A few weeks back over on my social media pages I mentioned I’ll be working closely with Nuby as a brand rep. We’ve used their flip it beakers since the big kid was about two or three and their comfort teethers or ‘shakey things’ can be found in every corner of my home so it’s an exciting opportunity for all of us. They also asked me to review some products that appealed to us so I now have my very own electric ‘moo-moo machine’ and I freaking love it, along with beakers, cups and pretty much all of their SureGrip collection. 

During my time as a Nuby brand rep, I will share my views on the products we’ve been sent as well as hosting a giveaway or two and tonight I have a lovely little giveaway to share with you! We received a little pack in the post last month with some lovely Nuby goodies and I have that exact little hamper to giveaway to one My Little Babog reader!

nuby giveaway

Included in the Nuby hamper the winner will receive a two-pack of milk feeding bibs, a two-pack of cherry shaped soothes, bath crayons, a 360 maxi cup, a 360 mini cup with handles and a belly button baby teething comforter.

To enter this giveaway:

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and COMMENT below and tell me what your favourite Nuby product is or what you would most like to try out.

This competition is hosted on Facebook but is not endorsed by Facebook. There is no cash alternative. The competition closes on the 24th of November at 9pm and the winner will be announced here and notified by email. This competition is open worldwide. Good luck everyone!

160 Comments on Win a Nuby Hamper

  1. I love the Nuby ice lolly moulds! Great for a teething baba during the summer! Can’t wait to use them next year when she has more of an idea what they are!

  2. Omg the ice pop mould amazing we used it with breast milk when her teeth first started at her now we make fruit pops

  3. I’d love to try the bibs. They look great. So hard to find decent ones these days. Loving the look of all the pink in this hamper, would be well appreciated here with a little girl after having two boys. I’d be giving those amazing get bath crayons to her big brothers and the rest to herself!

  4. I love the nuby products. They have things I’ve never really seen in any other range. We love their teething toys here but my favourite would have to be their sippy cups with the soft silicone mouth piece. My boys won’t drink out of any other cups & I was so glad when I tried these & they loved them.

  5. I love their bibs they are super soft! I’d love to give the bath crayons a go… they could make washing the girls hair more bareable

  6. I’m looking forward to trying the Nuby breast pump this time round. My other brand pump just didn’t cut it last time!

  7. My baby girl loves her sippy cup… she also loves bathtime and both her and my 5 yr old son wud absolutely adore the bath crayons!

  8. We love the nuby sippy cups and teething toys. Would love to win this prize and try out the 360 cup and crayons.

  9. Would love to try the bathtime crayons with older boys (3 & 5 ) and teether with #4 (8 weeks). And the milk feeding bins with baby would be useful

  10. love the nuby beakers have had them all over the years but I am really interested in trying out the new one that has a kinda lid over it?

  11. My favourite Nuby product is the wacky tether. My daughter got through a few of them – they were an absolute life saver when she was teething! Even managed to keep her quiet throughout a wedding service with one!

  12. I love the nibbler, have recommended it to all my friends who have had kids around my sons age and who have had kids weaning since my son, it’s fantastic. The free flow flip it beaker is the nubby cup of choice at the moment and to be fair we have worked our way up and through them all, again recommend to all my mummy friends and they have switched to nubby, I love how it comes apart for cleaning, not all cups do. I have also tried the nuby bibs great fit love the e Gra protection. I would love to try out the bath Crayons.

  13. I love the Nuby flip it beaker as all the parts can be taken apart and washed, no yukky black mouldy build up. Would love to try the new beakers.

  14. My favourite Nuby product is the Stack O’ Rings toy, my grandson got this for his first birthday and he still plays with it, he’s just turned three. It helped him colours and counting too

  15. My previously breastfed baby initially struggled with using a bottle until we started to use nuby natural touch ones. They are great. Now I feel happier about my return to work soon. I also have a teething blanket.

  16. I love the flip it beakers, my two boys are well grown up but I bought two of these beakers because some of their friends have kids and they were handy for any little visitors! We are now going to be grandparents so I’m collecting bits and bobs for baby coming and I have picked up some Nuby products because I liked the beakers and felt that they are really good quality.

  17. I would love to win the Nuby hamper for my brother and sister in law who are due their new baby on Christmas Eve

  18. Definitely would like to use the teeters and need to get some ! I’m due in feb so I’m sure time will fly

  19. would all be really handy for nieces new arrival!, but the bath time crayons would keep the other little one amused for sure!!

  20. My son loved his Nuby Spinwheel toy for his highchair and I loved it too as after feeds he was happy and content to play with it giving me the opportunity to tidy up and clear away. I would love to try the Nuby bath toys and have the Nuby Squid the Squirter and bath letters and numbers on Santas list

  21. I love the snack pots with the lid that the child can stick their hand through and get snacks, great for car journeys and saves on being too much mess, we’ve used ours from about 9 months and he still uses now and he’s 2!

  22. I would really like to try out the 360 cup. My niece is now able to drink from a cup, but can’t quite understand how water flows.

  23. I would love for my little one to try the cup. We have just started weaning so this prize would be fantastic!

  24. i have always used the ruby cups – all the stages with both my children I find they don’t leak and are easy to hold and drink out of for a child.

  25. Would love to try the 360 cup – sounds perfect for my baby granddaughter who loves to shake her water everywhere!

  26. My grandson absolutely loves the bath crayons but now he’s getting his teeth through we would love to try the icelolly moulds and make some mumsicles with mums breast milk 🙂

  27. We Love The Nuby Teething Toys. Would Love To Win This Prize For My Daughter To Try Out The 360 Cup And Crayons 🙂

  28. Love Nuby Products.. My daughter tried the bathtime crayons and loved them but they have wasted now because of constant use.. ha She would love them again… I’d love to try my son with the beaker.. He’s 6 months old now and over the next couple of weeks will be introducing a beaker 🙂

  29. Nubys products get a big thumbs up from me the beakers and bath crayons are fab and i would love my nephew to try out the teething toys!

  30. We would love to try the new bathtime crayons! My boys are wild at bath time & drown my floors, walls…& me! So I think this could really occupy them 😉

  31. Me and my daughter love the Nuby products we have tried already and would love to win this hamper to try even more products.

  32. The cups! 2 of my 3 would never have a bottle so we had lots of spills with beakers and sippy cups. Littlie is ready to start weaning so it’d be very handy about now!

  33. I’d love to try these 360 cups out that everyone’s been talking about 🙂 I love the nuby bath toys or should I say… my daughter loves them hehe xx

  34. Id love to try the 360 cups. So far ive tried 3 different kinds of cups and my daughter doesnt like any so fingers crossed this would work

  35. The non spill 360 cups as my child now has a fascination with cups and drinks but can’t seem to keep them together!

  36. I would love to try the 360 maxi cup, my sons 13 month’s and is currently going through awful teething pain, i’d also love to try the bibs as we struggle to keep clothes clean!

  37. I really want to try the Nuby bath crayons as I didn’t even know they did them! My son loves his Nuby Octopus squirted at the min!

    Thank you

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