Something I’ve noticed on my birth story series is the lack of positive birth experiences. I’ve had three really positive experiences myself and one pretty traumatic and my unplanned homebirth is one of my most popular posts so I get it, we all like a bit of drama, it makes an interesting and exciting read. On my last pregnancy, I opted out of having an induction because I only ever heard horror stories and I was terrified, to be honest. This week The Post Modern Mammy is sharing her birth story, her induction story, the perfect induction.

The Perfect Induction by The Post Modern Mammy

I was due on the 19th of Jan, but my waters went early on the 5th – not a big gush, more like a trickle. After much humming and hawing, I decided to go into Holles Street to get checked out – they confirmed it was my waters and not just a combination of my imagination and a weak bladder! So I was to be admitted the next day for an induction if I  didn’t go into labour naturally myself. Sure enough the next day there was not a stir on the bump so back into Holles Street with the bags packed, Christmas tree dismantled and fridge stocked.

They gave me the gel at 10am and the pains started right away – my cervix was pointed completely the wrong direction so they weren’t expecting anything to happen soon, but after about 3 hours I was getting contractions ten mins apart. I wasn’t sure if this was the real thing or not – but my god I was in agony. They wanted to wait until the doctor checked me out to give me pethidine, and as I wasn’t sure how it would react with me I decided against it. Turns out for me, that’s as bad as the pains were, in fact, going to get and getting to that 1 cm was bloody tough going. Anyways, after a few hours of pains and crying over a drip being put into my arm for antibiotics (seriously beginning to question pain threshold levels at this stage) the rest of my waters went and I FINALLY got a show.

Amid claims that it was too soon for anything to be happening I demanded to be examined by a doctor, they confirmed that I was 1 cm (on my knees at this stage) and was wheeled off to the delivery ward. Wheeled in, due to a combination of SPD and a trapped sciatic nerve my hip had locked. In my mind, I had wanted to go without the epidural – and was having serious doubts about this until I got my hands on the gas and air. what a relief!!! I got it into me and I have never felt so good… once I had the knack of that down and got settled in the room, the midwife put the trace on the bump for 20 mins and baba was doing well. Off for a walk then, and was managing the pains ok with a lot of deep breathing and stopping in the hallway. Contractions were coming thick and fast now and were about three minutes apart. I was also getting a definite peak or double to them now, and it was increasing in intensity. It wasn’t sore really more like a release of pressure and I realized that contractions are only half the length you think they are as once they have peaked they fall off. Also, the gas was taking the pain in my sciatic away so for the first time in nine months I could think straight and I began to relax into the contractions. I could feel my body completely taking over. I have to say at this point that our midwife was AMAZING and her words of encouragement to go with my body really helped. I found it very much to be a holistic approach and not at all what I was expecting.

Two hours into the labour, she examined me and I was 7cm!  So after the agony of getting to 1cm, I had shot to 7 with no trouble, and it was decision time for the epidural. I was in flying form at this stage decided to try without it due to a massive fear of needles. The contractions continued to intensify but they did not get any more painful. so an hour later I was feeling ready to push again my body just knew what to do and I went with it completely. I started pushing – that was tough as my son has a head like a boulder but 25 mins later I gave birth to my baby boy, 8lbs 8ozs. There were two seconds of silence and then he started roaring and appeared on my chest looking at me with two big green eyes like he was saying about bloody time mam!!

I delivered the placenta and I ended up with a second-degree tear, so I was back on the gas and air for that… I wasn’t feeling too well after that and was having bad cramps and a high temperature and after another exam, I had some membranes left in the womb and some clotting. That had to be removed manually. Back on the gas and air again – I lost a litre of blood but the reg and the midwife and a variety of people arrived in succession to get everything out. And in fairness, they did. We didn’t have time to get to the theater, they just jumped in. It wasn’t pleasant but I was pretty spaced with the gas and air and grateful that they got everything and I didn’t get any sort of infection. Hubby had been holding our baby all the while and we then got about an hour of alone time afterward which was fantastic. I had been due to come home under the domino scheme but I had to stay for three nights.

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8 Comments on The Perfect Induction by The Post Modern Mammy

  1. It’s so sad that so many have poor experiences. You’d think by now we’d have got it sorted.
    I’d a first nightmare, a second lovely experience, a third scary and a fourth which was everything you’d wish it to be and so much more!
    Amazing to think the same person can have such different births.
    Do we ever tire of reading about births?

    • I think the first is always gonna be somewhat of a scary experience as we haven’t a clue what to expect. I remember being terrified and there was a lack of support but the birth itself was grand, no complaints. It’s good to make people aware of complications etc but I hate the thoughts of this series scaring people, it’s not why I started it!

  2. Hi Kellie,

    I just wanna say you are a great mom. Through you, I certainly feel how my mom feels when giving birth. I am really inspired by your story, Thank you for sharing.

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