I’m sure you are all aware by now that we are huge fans of Organix Goodies kid snacks. For me, it’s rare that you find a healthy convenience treat aimed at kids, toddlers and babies that they will actually eat and enjoy. We’ve been using the ‘no junk promise’ range over three years now and I’ve teamed up with them today to share our thoughts and experiences with some of their products.

organix goodies no junk promise kids snacks toddler baby

Last week the kids received a little package with some Goodies Organix Raisins, Gingerbread Men, Cinnamon Puffcorn, Carrot Stix and a pack of their Berry Crispy Bars. And in a nutshell, everything we received bar the Puffcorn I buy regularly. In fact, I buy them in bulk in Tesco once a month, most probably around the Children’s Allowance and again when there’s a sale on. For me personally, they are the handiest grab and go snacks to have in the press. They are perfect for the Big Kid’s lunch box and they’ve saved my sanity many a time when stuck in traffic, at appointments and when I just need to catch some down time.

My kids are notorious snackers. They just eat and eat and eat. The one-year-old is always loitering about the treat press sneaking her little hand in past the child lock, if not she’s climbing presses, but that’s another day’s tale. Herself and the two other smallies LOVE the Carrot Stix. If I allowed them they would probably eat the four bags in one sitting.

The Gingerbread Men are most probably the favourite around here, all four kids mill them. They bring out a different side to the boy too. He thinks it’s only hilarious to bite the heads off them. This morning I went to get some from the press and there was a box full of headless Gingerbreads. I was on the floor laughing and the boy was chuckling away in the background saying ‘no, no, not me’. I love that he went for the gingerbread men over the box of Hero’s that is sitting next to them in the press since Christmas. Says it all really, doesn’t it? Talking about Christmas these gingerbread men are perfect for decorating over the holidays. Well, I suppose you could decorate them any time of the year but it’s one of those traditional things we do here and the kids love it.

organix goodies no junk promise kids snacks toddler baby

Unfortunately, the kids don’t like the Puffcorn and being honest I don’t really like them either. I think they are a bit chewy but hey you win some and you lose some. As for the raisins, they are pretty much a lunch and glove box staple. I was only saying to Joe that I’d love if Organix did larger boxes of the raisins, or bags even as they go through them so quick. The joys of having your own creche.

organix goodies no junk promise kids snacks toddler baby

Organix Goodies thrive on their ‘no junk promise’ and unlike most toddler-aimed snacks there’s no added salt or sugar – basically no added crap, just rich organic produce and that’s what I LOVE about them. All of their products are suitable for vegetarians and all bar six are suitable for vegans. Did I mention my seven year old has declared herself a vegetarian? I shit you not. She’s nine days in now. They cater for children with allergies too, so if your child has an intolerance to a certain food they’ve got it covered with a handy little spreadsheet on their website showing all allergen information on gluten, wheat, eggs and dairy etc. They have a huge range of alternative healthy finger foods to suit every taste and they are all budget friendly too (it’s even better when you get them during a baby event!). We love Organix Goodies and give them a huge thumbs up. They can be found on the baby aisle in Dunnes, Tesco, SuperValu, Eurospar and in Boots too and if you’s like more information or to see their whole range check out their website.

Are your kid’s fans of Organix Goodies? If so what is their favourite snack?

This is a paid collaboration with Organix Goodies but all opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting my blog and the brands that support it too. 


5 Comments on Organix Goodies – Organic ‘No Junk Promise’ Kid Snacks

  1. Love the range and have done so since my two were old enough to snack. have to say my twins are obsessed with the oat bars the carrot cake is gorgeous , im prone to a nibble myself 🙂

    • We love the orange and cocoa oaty bars have you tried them? The carrot ones are lovely too, had a nibble myself haha

    • I still pick up the fruit pots occasionally. They are so handy for mixing into porridge and pancake mix. Anything for an easy life, hey?

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