This Christmas The Irish Fairy Door Company have launched an interactive and magical worry plaque, an interactive worry plaque that allows children to try to forget about their worries and to let the fairy’s take their worries away.

I think the worry plaque is a wonderful idea. My little one worries about the smallest of things to nightmares. With the worry plaque, children simply think of their worry and place their hand on the plaque. The worry plaque will then turn red to signify the fairies can hear the child’s worry and the plaque will then turn green as the fairies take the worry away who will then use the negative energy the child was using to worry and turn it into good energy and grant a wish for someone else in the world. How cute is that? I love how it encourages young children to express themselves freely.

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The worry plaque would make a beautiful little gift for any fairy lovers this Christmas, I’m so excited for their new adventure with the interactive worry plaque and I have one worth €34.95 to give away to one My Little Babog reader!

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and COMMENT below and tell me what was the most recent thing your child worried about?

This competition is hosted on Facebook but it is not endorsed by Facebook. There is no cash alternative. The competition closes on the 15th of December (just in time for Christmas) at 9pm and the winner will be announced here and notified by email. This competition is open worldwide. Good luck everyone!

144 Comments on Win an Interactive Worry Plaque from The Irish Fairy Door Company

  1. My son worries about my bus to and from work crashing and him standing waiting at the door for me to come home and I don’t.
    Very morbid but he has a vivid imagination

  2. Would love to win this for my neice. She is 6 and is gonna be a big sister soon. She is anxious about being a big sister and if mam and dad will still have time for her when her new baby sister arrives.

  3. My 4 year old only last week woke up fretting about where he would live if me and his Daddy died. He must have had a dream about it….heartbreaking

  4. I’ve 4 kids here, 3yr old has bad dreams practically every night, but this would be great for no.3 who does worry but doesn’t tell us what she’s worried about. Nervous about going anywhere new (even if it’s somewhere fun!)

  5. The last thing my daughter worried about was her brother demolishing her lego figure that she had just made whilst she went and brushed her teeth 🙂 I have never seen her move so fast.

  6. Caoimhe was worrying over her best friend who was knocked over in the playground, thankfully it was only concussion.

  7. I would love to win for my niece. She told me the other say that she was worried that Santa wouldn’t be able to come down the chimey because they have an electric fire

  8. This would be great for my daughter, her most recent worry was about playing games in school yard, and how easy it is to leave someone out.

  9. Hi, unfortunately my 6 year old worries a LOT. She is a sensitive little soul. She cried at homework time today because she was ‘worried’ because she didn’t do great in her spelling test. I tell her all day every day it’s ok once she does her best. This sounds like an excellent idea & I would love to try to help my little girl Emma.

  10. Both pages liked would love this for my 6 year old anxious at the moment over school play. This is one of many worries he has.

  11. My little boy has such a sensitive soul and his most recent worry was when he woke to see frost on the ground and instantly fretted about the birds not being able to find food. We left food out that morning but then he worried if we left out enough ❤️

  12. Would love to win this for our foster child as she has lots of worries/anxieties and can’t always put them into words.
    Most recently she’s worried about the arrival of our second baby in May & she’s also worried about a member of her birth family whom is in ill health & she hasn’t seen in a long time.
    Winning this worry plaque would be great for us as a family because if she’s less anxious & happier it will have a positive impact on the whole family

  13. My 7 year old lil girl would love this she is forever getting nightmares cant get her to stay in her own bed because she is too scared its awful. Shes loves fairies tho has 2 fairy doors and santy is bringing fairy garden would love this for her

  14. My five year old worries alot about everything but only recent about his friends not able to understand him sometimes when he talks.

  15. my little Izzy Kelly is so worried about being left somewhere on her own again! she was left at Fort lucan by a summer camp during her summer holidays the bus left without her she’s so worried it will happen again. no matter how many times I tell her not to worry that it will NEVER EVER happen again she can’t let it go! I would love to see if this might work for her ❤❤

  16. I’d love to win this for my nephew. He really needs this in his life his dad isn’t in the picture much and he’s always worried if his dad will come & see him each wk. He lives with my DIL & parents in law but is moving into their own place soon. The poor fella is stressed over the move and his dad situation and he’s only 6 poor fella has so much happening he is constantly worrying about everything. I think something like this would help him cope with so much.

  17. My 4 year old is scared of Santa!! I mean full on terrified! I hate seeing her so afraid. I’d love to give this a shot to see if it would help!! Ps love your fb page and blog! X

  18. Lately, my 3 year old son has nightmares & bedtime accidents quite often but never tells us what they are about, this would be a perfect, private way for him to express his emotions & fears. Such a brilliant idea!

  19. That we would all die and leave her on her own.we were talking about my dad that’s 5 yrs passed this yr.made me promise I’ll never leave her.mad wat there little heads think

  20. My biggest little lady is worried about her baby brother. He isn’t well at the moment & she’s scared he will have to go to hospital. It breaks my heart seeing her worried face

  21. All done. Would love to win one of these for my 7 year old. He is so anxious he worries every day. His latest worry today was who would look after him & his brothers if myself & his daddy weren’t here any more. The wee pet your heart breaks for him. These are the best idea ever.

  22. My stepson is an awful worrier, but he really worries about his little brother all the time especially as he is on a special diet due to a condition he has but also at the minute as he has been sick with a chest infection. This plaque would be great for him and then he can teach the baby to use it wen he gets older too. Such a great idea. Both facebook pages were already liked.

  23. That his (still unwritten) letter to Santa would blow away and Santa wouldn’t know he wanted another digger. So he shouts “digger” at the elf on the shelf every time he spots him

  24. My son has autism and has worries on a daily basis are far to many to mention! An example would be any change in his routine could make him very anxious and worried and upset example our car broke down coming home he got very upset he was worried why the car had broken down and didn’t relax until the car arrived back in our driveway this looks like it could help him alot I’d live to give it a try x

  25. Recently there have been two big worries…
    A boy at swimming lessons picks her up and throws her back into the water.. she panics about going under (But we are sorting this) and the other is myself and her dad getting old 🙁 We’re only 27, but she still worries..

  26. The latest is the “Monters” upstairs (deliberately dropping the S so it’s just like she says it) which is really another excuse to try to get out of going to bed ! 🙂

  27. My 4 year old boy told his teacher he was worried about me having to go back to work,I just had his sister 6weeks ago.He also says he’s worried about my silly head (how I explained baby brain)

  28. This is a brilliant idea. I’d love to win for my daughter she just turned 5 and is a real worrier..she gets anxious about new things and can be very shy…this would really help..she has a fairy in her room called trixibelle too who she talks about all the time. Liked and shared too x

  29. Would love to win this for my son who has been bullied in school since returning in sept. Unfortunately things have not improved and he is moving to a new school after the xmas break, this would be a great little outlet for him to talk more freely of his worries of starting a new school and making new friends there as he is finding it difficult to talk about it and what has been said and done by his bullys.( His football boots were put down the toilet last week). It would possibly be a great help with the transition at a worrying time for him. Mum may be caught using it also!:-(
    Happy xmas to all!

  30. Lovely idea! This would be for my little girl. She is super close to her nanny. Her nanny and grandad are separated. She worries that her nanny doesnt have a husband and is lonely with nobody to hug or snuggle her at night time (her exact words), and worries in case she gets lonely. I think this would be lovely to put in her nannies house so they can use together.

  31. My little boy has started to worry abot things blowing away? He came home from nursery the other day and ever since I have to grip everything tightly or he panics the wind will take it…it’s amazing what little things cause anxiety in kids.

  32. My daughter had a nightmare that a plane she was on crashed.ever since she doesn’t sleep well and when she comes into our bed her little heart is racing like crazy.would love to win this and help her get over the fear of flying as all the family on my side lives abroad and we travel once a year to visit them.

  33. Spiders in the garden so I told them that the spiders look at them with a smiley face and say “Hello I’m a spider and I’m not going to hurt you” 🙂

  34. Hi
    This is a wonderful idea for children who suffer with anxiety issues.
    I work in a primary school as a special needs assistant and would love this for all the children there who might need it someday. Especially the new junior infans on their first week away from mammy and daddy or granny etc. And our children with additional learning needs.
    Have you considered emailing the primary schools in ireland with your wonderful product?
    Best of luck to you in your business expansion.
    Helen Monaghan.

  35. He worried about maybe eating too much while eating a yoghurt after being sick last weekend after eating one but main readon was because he was actually sick as we were at the Dr earlier

  36. so yesterday Beau (6) came running to us crying his eyes out – he had lost a tooth and was really upset. That would have been understandable, apart from the fact it turned out not to have been his tooth – it was his twin brothers….

  37. My son seen this on the Late Late show tonight and was very impressed. He has a worry monster but this may help him also. He suffersaid with dcd and spd.

  38. I work with a little girl who suffers from anxiety and worry about new situations or when people are absent from school or changes in her routine. I’d love to have this in the class for all the kids but especially for her to see if it would help her anxiety 🙂

  39. This is actually so sad… We were homeless for a period of time and waiting on our apartment to come available so we had an extra few bob and decided to take two nights away in self catering accommodation …. My son thought this was his new house and cried so much leaving it…. Two weeks ago we went for a holiday there and it brought up old memories … On leaving he thought he wouldn’t have his ‘new house’ anymore!! It’s amazing the associations and how much they actually worry xx

  40. he was worried about being a good boy for Santa and also if elf on the shelf would come and keep an eye on him ☺

  41. My 7 year old is like a little fairy in nature. But she worries about everything from going to school, friends not wanting tom play, she is struggling with school work and homework is a nightmare because of her concentration so we all get stressed out. I’ve often thought what I could do to help allievstd her worries, this sounds perfect. She adores faerie angel cards so it’s something she already believes in xx

  42. My son is a terrible little worrier. He worries about everything. Every morning he worries about the school day ahead. I saw this on the Toy Show and did wonder if this would help!

  43. My little boy has continues nightmares most nights , can be about zombies etc usually he doesn’t remember but still always broken sleep with him . this could help

  44. About santa coming / Christmas!
    He’s 7 and absolutely petrified of santa and presents or food that have pictures of him on 🙁

  45. My nearly 7 year old daughter worries about everything and anything. I wish I could take away some of her worries it can be so heartbreaking. She especially worries about people and her little brother being one of them when he is unwell, prays for him at school. So I think this worry plaque would benefit her so much ❤

  46. My eldest is 4 and very “deep”.He was recently very down and it went on for about 4 days,I was so concerned- he just wouldn’t tell me what was bothering him.Turns out,he was trying his hardest to colour inside the lines in school and was worried in case the others thought he was a baby if he went outside the lines…this plaque is an amazing idea!My three year old has bad dreams & gets scared when it gets dark – this would be well used in our house

  47. Would really love to win this for my son who worries about everything last thing he was most upset about was bringing home the teachers pencil by accident and thought he would be sent to the principal also worries alot about death.

  48. My girl worries that a scary character in a book she started reading will come in her window and take her away when she is alone in her bedroom

  49. Our wee 6 year old son is petrified of “Elf on the shelf”. His friend has one in his house and he will not go to visit. He hates the idea that the Elf come’s to life when we’re all asleep. He saw the “worry plaque” on the Late Late show + he said that he’d love one as it would take all his worries away + he wouldn’t be afraid. Bless

  50. My 6 year old has recently become a big sister and we have also moved home all in the space of a month. She seems to have the weight of the world on her shoulders at the moment shes worried that she wont fit in with the kids on our new road. She would LOVE this prize as we saw it on the toy show

  51. My daughter worried about growing up and declared she didn’t want any more food as it makes her grow up big and strong.

  52. hi … amazing comments, bless all your little angels … wishing them all a wonderful christmas.:) my boy aged 3 and daughter also age 3 (twins) worry all the time about each other, even when it is something simple maybe one was a little longer in bathroom or they are not in the same room …no matter how much you reassure them the comment is always the same … i just check.xx

  53. After a bad experience during the summer my girl has developed a phobia of dogs. Doesnt want to go to the park, walk to the shops etc in case she sees one. She tries to hide it but ends up anxious about something else instead. The worry has to come out somehow. I would love if this could help her even a little.

  54. Liked and liked

    My 5 year old is an awful worrier. His big one now is that his elf “furry” won’t come back. He spends all evening thinking about how his behaviour has been

  55. I’ve got bad carpel tunnel in both wrists and hands and I’ve got new supports which have my 6yr old very worried. Mostly about how I going to make her dinner bless her she has been a great help but she does worry awfully about things and thy play on her mind for days.

  56. My little boy’s biggest worry is his little girlfriend in playschool is Mary in the nativity play and another boy is Joseph and he’s afraid she will like him more…. He’s 4!!

  57. The most recent thing my daughter worried about was a test in school. The poor thing can get herself so worked up making it hard to sleep the night before! She is a real little worrier!

  58. Unfortunately it was a boy in school who punched him. He was worried about seeing him again the next day. The boy did apologise though so he felt a bit better.

  59. My son was worried about changing from primary to secondary school at the start there was some bullying going on but appears to have settled down fingers crossed but I still worry everyday

  60. My son was worried that he would miss doing his art class in school because he was sick in school and had to come home early and my little girl worries about forgetting the words to the nursery rhythms in playschool

  61. Already liked both pages. My 7 year old daughter is the worst worrier that I’ve ever come across. The latest worry was when her baby brother went into hospital for a minor procedure that he would be in hospital for weeks like her other brother was when he was born (he spent over a month in Crumlin due to a birth defect) She didn’t stop worrying until we got back home that evening with him

  62. Just this morning Laragh was crying over her Irish xmas test 🙁 & the fact it’s her birthday Friday and she has another xmas test
    Bless her it’s the little things that seem huge to kids ..
    good luck to everyone x

  63. So I recently went back to work and college full time and he kept waking at night so I knew something was up so long story short he was having bad dreams and worrying mammy was very stressed just to make sure he has a better future and told me mam you can give it all up and il never ask for anything again I promise how bloody cute

  64. The most recent thing my child worried about was me giving birth in the hospital he was afraid something might happen to me xx

  65. my son worries about playing team sports at school he is not very sporty and feels anxious about not being very good .

  66. My 4 year old son is fairly sensitive and worries about all sorts of small things, he especially hates for anything to happen to his younger sister.

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