This nuisance about breastfeeding is totally getting on my nerves and ppl who think its wrong in public must be still living in the dark ages.

  6. Where is the actual ad? Where does it say they’re “with” the 25%? This seems to be another example of people getting a few of the facts, and then deciding to make a scene about it for social media fame. The picture shows a breastfeeding baby. Why in the world would a company against public breastfeeding show that picture? It is obviously just asking for an opinion to get a reaction, not stating what their opinion is. Hoping people learn how to think and analyze media messages.

    • Hi Leah, if you head over to my facebook page you will see a screenshot from their website which has since been removed mind you, where they say ‘we are with you’ even if you’re not for breastfeeding in public. It’s not about jumping on a bandwagon, it’s pure and simple public discrimination. Also, the stats conflict each other. On the ad campaign it said 75% v 25% but on the website, it actually said 66% v 34%.

      • My biggest issue is that their response to complaints suggests that they support “women’s” choices to breast feed in public, or their choice not to, but the advert is in the context of others commentary of women who breast feed.

        “Put them away” is an abusive/ aggressive attack on someone – reminds me of someone walking past and shaming a woman while she is feeding.

        I could begin understand where the ad is coming from if they were asking women ‘do you breast feed in public’ and that you’ll support all women, but they aren’t – they are asking people if they think woman should put “them” away or not. So that response is totally misaligned with complaints about the advert.

    • I think the point is that a company which makes products for women and babies should not really engage in a debate so indifferently. By doing so they are indirectly going against the majority of thier customers. The law protects breastfeeding mothers. By entertaining the supposed 25% of female opposers to this law, by putting it up for discussion on an advertising campaign, they are validating those self persecuting females. It may be an extreme comparison, but some people also think it is ok to hit thier children, even when laws are in place to protect them. Would this be an appropriate advertising campaign for johnson&johnson childrens plasters for example?

  7. Yes she’s right, discrimination is never OK. You don’t have to like women feeding in public but you have no right to ask them to stop or try to shame them for doing so. I have always bought Dove products, but unless they re word this I’m not purchasing from them again either.

    • But Dove didn’t discriminate and that’s the point they say they are with everyone, whatever their opinion. I agree they could definitely have worded it better though

  8. STILL bf’ing my 19 m.o. And if he needs it and I’m out, god help the ass that says I shouldn’t do it…… Girls can go round with cleavage and ass cheeks hanging out looking like a whore, but the nourishment/comfort oh my child is offensive?!?!? GTFO!!!

    • I’m still breastfeeding at 20 months. I’m feeding my child. I’m comforting my child. No one will stop me. I alo would like to add for the record that I never wear low cut tops, short skirts/shorts/dresses or any other attire that is ‘revealing’. We’re all human and we were all babies once ffs.

  9. I have been a breastfeeding and formula feeding mum and I support both, fed is best how ever you choose to do it. I think Dove could have worded the campaign better (the one you have here is not the original version). I do support feeding in public but I also support discretion. It is a natural thing but so are so many other human habits, some of which I don’t want to see and would never do in public. I don’t agree with just whipping it out without consideration for others, there is no need for that. This is what I believe the 25% object to. I have breastfed in public on many occasions but just not showing my boobs to the world in the process. People are not necessarily against breastfeeding in public it is the way it is done by some that offends and to be perfectly honest I do understand that.

    • Yes those shameful mums who love waving their breasts around using breastfeeding as an excuse to do it! Absolutely terrible people offending us with the sight of those sexual organs…….no wait, maybe they are just not ashamed to be using them for what nature intended? I think you could perhaps take a look at your views on women’s bodies and consider that it is up to the owner of that body what she does with it. Sexualisation of breasts and body shaming is an issue with the viewer not the breast-feeder. I would suggest that people who are offended (in any way, by any breastfeeding) take some time to wonder why rather than making mums who are already dealing with many pressures from society feel in any way negative about breastfeeding.

      • I think you should read my comment again. I have been a breastfeeding mum and I never in any way said any woman should feel ashamed. I am all for breastfeeding and breastfeeding in public. It is not just up to the person whose body it is. Urinating is natural but it is not okay for anyone, whether male or female to just urinate in public. The only person who has brought up body shaming is you and you should feel ashamed about that.

        • Urinating and defecating are not the same as breastfeeding. The former two are bodily functions for waste disposal. The latter is eating/feeding. Very different! And it is not my place nor your place to define for another woman (or person) how it is appropriate for them to feed their child. If a mother chooses to display her breast in the act of breastfeeding and you or I dont like the sight of her breast, then we can choose to look away. She is simply feeding her child and it is none of our business. Doesn’t matter how a mother chooses to breastfeed her child, it is quite simply none of our business, and we certainly do not have the right to determine what is discreet or appropriate!

  10. I haven’t bought Dove in years because it’s so “gentle” and “hypoallergenic” that it triggers migraines that can make me unable to function for several days… but apparently marketing can always make a bad product into an abysmal one.

  11. Honestly, even if an ad reads “minority% are for breastfeeding in public, majority% are against it in pulic- what’s your way” or “whatever you’re choice we’re with you every step of the way”… AND THEN A BIG PICTURE OF A BABY BRESSTFEEDING- I’d not nessisarily think the company was against breastfeeding in public. Infact I’d be inclined to think they’re campaign is pretty neutral and promoting a conversation about the issue.

  12. I am being totaly sincere here, I don’t understand how this advert is detogratary to women who breast feed ,it makes a statement and then asks a question. Am I missing something? If it said,” women shouldn’t feed their babys in public because it’s disgracrfull”, I would understand, but from the information in the artical I don’t see the discrimination implied by the person who wrote the artical, they asked a question aimed at opening a dialog, am I missing something? FYI I am for breast feeding in public, but I feel like some people just want to make a big deal about nothing sometimes and it shadows the real issues people face.

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