I’ve been a huge fan of Marks and Spencer, most recently when they saved the day – or should I say customer service did. Last Halloween the Big Kid decided a few days before Halloween she wanted to dress up as a Lottie Doll. I spent a whole day online searching frantically for bright yellow wellies and stripy blue and white leggings. I’d almost given up and started perfecting an apology speech to the Big Kid when I came across both of the required items on Marks and Spencers online. However, I’d never have got them delivered in time and they were sale items so chances are the shops would only have random sizes left so I gave the customer care line a call. The girl on the other end was my guardian angel and pretty much saved my life. She spent half her morning ringing around shops finding the required items and putting them all on hold for me. I could still squeeze her.

So when Marks and Spencers got in touch to collaborate here on my blog it was an easy answer. I’ve always loved their kids wear and their baby range is to die for. I know sometimes it can be hard to part with our money but the thing is if we want clothes that are going to last you’re going to have to pay the extra couple of euro’s to get just that. And something I LOVE about Marks and Spencers is their new special need range, varying in sizes up to age sixteen. Parents spoke and they listened. They’ve a small selection of vests with poppers, bodysuits and onesies.

An example of quality, if you’ve been following my blog awhile you’ll remember this penguin suit I got Kadie almost two years ago. She wore it ALL THE TIME. Then Kenzie came along and of course, she got a wear too. She’s just outgrown it and I’m kind of devastated. It got both my girls through winter and I think it was only €25 at the time. It’s still in mint condition, in fact, it looks brand new and it’ll be passed on to a pending arrival in our extended family. And that’s what I’m trying to say in this two-page essay. The quality of their clothes are next to none, they don’t fray, or ball and they’ve always washed really well for me personally.

As you know the Big Kid is pretty independent these days so I cannot take any credit all the outfit choices, this kid has style. First up is this FAB embroidered jumpsuit. Like just look at the detail. The cuffed legs. The tie bow. The bloody cuteness. Perfect for a muck-a-about at the park or a family occasion. It’s a perfect fit and the material is pretty good quality too. I know it’s going to go far. It’s available in sizes 3-14 and it’s available HERE.

marks and spencers summer picks and back to school haul

marks and spencers summer picks and back to school haul

marks and spencers summer picks and back to school haul

marks and spencers summer picks and back to school haul



And of course, the denim pinny dress is BACK! Again the details. The plaited straps and of course the pockets. You know to store ‘lost things’. Teamed with the above frilly socks and the glittery trainers that have been through the wash TWICE already and have come out looking brand new again. Yah! And a simple little mint Tee to keep her shoulders covered.

marks and spencers summer picks and back to school haul

marks and spencers summer picks and back to school haul

marks and spencers summer picks and back to school haul

And Marks and Spencer have launched this year’s ‘Back to School’ range too. Now I’m a believer in spending the money on a quality uniform too. I’ve bought uniforms for under twenty quid before and do you know what happened come Christmas and Easter? I’ve had to buy a new one because they’ve either shrunk, frayed or have a million holes in them. So it really does make sense to invest in quality clothing that will last.

Marks and Spencer launched an innovative school shirt two years ago. And it’s kind of epic really. My kid is seven and she still cannot do her top button. In fact, she still struggles to get dressed most mornings but that another day’s tale. Their school shirts are fastened with Velcro. Genius right? I know. And for parents, they’ve made life a little bit easier for us with non-iron and stain away technology. And as an added bonus they are only €11 for a pack of two.

marks and spencers summer picks and back to school haul

marks and spencers summer picks and back to school haul

I also can’t stand when the Big Kids cardigans ball up, it actually infuriates me so this year I’ve gone with a cotton cardigan with StayNEW™ sleeves and I’ll just my mam to sow her crest on and of course the shoes. I also got her Triple Action Stormwear™ and crease resistant skater type school skirt. The new fabric technology will keep her dry in rain showers and helps to repel and release mud and stains. I love that it has an elasticated waistband too. She’ll be wearing it till she’s ten! Her dad’s mam normally gets her a good pair of shoes for September but I couldn’t pass these. You all know how much I LOVE my brogues. I must have about 15 pairs. These little beauties are Walkmates, retailing at €33 and unfortunately, they don’t come in my size. She LOVES them and they are super comfy with their flexible sole.

So there you have it just some of my Marks and Spencers haul. I’ve picked up some fab pieces for the little ones too, some of you’s probably seen it over on my snapchat already but unfortunately, this week they wouldn’t for the life of them sit still for a picture but I will share them over on my Instagram page over the coming days. I’ve shit loads of Easter Egg bribery to get through.

Marks and Spencers have a HUGE selection for summer just launched on their website, be sure to check it out before all the best bits are gone.

This is a paid collaboration with Marks and Spencers and Shopping Links but all opinions and photos are my own. Thank you for supporting my blog and the brands that support it too.

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  1. I must take a look. Having children nearly five years, I have actually never shopped there for clothes. Only maybe for one or two items. It will be my go to shop very soon though I’d say because my eldest is starting school in September. Scary!!!

    • Oh, exciting times – new adventures. They have elasticated trousers. No buttons or zips, handy for young kids so they are worth checking out to.

    • Wouldn’t it be cool if they did ones were the whole fastening was velcro? And i know aren’t they adorable. I want them so bad!

  2. Love the girls outfits. So cute. And I completely agree with quality of Marks and Spencers. It really does last, and wash well, and all that other parenting stuff! I always get compliments on my boys clothes when they are wearing M&S. I’m also a big fan for myself. It is the only place to buy bras in my opinion!

    • They wash really well. Especially now that I want to pass the clothes down through the girls I really need quality clothes and I don’t mind spending the extra couple of euro’s to get that.
      I’ve never bought a bra other than maternity from m and s, I must check them out next time I’m in, thanks!

  3. I’m a huge fan of M&S too, and I love that jumpsuit so much! I completely agree about the quality too – I find all of their stuff wears so well compared to other brands, we’ve managed to save everything for baby number 2. I have to admit that I do find their boys range in general less appealing than the girls, although there are always some fab pieces to be found. The velcro for school uniforms is a great idea – I’m sure your daughter can’t be alone in struggling with awkward buttons!

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