I was only in the shops this morning and my local Centra is all set for Pancake Tuesday. The minute you walk in the door there’s shelves stacked with ready made pancakes mix. You know the one that you just need to add milk or an egg or something to the bottle or mixture. And do you know what it bugs the life of me! Pancakes are so simple to make and nine times out of ten we have all the ingredients in our cupboards. It’s literally a case of putting them all into a bowl and mixing them together. And if we happen to be missing an ingredient it’s probably cheaper to buy it than buying the ready made mixture itself. It’s just a big money racket in my opinion (like Valentines!) and really, who has the money these days to be falling for it? 

We are pancake made in this house. I make pancakes at least four times a week. The kids have them for breakfast, the Big Kid gets them in her lunch box and some days other I add raw cocoa powder and they lose their life as to them it’s a treat. So with Pancake Tuesday on the horizon here are some of our favourite pancake recipes that I’ve saved in my phone over the past few years.

The Perfect Pancake

This is my go-to recipe from Grace and Good Eats, I’ve been using it months now. It makes roughly eight fluffy pancakes. I leave out the sugar if I’m making them for the kids and add a dollop of maple syrup once cooked. These pancakes are by far the kids favourite.

Rainbow Pancakes

pancake tuesday recipes
I’m not sure if I’d have the patience to be making all the different coloured batter but I’d have the belly for them all. How amazing are these rainbow pancakes from Kitchen Gidget? I’ll give it a bash one day for the kids. Might help the boy with his colours too!

Chocolate and Banana Oat Pancakes

easy chocolate pancake recipe chocolate sprinkes pankcake tuesday
I LOVE this chocolate and banana oat pancake recipe from Simply Delicious, the kids not so much. They are not mad for chocolate. They are so simple to make and again like most of the above recipes, most of the ingredients are cupboard staples. And if you leave out the chocolate you have the perfect banana and oat pancakes (that you could throw in a waffle maker too).

Eggless and Dairy Free Pancakes

pancake Tuesday recipes

Back when my eldest was a little squish she was lactose intolerant and allergic to eggs. I spent most of my days scouring ingredients and I remember freaking out because everything had dairy in it. I found this recipe just before her third birthday and it was the only one she’d eat for me. She absolutely LOVED them! These pancakes are vegan and perfect for Pancake Tuesday if your little babog is dairy free.

Funfetti Cake Batter Pancakes

pancake tuesday recipes
I’ve been gooing over these Funfetti cake batter pancakes the past couple of weeks. It’s the perfect treat and I’m 99% sure I’ll make these bad boys for them on Pancake Tuesday as a little treat.

Two Ingredient Pancake

banana and egg two ingredient pancake pancake tuesday

And finally, another everyday recipe. A basic two ingredient pancake that’s perfect for baby led weaning. I make these all the time and the kids gobble them up like they are sweets. With a bit of maple syrup, natural yoghurt or a bit of fruit these are perfect. I do throw this recipe in the waffle maker with a few rolled oats too.

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  1. You’re sick of seeing ready made pancake mix…im sick of yet another blogger making me feel bad about buying somthing that makes a very busy life a little easier. So while i agree pancakes are easy to make and I look forward to making them with my little girls when they’re bigger,for now while the kids are small and cant get the hang of letting mammy measure flour etc. Ill thank Odlums for giving me another option on pancake Tuesday!

    • I’m not trying to make anyone feel bad writing this post. Jeez I used to use them till recently, both the plastic bottle and ready made powder mix. I’ve a crazy busy house here too with four kids (three of them under three). I just think Pancake Tuesday is a big money making racket. It’s cheaper in the long run and probably quicker measuring (with a cup) than shaking those stupid bottles. They give me the rage, the flour always sticks to the inside too LOL.

  2. We are mad pancakes fans here too. Flat ones on the weekend (with marshmallows and chocolate, shh!). Drop scones some days as an after school snack and then, my favourites, the lovely fluffy buttermilk ones. After seeing the rainbow ones I REALLY want to make those, just to see the look on my kids faces in the morning (but I may change my mind at 7am tomorrow 😉 ). I love the sprinkle ones too. Lots of great ideas here, my crew will be so happy!
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  3. Wow! Pancake goddess! I have a lush decandent choccie orange recipe from the Asda mag I’m gonna try tomorrow as hubby is out tonight and he’d never forgive me. But so gonna have to try some of these

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