Do you have a little worrier? Well I know I do. Hense why we have a Worry Plaque from The Irish Fairy Door Company. Santa brought her a worry plaque for Christmas in hope it would help take those niggling little worries away…

worry plaque irish fairy door company review magical

Basically, the Worry Plaque is an interactive plaque that glows red when your child places their hand on it and thinks of their little worry and when the fairies have heard it the plaque glows green signifying your child worries has been heard by the fairies. And to add a little extra magic the worries are used to grant wishes. The energy used is ground down to make wish-granting dust, cute right? And it gets even cuter. Over on The Irish Fairy Door Company website they have a little section dedicated to positive fairy affirmations from Fairy Clodagh letting kids know they have received their worries. So if your little worrier is unsure the fairies have heard their worry you can show them a video to reassure them.

As you know I have a fairy (and unicorn!) loving six-year-old. Her life revolves around rainbows, pots of gold and magic. She has the most wonderful and colourful imagination and while I love that trait about her she does worry a lot too, over silly little things. Simple things like being afraid of the dark, been stuck in traffic (her dad lives in another county, lol), being afraid of the dark, going to the dentist and her teeth falling out.

worry plaque irish fairy door company review magical

To combat these little fears when they arose I got the worry plaque out. The instructions say kids just need to ‘think of their worry’ but I found by getting my six-year-old to think of her worry I didn’t know exactly what her worries were and couldn’t solve them for her. She may have a big mouth but she can be a quite shy at times too. So after a couple of uses, I told her she needed to say her worry out loud so I could hear it in the background and find out what she had been worrying about.

One day she was worried about having loose teeth and thought she’d look funny when they fell out and wouldn’t be able to eat her food properly. Another day she was worried she was going to get in trouble. She mistakenly left her markers and the Toddler found them and made a masterpiece all over our freshly painted walls. And most recently she was worried about going to the Dentist for a check up.

worry plaque irish fairy door company review magical

The Worry Plaque dimensions are 27.5cm x 28cm and 4cm thick. It’s battery operated (not included). And it comes with screws so you can mount your plaque to the wall. Originally, I thought that was a great idea but then I thought it may be abused if it was fixed to a wall in our playroom. Obviously I don’t want her to realise that the lights change from red to green every time and I can imagine if she’s just passing she’ll pop her hand on without thinking of a worry and catch on that it’s really just a toy so for that reason we take it out only when needed because it’s worked for us so far.

The worry plaque has been a game changer for us. It helps my Big Kid express herself freely allowing me to solve what’s been bothering her. I don’t have to hound her to find out if she’s upset or worried about anything. The Worry Plaque is €34.95, it’s available from The Irish Fairy Door Company and I think it would make a wonderful birthday gift for any fairy lover.

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