Last month we received a box of giant cardboard Lego blocks-brick type things for the construction mad seven-year-old. The spoiler – SHE ABSOLUTELY LOVES THEM and so does the three-year-old! My eldest loves Lego, in fact, she loves construction, crafting and that involves being creative. She has a fabulous imagination. She has boxes of Lego, four large ones to be exact. So these giant cardboard Lego blocks from Play Edo were always going to go down well.

Lisa and Simon the creators behind it decided to launch Edo blocks on Kickstarter, a crowdfunding platform which supports any kind of creative project. The campaign worked and the project was financed and they’ve just launched their first batch of Edo Blocks just before Christmas. Edo blocks are basically life-sized cardboard bricks. Hours of fun, well when you have them made that is. I knew from the second the five-inch thick flat pack box arrived there was going to be tears. And there may have been. From me and a few from Joe too. Out with the instructions as you do and it may well have been in double dutch. The instructions in the box weren’t the best if I’m honest. So rather than fight over what went where and you hold that and all the will yeah stop for a second’s, we googled. And we found hundreds of videos and slow-mo instructions on how to put the seventy-something cardboard Lego blocks together.


And we were off. After a tedious ten minutes on the first one, we were flying it. We raced to see who could make a box the fastest. Joe snailing it in the corner losing the will to live because the seven-year-old was beaten him. Gas craic altogether. We stayed up past midnight making them.

giant cardboard lego blocks edo play bricks

We got 50 white large two piece bricks, 25 small ones and an animal safari accessory kit. Straight up the safari kit is just a novelty and it’s not really needed. The eye stickers are cool but really the kids could just draw them on. Yes, the kids can decorate them. One sunny Sunday afternoon I got some black bags out, a heap of paint and stripped the kids off out the back and let them go wild. They loved it. In fairness, though, they spent more time painting each other and the back garden fence then the blocks but it’s really cool that you can do that.

giant cardboard lego blocks edo bricks

edo bricks giant cardboard lego blocks

giant cardboard lego blocks edo play bricks

edo bricks giant cardboard lego

We have the blocks about a month now I’d say and they’ve been played with every second day if not more since arriving. Something I was a little concerned about in this house was the durability of the blocks that could have been a disaster. The kids have walked across them, Kadie has danced on them and Kenzie has chewed a couple and considering they are only cardboard we’ve only lost one.

Also one thing I never considered before taken this opportunity was storing the blocks. I’m a bit of a neat freak and like everything to have it’s ‘place’ so we just keep them behind Kenzie’s travel cot in the sitting room for now. But whilst googling the instructions to make them I saw that people have made little storage units out of them which I thought was really really cool.

We left about ten of the blocks for the seven-year-old to show her friends how to do them and she’s become a pro now. She thinks she’s the bee’s knees as it’s actually quite surprising how a piece of flat cardboard turns into a building brick. As for the three-year-old, he adores them. He could sit there for hours on end building castles, dinosaurs, towers and robots.

In all, we love the giant cardboard Lego blocks from Edo. They start at €35 and considering the price of a box of Lego these days it’s very reasonable in my opinion. If your kid is into construction, Lego or anything like that I’d highly recommend these bricks. You make them, play with them and you can draw on them too. Hours of fun and creativity. Perfect for all ages.

I’ve added the above video to show you what they are like before making them into bricks. I did take photo’s but my wooden floors were shamefully manky and my mother would die a death if I shared them. For more information on Edo bricks check out their website or check out their Facebook page.

We received these Edo bricks for the purpose of a review, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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