A very simple but clever idea. Baby grow vest extenders are basically three to four-inch pieces of cotton with three poppers that increase the length of a normal sized baby vest. 

baby grow vest extenders tall baby cloth nappy

These little beauties are well known and used daily throughout the cloth nappy community. As we all know cloth nappies are bulkier than your average nappy and sometimes we need that extra room to accommodate the reusable nappy. And baby grow vest extenders gives us that room. They are perfect for tall babies too, you know ones who just keep growing and growing and you can’t for the life of you keep up with all the new clothes you need to keep repurchasing in different sizes especially throughout the first year.

baby grow vest extenders tall baby

Now I know what your thinking. Why don’t you just go up a size in the babies vest? Well, you see if you go up a size babies vest it would be too loose around the neck and I find the vest would fall down on babies shoulder. And in reality babies grow so darn quick, you want to get your monies worth out of all those vests. So overall these nifty baby vest extenders pretty much extend the life of your babies vests saving you money in the long run.

So there you have it. Baby grow vest extenders. A simple but brilliant parenting hack. I got these vest extenders from Aliexpress for less than a euro for three, an absolute bargain. They took three weeks to arrive, they do the job perfectly and I love that they came in different colours to match the girls’ different outfits. You can also get them on fluffybums.ie but they are currently out of stock and on Amazon too.

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