The Haakaa breast pump has been all over my feeds the past couple of months, from readers to online parenting websites and bloggers recommending it so I ordered one from Amazon to see what all the fuss was about. And no, the Haakaa is a one piece silicone breast pump, not the traditional dance of the Māori people of New Zealand as my other half thought – I think he was a bit disappointed when I told him too. Although he did get great craic teaching the kids to stomp their feet and to make funny faces and noises as I fed and pumped away in my little corner.

haakaa breast pump review silicone portable bpa free hands free

The Haakaa breast pump is a handheld, portable milk expression device. It’s small and discreet allowing mum to express without the noise and fuss of an electrical pump. According to the manufacturer, it accommodates different breast sizes and collects up to 4 ounces (100ml) of milk at a time.

I’ve been using my Haakaa breast pump about a month now. Basically, you encourage let down as normal and cover the breast and nipple area and squeeze the pump gently until you feel a good suction and leave it to work its magic and express your liquid gold. It took me a few goes to get the hang of it but once I did we were flying it!

I find the Haakaa pump breast most effective when I’m feeding little miss but she is a wriggler, a nosey little parker and once someone makes a noise in the background she’s up looking around to see what going on and she’s knocked the pump off a couple of times spilling milk all over the place. Also, it claims it fills 4 ounces (100mls) of breastmilk at a time. I have a huge oversupply so it doesn’t take more than five minutes to fill it but anytime I’ve got past the 3-ounce mark the Haakaa breast pump weighs down, losing its suction, therefore, I have to hold it or remove it in fear it will fall off.

In the time I’ve been using the Haakaa I find it very effective but I don’t believe it accommodates ‘different breast sizes’. I use the pump most mornings (using my Nuby Natural Touch Digital breast pump in the late afternoon or evening) when my supply is at it’s highest. If little miss has been cluster feeding throughout the night my breasts will be noticeably smaller and I have struggled to get the Haakaa breast pump to suction onto my boob correctly. Which leads me to believe it may be an issue if you have smaller breasts.

It’s most definitely convenient for us in this madhouse, to date I have pumped over 80 ounces effortlessly in the early days as I feed Kenzie on the other side and that’s only using it once a day (in the morning). I like that it’s made from food-grade silicone, that it’s dishwasher safe, BPA free and the fact that it’s the easiest breast pump I have ever cleaned. I also like that it’s small and discreet too. There’s no charging it, plugging it in nor is there any noise (apart from my toddler mooing at me of course). For €20 including postage, the Haakaa Silicon Breast Pump is a great pump to catch your let down but not as a long-term pumping system. If your looking for a long-term pump check out the Omani Tronkon.

I purchased the above haakaa breast pump myself, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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  1. I saw this on irish site inhealth – was thinking of buying it but am defo buying it now. thanks – great review

  2. I really never got on with expressing, it felt like a lot of work and then Lottie point back refused to entertain the idea of having a bottle – sounds great for those who do get on with expressing though.

  3. Oh I’ve not come across this before but it sounds like an interesting concept. I used a Tommee Tippee hand pump with my first and with the second two just never really bothered. (I had a bad experience with a poorly connected electric pump which basically pumped my hard earned milk all over the sofa without me realising!)
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  4. As a small breasted woman (barely an A cup pre-pregnancy), I can attest that this does indeed work for me! I was concerned about this when I purchased it but happy that it’s not an issue. Maybe it’s more about breast shape?

  5. I’m small breasted (B cup pre-preg) and have been using the Haakaa for 5 days (baby was 6 weeks) and I do like it for the ease of use and quietness. Having difficulty getting the suction thing right so I was googling for tips. It also seemed to me that once the pump gets heavy that suction is more difficult so I’ll be keeping an eye out for the level and also trying your method to attach it (I’ve been squeezing the pump first, *then* attaching it). Thanks for writing this review!

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