Ah lads, she’s awake. She woke up a couple days after my three-month update. Raring to go. She’s found her voice. She’s not shy in letting us know she is there. In fairness to her, you have to be loud in this house to be heard.

I don’t even know where to start. I’ll start with soothers I suppose. I had a plan, a plan to get rid of the soothers (HAHAHA) in the house ’cause they are doing me bleeding head in. ‘Num nums mammy, NUM NUMS!‘. The toddler had a speech therapy assessment and the assessor wasn’t shy in telling me it was obvious he sucked a soother. In fairness you just have to take one look at his teeth to tell he loves a soother, that’s if you can see his teeth behind the soother. There are no issues with his speech, he’s two, I was overreacting, he can put five-word sentences together and we just need to work on pronunciation. Anyways back to soothers, I tried to take them off him during the day, it worked for a few days and I had quite a collection building up in the press, a good ten I’d say. I stood my ground. I told myself he wouldn’t break me. Do you watch my snap chats? If you do you’ll know how well it’s going. The two-year-old runs rings around me, in fact, all my kids do.

I have this neighbour across the road, I now call her my guardian angel. No really, I do. She brings her grandkids to school every morning and she brings the Big Kid for me on cold rainy days and those days that the babog decides I.want.a.feed.right.now. She’s an absolute legend. If it wasn’t for her, the Big Kid would be late for school EVER SINGLE DAY!

Baby led weaning is now the vain of my life. I’m seriously considering traditionally weaning the babog. The Wobbler still deliberately throws her food on the floor. She does it just to wind me up. And the dog is on a diet. Baby led weaning has made Tinkerbell overweight, not just by a few pounds like the vet said we needed ‘to act now’, it could cause serious problems as she gets older. So now I’m on my hands and knees cleaning the floors more than ever. The Tidy Tot was grand when she was smaller but now she knows it a larger than life frisbee. I’ve used black bags underneath the high chairs and all that but the Toddler thinks it’s a dart board and aims his leftovers at it now too.

We had a little incident last Sunday in Giddy Studios, Dundrum. The lovely Helena invited us to do some painting and get a clay family portrait made it was all going grand, lovely little family day out. Then the Toddler flicked some paint at the Big Kid for the craic and the Big Kid had a shit fit and got a plate of paint and literally threw it at him. He was dripping in paint. The screams. I wanted the ground to gobble me up. In the background, the Wobbler was also having a shit fit in the buggy so Joe got her a lollipop to keep her quiet while we cleaned up the tsunami of paint. All was clean, calm was restored and we continued painting. Then the Wobbler has another shit fit. What now? She had only given the babog her lollipop and she was milling it.

I had the Big Kids parent teacher meeting yesterday with her daddy and I’ll speak for both of us, we were gobsmacked with her report. We have spent the previous two years being told our child was more or less a brat, who doesn’t listen and this year we are being told me to keep doing whatever it is we are doing! I love her new teacher! He doesn’t like homework (in fact, he gives very little), he wants kids to explore their creative side, he teaches a lot through play and for the first time as a parent he has made me feel like I have actually done something right! He told me she’s super creative, she’s exactly where she should be educational, advanced in some aspects, her vocabulary is well ahead of her years, she’s extremely street wise (you’d want to be around here!), she’s well liked in the class and plays with everyone. The only one negative thing he said was that she’s overly competitive in all aspects of her day. While it’s good to be competitive when in the PE hall and playing educational games etc. it’s not so good when they are doing written work. She’s just like her Mammy and Godmammy who spent their childhood racing each other through written work to be the finished first in class – and that’s the only thing we have to work on, everything else is perfect. Winning!

We were at Lottie Day in Arnotts last weekend, I had a little gig reading from Lottie’s new book (it’s awesome btw) and the Big Kid dressed up as Muddy Puddles and made sure everyone knew who she was. We had a ball, the event was a huge success, it was lovely to meet the Arklu time properly and I’m so proud to be a Lottie brand ambassador.

The Toddler dropped his nap (insert banshee cries), ironic cause he’s asleep on the sofa right now, it’s currently 10am. That’s only cause he was up till 10pm last night. He doesn’t give a rats, he literally bypassed me on the stairs at one point last night as I was waiting for him to fall asleep. He gave Daddy a nice surprise when he got in from work. I’m convinced Joe works these mad hours in hope they’ll all be asleep when he gets home, convinced!

Nobody is sick this month, no snots and no nasty bugs for a change. God, I went through an awful couple of months with the Wobbler and Toddler. However, we did have a nasty fall. The Wobbler fell last week, leaving a nasty gash on the inside of her lip which led to a GP visit, followed by a hospital visit. My MIL said not to bother that she would be fine, that they wouldn’t stitch inside the mouth and she was right BUT I had to follow my gut. Thankfully the Doctor was happy enough that it would heal itself and it did. The poor kid. There’s still a nasty lump protruding out but she’s no longer in any pain. Wobblers hey?

The babog is still a boob monster and I have a feeling I’m going to be pulling her off me at the school gates in a few years time. I can’t believe how much she’s come on in the past few months, she’s grown so much. She’s not far from sitting up unaided, she’s rolling over a few weeks now, she’s literally raring to go. It’s like she’s dying to get up and join the others in terrorizing my home. That’ll be fun, I can just imagine them egging each other on.

Other than spending my life picking up toys and food, playing catch up with washing, changing on average twenty nappies a day, slinging it pretty much all day every day, threatening Joe that I’m running away, eflow chasing me for an unpaid toll and catching the Toddler trying to boob the Babog again – all is grand!

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    • She’s a real outdoorsy kid, she loves science and exploring so I love that he gets that, I sobbed getting into the car this time but for the right reasons. As for the rest of them, they’re wild but would you have it any other way 😉

  1. I think you are doing great.
    Considering you are taking them to some of these events. I’d be shitting just taking one of them. lol
    Regarding the soother, I’d take it away whenever he is ready. Matthew’s was taken before his 4th birthday this year.
    Chloe is attached to hers so it will be very difficult but I’d say I’d do it just around the same time. She is constantly around with the damn thing and goes nuts when I take it off her. I suppose I might have to go cold turkey. She is 21 months but still needs to get a lot of teeth.
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  2. Eeeee 20 nappies a day! You deserve a gold medal lovely. I had to laugh at the deliberately throwing food on the floor. My three-year-old is in an anti-eating phase (again). It takes ages for them to eat normally doesn’t it?! That’s fab about the great parent / teacher meeting! Woohoo! x
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