It’s been a busy few weeks with birthdays, chicken pox and saving a one-year-old’s life on an hourly basis. I usually do a monthly update but this month I’ve done something a little different. I joined in with a blogger linky by Awfully Chipper to share a snapshot of our life lately.

Listening to:
My kids whine and moan and give out bout everything and anything. Music wise I’m loving Ed Sheeran’s new album and I’ve been blaring Guns N Roses a good few times just to drown out some of the above unnecessary whinging and moaning.

Fireman Sam. Beat Bugs. Bob The Builder. Beat Bugs. Peppa Pig. Beat Bugs. Toy Story. Beat Bugs. I watched the Documentary Milk again last week too. It’s an intimate documentary looking at the controversies, politics and commercialisation of birth and infant feeding around the world. It’s a real eye-opener and one to watch. And of course Hollyoaks once we get the brats to sleep. It’s that one thing I give myself every single day regardless of how shitty or busy it’s been.

Silly sausage. Funniest and most frustrating game I’ve played in all my life. I’m losing the will to live trying to beat my brother’s score since Christmas.

I’m ashamed to admit I haven’t picked up a ‘reading’ book in a good few months but I did get the Baby Led Feeding Cookbook and have pretty much read it back to back in the past few days. I know technically it’s not a book but still. I love everything from the recipes, photography and layout. It’s totally pushed my two Baby-Led Weaning books to the back of the shelf!

baby led feeding cookbook

Food. Lots of it. It’s like I finished up the Lidl Health Hacks challenge and was like oh I’ll have a bit of you and you, oh and you. Ah no, we’re still doing really well. I’m just finding it really difficult to keep the kids full, they are like bottomless pits the past couple of weeks and the baby is rocking baby led weaning, she’s definitely giving her sister a run for her money.

I haven’t really bought myself anything the past few months clothes wise apart from jeans and some runners in Penneys but I did get this gorgeous Military Jacket off Littlewoods last week and I ADORE IT! I’ve literally worn it every day since.

Watching Kenzie moving about and crawling around the house, even if she’s as slow as a snail. I’m also enjoying the unbelievable news I got on Wednesday. I found out I was ranked #7 in the Vuelio Top Irish Blogs and I still cannot believe it. Unlike voting awards and the likes, this one uses a proprietary algorithm to rank all its blogs taking everything from post frequency, social media sharing, topic-related content, social media influence, design, engagement and interactivity into consideration.

I’m also watching my two hooligans friendship blossom. Even if it’s only for ten minutes a day…

snapshot my little babog

Not enjoying:
The one-year-olds climbing. She has my heart broken. There’s no stopping her. It doesn’t matter what room she’s in, she finds something to get up on. She can get up on the kitchen counters. She gets up on the what we thought would be childproof TV unit and she’s now getting out of her cot. The other morning she strolled into the bathroom WHILE WE WERE ALL SLEEPING and had lots of fun. Fun that leaked down into the hallway.

The boy missing his birthday party or the chicken pox. He’s covered. He’s over the worst and the itching has kicked in but the temperatures are gone and his appetite is back so no more ice-cream for breakfast. He missed the parade with the girls and Daddy and the poor little shit missed his birthday party on Saturday too. Now he doesn’t know he missed either of them but I do and I feel awful that he missed out. It’s not his birthday till next week so we’ll make it up to him, I think we might just get him that Buzz Lightyear Action Figure, he deserves it after the week he’s had.

Looking forward to:
Going to Portugal with Kenzie on Thursday to the Martinhal Cascais in Lisbon for the Martinhal Luxury Family Brand Event. And I am dead excited. Both Paul Lindley from Ella’s Kitchen and Niamh Sherwin Barry from The Irish Fairy Door Company are speaking at the conference amongst other amazing entrepreneurs.

I’ll be blogging it all of course so follow me on snap chat. And poor Joe, I actually have a guilt about me leaving him with two hooligans for a couple of days. Maybe he’ll set up a snap chat himself, I’d love to see what they get up to whilst I’m away. Think I might set up a hidden camera, be gas!

I’m also looking forward to finalising my little business venture. It’s nowhere near finished yet but I’m getting there. I want everything down to the packaging to be perfect so I’m taking my time, it may be summer before I launch but better late than never hey?

Oh and the boy starts creche in 14 sleeps. Yeehaw!

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