Boney Dry is a unique laundry drying solution designed to be located in your hot press – delivering exceptional laundry drying results while freeing up valuable floor space and eliminating the need to use tumble dryers. It fits into all standard height airing cupboard or hot presses. It is safe and easy to install, basically, there’s no drilling of fixing, it can be installed in minutes. It’s easy to load and unload. It holds a full wash load. Boney Dry’s 20 clothes rails provide close to 10 metres of hanging space. But lightweight garments can be suspended from the hooks at the end of each clothes rail and drying time is in no way compromised – increasing hanging capacity far beyond 10 metres. It’s robust and durable and easily adaptable.

boney dry overnight clothes hot press

Boney Dry was developed in conjunction with a leading Irish university and provides a number of benefits for home occupants:

  • Removes the health risks associated with drying laundry in living spaces – specifically for people with weakened immune systems and those suffering from acute asthma.
  • 65% of Ireland’s homes own a tumble dryer, Boney Dry removes the need to use these non-environmentally friendly laundry drying solutions and therefore reduces energy costs.
  • Delivers significantly faster laundry drying when compared to convention clothes airers.
  • Removes unsightly clutter and frees up living space within the home.

boney dry overnight clothes hot press

So if you’re feeling overwhelmed with all the washing and drying and need a little help this bad boy might just be for you. I’ve one to giveaway to one of my readers (and installation in Ireland), just follow these simple steps to enter.

    • LIKE My Little Babog on Facebook
    • LIKE Boney Dry on Facebook.
    • COMMENT below and tell me why you would love to win a Boney Dry

This giveaway is hosted on Facebook but is not endorsed by Facebook. There is no cash alternative. The winner will receive a Boney Dry (Irish winner will win installation too!). The competition closes on the 8th of March at 9 pm and the winner will be announced here and notified by email. This competition is only open to those with an Irish or UK (doesn’t include installation) address. And finally, good luck!

135 Comments on Win a Boney Dry | Dry your Clothes Overnight and out of Sight

  1. I would love to win because my life is a constant struggle to get my clothes boney dry and the house is like a giant laundry sometimes with every radiator and room used

  2. This would make my life so much easier! Why? I’ve three kids under 5 and a man child. 2/3 of the kids are boys… they are forever outside in the muck as boys do (and living in the countryside) and I am forever washing clothes. But washing isn’t the problem is it? It’s the bloody drying this looks like the bees knees and I’d love not to have to hang clothes on the rads or clothes horse.. oh and I’ve course I’m an active follower of your social media. Love your blog and of course your hilarious snap chats!

  3. Would really love this. I don’t like doing the whole big sob story thing but we’ve really had a crap time of it lately ( me being hit by a car and hubby finding a cyst on his pancreas) neither of us are 100% at the moment and with a toddler starting to demolish the house bit by bit we don’t get as much done as we’d like. This would take a bit of the pressure off. Sorry again for the “woe is me” story thanks for reading x

  4. Would love to win this. My two smallies have asthma, so i cant dry clothes inside. Hubby has loads of big, bulky army gear, so this would really help and save me on tumble drier.
    I hate using dryer, so would love this.

  5. Please please may I have this ? Drying clothes turns me into the devil , for my sanity and my husbands please please please
    What a fantastic product !

  6. Omg I need this…. judging by the amount of washing in my house I am assuming I have 36 lodgers I am yet to meet!!! This would be a God send!!!

  7. Two small ones equals constant washing, add my 18 month olds cloth nappies to that and my washing machine runs non stop….. There are clothes drying everywhere. Mad dash to hide them anytime the door bell rings Boney Dry sounds amazing!!!

  8. I live in a small 2 bed flat with only night storage heating and no other way to dry my daughters and my own clothes than on a clothes airer in the front room (looks awful!) & constantly have towels and bed sheets on my doors!! Hopefully I can win and dort this out! X

  9. Oh hell yes. Three washes alone today. Laundry destroys my otherwise minimalist house. It gives me anxiety looking at things draped over the banisters. We lost our laundry room after our last boy arrived, with him came even more laundry! He’s a keeper though thankfully

  10. We have just had a new baby (our first!) and like everyone, are struggling to keep up with the washing and drying – of the baby’s clothes, not to mind our own!!! This would be a perfect help for us, as we move into our brand new house in two weeks 🙂 fingers crossed! X

  11. I would absolutely love this. I have four kids aged 7 and under and I can’t cope with the amount of washing I have to get through day in day out. This would be a life saver for our family of 6!! As much as day to day life having four kids is hard, washing is the absolute worst part of motherhood for me and gets me down so much, the house is messy enough and clothes just add to it all the more!

  12. I wouldn’t like to win a Boney Dry. I need to win one.
    My washing machine and dryer are on constantly! Between normal clothes, there are three lots of soccer kits that need washing after training and then matches, we’re back hurling now so add in three lots of hurling gear. 3 lots of people gear and school uniforms as well as the amount of clothes a toddler who loves mud and mess and insists on feeding herself. Even though she hasn’t realised you can’t turn the spoon upside down when it’s got food on it!!
    Then we have bedding, plus the fact the Autistic lad still wears pull ups at night and regularly wets through them!! Thankfully we have a mat for under the sheet, but guess what it needs washing and drying most days.

    See why I need one. The money saved on drying can go towards Disney world tickets for our trip in June.

    PS we can’t put the clothes on the radiator as the decking dog pulls them off and uses them for a bed!!
    Alan Herbert recently posted…5 Reasons to have a Fourth child.My Profile

  13. Boney dry is such a clever idea! It would make my life so much easier. The clothes horse in the sitting room is always in the way but it is the warmest room so don’t have a choice but to put it there. And our youngest just loves pulling all the clothes down over and over again…

  14. I would love this, I need this!!! We don’t have a tumble dryer and my kids have eczema so their clothes are constantly being washed. I feel like I have 12 children, not 2 with the amount of washing I do.

  15. With a near 3 year old boy you can never have enough clean clothes!!! Esp this time of year is so hard to get the clothes dry so this would be super handy ☺️ X

    • Sounds like the best thing since sliced bread, need this so much in my life, family of 6, four kids can create a lot of washing , my kitchen is literally covered with piles of laundry

  16. Would absolutely love to win this fantastic prize as I am swamped with washing and drying for my family and in such a small house we constantly have wet clothes or clothes horses everywhere and dont even have the luxury of a tumble drier as space and more importantly funds are limited!!! Thanks for the fab competition!

  17. I would love to win this as I have 3 month old twin boys and a 10 year old boy and live in an apartment, it’s impossible to get things dry!!

  18. I would love to win this because with a new baby washing clothes is endless. Drying clothes all over my house they boneydry would be great to have the clothes hidden away but drying!!

  19. Wow, this is amazing! I hate our tumble drying. It steams up our windows & mildew grows everywhere. Yuk! I’ve those octopus things in my hot press but there’s only so much you can hang on them.

  20. I would love to win this my kitchen is like a launderette. It’s a small room as it is without squeezing around the clothes horse.

  21. I would love this my house is like a launderette. We had a accident a couple of years ago where our tumble dryer went on fire and destroyed our house. We rely on clothes horses and radiators to dry everything and it’s so hard especially in a small house with a 7 month old.

  22. So need this in my life. The washing is endless in my house and my dryer broke just last week so really is on overload at the mo between babies vests and babygros, toddlers clothes full of paint and husbands cycling, gym and mucky army gear. This boney dry would be my saviour

  23. I would love this so much it’s non stop full baskets and then when you do get time to start getting through them you can only do small amounts because of the lack of drying space!

  24. This sounds like the best thing since sliced bread! With 5 people in our family inc a 16 yr old daughter (need I say anymore)the endless wet towels,clean clothes back in the laundry basket, clothes full of make up etc! I think my laundry basket does be empty for all of 5 minutes if I’m lucky. Tumble dryer always on the go, huge electricity bill that I think we must be supplying the road! I need to win this

  25. Thank you for the oppurtunity to win this really cool obsessed with clothes horses and trying to find the most practical one..this looks love to win it and finally get my clothes boney dry overnight using as little space

  26. I need this I have a clothes horse in the bathroom up stairs and one in the kitchen down stairs does me head in kids always running into it and dropping the socks

  27. I would love this with 3 under 6 and one on the way my wash basket is never empty. It’s a daily struggle to dry clothes especially when the weather is so wet. I’m not looking forward to the extra washing a new baby brings

  28. Oh I need this so badly, the washing machine and dryer are going constantly in this house especially at weekends when my two boys come home from college with all their dirty washing…..trying to pay the electricity bill on top of college fees and expenses is killing me .

  29. Would love to win this as I live in an apartment and do a wash for 4 everyday with no other alternative than to leave washing hanging around. This would be a godsend

  30. I would love to win a boneydry – living in an all male household means plenty of laundry – washing and drying constantly! This would keep the laundry tidy and cut down on the electricity bill too.

  31. Would love to win this with 4 kids in the house the washing machine never stops and there are clothes everywhere. Also football and hurling will be starting back for OH and 2 older boys so.that means more washing…

  32. I would love to win this, had my first baby 10 weeks ago, bought my first house last year and have a clothes line outside in a garden of mud, I need to put wellies on going outside so tend to dry clothes inside. Since having Joshua the amount of clothes to be washed is ridiculous and husband doesn’t help with the pile as he tends to wear things once. Would really love to win this just to make my life that bit easier

  33. I’ve 2 babies under 2.
    And hubby that changes his clothes up to 3 times a day.
    I get to the of the basket and magically he refills it. He brings down the washing once a fortnight.

  34. It’s too early to be this excited but I didn’t know this Invention existed! Like all mums there are piles of laundry in my house but I find it difficult to dry clothes indoors clothes horses have been broken (clumsy mummy & kids playing) and can’t dry clothes on radiators as it affects my asthma so have seen my electricity bill shoot up this winter as I’m relying on the dryer this would be amazing to win!

  35. I am in a constant cycle of taking clothes off the rad and putting them back on. it’s never ending hate winter clothes! I need this in my life!

  36. With 4 boys from 15 down to 1 I never ever have an empty wash basket there’s nothing better than looking out the kitchen window at the clothes blowing in the window when it’s not gaining that is☺my washing comes between me and my sleepid love to win this great giveaway

  37. I would love to win this. My husband has asthma and I’ve been desperate to find a way to dry clothes indoors safely!

  38. Id really love to win this, as a family of 6 the laundry is never ending! This would make the chore of laundry so much easier, what a great prize, here’s hoping

  39. After a week of sickness the washing machine has been going night and day, rapidly running out of floor space for drying!! This is the kind of giveaway that gets me very excited!!

  40. I’d love this I had to banish the clothes horses out of the house because my kids kept getting sick and since I did that in November no one has needed an antibiotic So with 5 of us in the house it takes forever to get the clothes to dry in the garage and the dryer is costing a fortune.

  41. Would love this my sitting room is constantly like a laundrette I’d be happy clothes dry faster and himself would be happy no more clothes everywhere

  42. Would love to win this with 4 boys that live in tracksuits that can’t b tumble dried And take forever to dry on rads would make it so much easier x

  43. Done! Need one of these in my life. With 3 kids under 6 the washing and drying (forget about ironing) in this house is never ending!

  44. Would love to win this, living in apartment it’s hard to get the clothes dry, I have a toddler which means numerous changing of clothes everyday as his favorite thing to do lately is pour his bottles all over himself , also have a teenager who changes her clothes as much as her moods which is a lot , xx

  45. With 3 kids under 5 the Boney dry would be invaluable in our house! The poor washing machine never gets a break

  46. I would love to win this as my daughter doesnt like me putting a lot of her clothes in the dryer and its a nightmare trying to get it all dry over the radiators 🙁

  47. Living ina bungalow with a two year old, one year old and my partner.. each as bad as eachother,,, clothes hanging everywhere,,, bed clothes are a defo no no to dry here,, as theyre drying the humidity dampens our actual beds… so frustrating… would help alot.. my sheets are currently drying in my sitting room on the curtain pole on hangers

  48. This is the answer to my prayers. We have 3 clothes horses constantly on the go. With 3 small boys in the house the laundry is just never ending & trying to get the clothes dried is near impossible sometimes. Thanks for the chance of winning

  49. This would be so useful, I never have enough hanging space and with the weather being so unpredictable I need somewhere inside to hang clothes xx

  50. We have a washer / dryer combined and dryer isn’t great and costs a fortune , with a baby boy and endless washing this would be amazing x

  51. Oh god I would love this, as I’m sure most people would, we all hate the clothes on the rads so this is a fantastic invention.

  52. Many thanks for all of the feedback and interest in BoneyDry, it’s very new to market and it’s really heartening to receive so many positive comments.
    Don’t forget to post your comment on My Little Babog FB page to enter the competition for a BoneyDry, which we will supply and install.
    Alan Bermingham

  53. Done I would love to win because I absolutely hate washing and the clothes take forever to dry plus we don’t have a dryer

  54. With two little babas and a son who comes home from college on a fri night and expects washing washed dried and ironed for leaving again Sunday morning could really use one of these

  55. I would love this as I’m constantly falling over clothes horses, moving them from room to room. This boney dry system seems great and would be well used and appreciated in this busy little household

  56. We have 3 washing baskets (almost always full), a family home and asthma thrown into the mix. Sounds exactly like what we need!! ❤

  57. I would love this because laundry is the bain of my life!!! Help me turn it into something more positive pleeease!

  58. The short answer…. I have a bloody cat who thinks I make a fort for her every time I put up the clothes horse, AND she’s white, so she likes to leave her glitter fur over all my darks!!

  59. Would LOVE to win a Boney Dry! Our second daughter arrived two weeks ago. She has reflux so my washing machine and tumble dryer have not stopped since! This looks like the perfect solution to cutting cost of using a tumble dryer whilst saving on space (big plus!!). Both Facebook pages liked!

  60. I can’t stand washing hanging about in sight weather on rads or dryers.. this can be out of sight

  61. I always have tons of washing hanging in the spare room, landing, bannisters, living room…. my hubby works in an engineering workshop and is a mad mountain-biker. Imagine the mud and oil and filth!

  62. I have 5, yes 5 clothes horses in order to get the clothes dry.I have a teenager so it’s mens sized clothes I’m washing so each load contains very little which means the machine is going every night.I work full time so can’t hang out the washing during the week as you can’t trust the weather! I swear I had less washing when he was a baby!

  63. Now why didn’t i come up with an idea like that??!! Fantastic product and sure to be a great success. Everywhere you go in our house there are clothes hanging off chairs, over radiators, on dryers and even on windowsills!! With weather like ours, you can never get them dry outside. We don’t use a tumble dryer so it’s a constant struggle trying to get clothes ready to wear. Would love to be able to keep them out of sight and out of mind. Well done on an innovative solution to a very annoying problem 🙂

  64. This would be a great way to dry clothes all year around, with 7 people in my house it’s a hard job trying to get the clothes dry!

  65. I’d love to win a Boney Dry for my daughter who has 3 little ones aged 3 & under. She doesn’t have a tumble drier and always struggles to keep on top of drying the laundry. This would be fantastic as it doesn’t take up much space yet can hold a large amount of laundry

  66. With a husband who works on a construction site and two young boys who practically spend all their time outdoors, and weekends fishing with their dad – my life is a constant cycle of trying get clothes dry. This would be perfect for drying out wet fishing clothes when they get caught out by the rain! Great prize.

  67. The only place we have at the moment (when not hung up outside) is the utility room and clothes just don’t dry in there.

  68. I have a small house with my daughter and there just isn’t enough space to dry clothes and I can’t afford to dry them so this would be perfect!

  69. I’d love this we’ve no hot press so this would be perfect to help sort out our drying issues

  70. I would love to win a boney dry! I recently got gifted a tumble dryer and honestly… i ended up getting the clothes horse back out and only use the tumble dryer when in dire need! It costs SO much money to use it, even just for 20 mins or so. It’s ridiculous. I’m on a low income and something like this would be amazing to cut back on energy costs, what a fab idea!

  71. the washing machine makes a rumble, and it all goes in the tumble, a boney dry would make the house tidy and let me smile and sigh. All happy and done when there is no drying sun

  72. I have an eight year old that has an unbelivable capacity to get messy so the washer is in a lot

  73. I would love to win as my house is like a chinese laundry! Wet clothes hung off doors and socls covering every radiator. I would love a solution to an irritation in my life!

  74. I would love to win this because I have a small flat and this would save me having washing on the radiators

  75. I would love to win as I have lots of wet washing, there aren’t too many drying days and the tumbler is grossly expensive.

  76. I’m trying to do what I can to be eco friendly at the moment so this would be a great help in our house, especially with a toddler already and a new baby due in 7 weeks. Thank you for the opportunity! 🙂

  77. This what I’ve been looking for! with a large family and no room to hang all these clothes, resorting to using doors etc to try and get clothes dry over night, will take the frustration out of it all and no more clothes all over the house!

  78. I would love to win this because as a working mam of two teenage girls the washing is endless and it can’t all go in the dryer, so this would be just perfect

  79. because i have endless amounts of washing and the weather is so rubbish its really hard to get things dry

  80. Wow, I actually didn’t know these existed. This is amazing. I have no garden or tumble dryer and it takes ages to dry clothes in the winter, we’re always waiting for clothes and the house is always fill of clothes drying. It looks so messy and doesn’t help the mould issue! I also love how you can attach it to the wall! I’m disabled and really struggle to bend down low enough for a regular airer, this would be great ifI could hang it at the right height for me.

  81. Because having a large family with 5 kids I am washing daily to keep up with it all and obviously somethings I wont dry in the tumble dryer in case they shrink, and due to the time of year with the rain etc i have to hang things on cloths hangers around my bedroom and the landing making my house look untidy, so this would make things so much tidier and be helpful for me

  82. This would be amazing treat as a large family with four children we live in a tiny bungalow, this would really help laundry tasks

  83. I’d love this for our daughter as shes away at Uni and struggles to have enough space to dry her clothes and it take ages too

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