A couple of months back I received an Omani Tronkon, a portable and rechargeable electric breast pump for review. It’s a petite hand help breast pump with two modes and six suction levels. The strength of the suction is within a safe and scientific pressure range. There’s no cables or tubes and it comes with a built-in rechargeable battery so you can move about and you’re not tied to one position whilst pumping, handy if you’re busy mum looking after a creche of smallies or indeed a mum who has to pump in work.

omani tronkon electric portable breast pump review pink handheld no cables rechargeable

The Omani Tronkon is a closed system, something I always look for in pumps. With this portable and rechargeable electric breast pump, the barrier between the milk collection kit and the pump mechanism keeps every drop of your expressed milk away from the pump’s motor. It prevents any contamination of mould, bacteria and viruses whereas an open system pump has no barrier. It has a host of health and safety certificates, and it’s been approved by the FDA. It’s BPA free and made from food grade silicone.

When I first received it I was pleasantly surprised how petite it actually is, small enough to fit under my t-shirt but big enough to collect four ounces. It holds 160mls or just over five ounces to be exact. It fits comfortably and took me seconds to find the perfect suction level. And the best bit was there was no cables tieing me to a socket or a sofa and the boy couldn’t sneak along and switch it off when I wasn’t looking. He’s notorious for turning off my other electrical pumps, he’s also a divil for mooing at me too but sure.

omani tronkon electric portable breast pump review pink handheld no cables rechargeable

The bottle comes with teeth and a lid but unfortunately, my nursling knows she can get her milk straight from the cow so has point blank refused to take a bottle the past couple of months. I’d been expressing so much over the Christmas to donate and when I finished with my deed I was exhausted with the thoughts of pumping and sterilising and everything that comes with. Now she gets sips from a doidy cup or a shot glass (yeah yeah yeah I’m eating my word about the doidy cup and what!). I’m working on it daily to try to get her to take a bottle as we’ve a couple of weddings coming up LIKE MY BROTHERS FOR EXAMPLE and I’d like to be able to let the hair down and get a babysitter for the night and… morning.

Sorry, I’m going way off topic here. The pump. It states on the box it’s a silent pump, however, silent to me is all kids sleeping through the night or napping or not in the house. It’s not actually ‘silent’, it’s quiet. It’s definitely the most discreet breast pump I’ve used but there is a little noise.

omani tronkon electric portable breast pump review pink handheld no cables rechargeable


  • It’s portable obviously…
  • BPA free and parts made from food grade silicone
  • It had two modes and SIX suction levels
  • It’s rechargeable through an AC power adapter or innovative USB cable.
  • The attached bottle can be used as baby’s bottle directly
  • It comes with a removable base to prevent spillage
  • And finally, it’s a closed system


  • Unfortunately, it was only available on Amazon and this seller doesn’t deliver directly to Ireland BUT I used AddressPal with An Post (parcel motel works just as good) and had it delivered to my local post office for €3.50
  • The fact it states on the box that it’s silent, it very very very quiet in comparison to all my other pumps but it’s not silent

omani tronkon electric portable breast pump review pink handheld no cables rechargeable

In a nutshell, I’ve used five different types of breast pumps (I know, I could start up a breast pump library at this rate) and so far this Omani Tronkon has been the most convenient for my lifestyle. It’s not as powerful as some of my pumps but it doesn’t tie me down to a plug or the sofa and there’s no chance my toddler can switch off on me mid pump either. It’s quick to dismantle, clean and to pop it all back together again. It’s petite and discreet and I have found myself reaching for this one over my others. So if your looking for everything I’ve described above check it out on Amazon here, it’s retailing at £39.99 and in my opinion, it’s worth every penny.

Updated: The item is on sale, enter code MQLFDDEQ at checkout, final price £14.99 (you must use parcel hotel or address pal for delivery to Ireland).

I received this Omani Tronkon portable and rechargeable electric breast pump for the purpose of this review, all thoughts and opinions are my own. 

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  1. […] In the time I’ve been using the Haakaa I find it very effective but I don’t believe it accommodates ‘different breast sizes’. I use the pump most mornings (using my Nuby Natural Touch Digital breast pump in the late afternoon or evening) when my supply is at it’s highest. If little miss has been cluster feeding throughout the night my breasts will be noticeably smaller and I have struggled to get the Haakaa breast pump to suction onto my boob correctly. Which leads me to believe it may be an issue if you have smaller breasts. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); It’s most definitely convenient for us in this madhouse, to date I have pumped over 80 ounces effortlessly in the early days as I feed Kenzie on the other side and that’s only using it once a day (in the morning). I like that it’s made from food-grade silicone, that it’s dishwasher safe, BPA free and the fact that it’s the easiest breast pump I have ever cleaned. I also like that it’s small and discreet too. There’s no charging it, plugging it in nor is there any noise (apart from my toddler mooing at me of course). For €20 including postage, the Haakaa Silicon Breast Pump is a great pump to catch your let down but not as a long-term pumping system. If your looking for a long-term pump check out the Omani Tronkon. […]

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