Up sharing his experience of his wife’s water birth is dad blogger, Luke Belsey. He recently started blogging to share his new adventures as a father. He’ll openly admit he lived a party lifestyle until baby Huxley came along and needless to say, things have calmed down A LOT – Although he occasionally suffers FOMO. His blog acts partly as a diary but also shows the humorous side of dealing with a first-time child.

Water Birth Wonders by Luke Belsey

“Luke, I can’t be bothered to think about dinner, shall we go out for a roast?” HELL TO THE YEAH was my reply. So the current situation was Baby No.1 is 10 days overdue. I’m fed up, the OH even more. After trying everything that everyone comes out of the woodwork with to try and get a baby moving, hot curry, lots of walking, sex etc. – we had given up! We knew that if natural labour didn’t start within the next few days then a painful induced labour process would be started. We were on a mission to just completely chill out and relax in a last ditched attempt.

After a lovely roast dinner and a pint, the only one allowed! (I was put on a strict 1 drink rule since entering the 3rd trimester), we slowly waddled home. The dark was drawing in and my thoughts of the weekend ending and going to work Monday put me on a bit of a downer. The clock struck 8pm and it all began….

I could tell by the OH’s face that something was brewing, she gave me the nod I had been patiently waiting for and then the panic set in. My first thought was, I better go have a poo, thinking it might be my only chance for a while. I knew the hospital bag was packed but didn’t stop me rushing around fussing over her when in retrospect I should have probably gone to bed and slept a little. Selfish much?

As the contractions started coming thick and fast the OH found herself holding onto the mantlepiece, plugged into her hippy music, moaning and practicing some weird ‘Golden Thread’ breathing technique she has picked up at pregnancy yoga. From the armchair, I sat flicking through Instagram and watching as painful contractions took hold and went. With words of encouragement, I couldn’t help but think she looked like she was at the Rio De Janerio Carnival and Dutty Whining to some Beenie Man. *Sim simma who got the keys to my beamer*

12pm came and the OH was already looking exhausted, she decided maybe lying in bed might help *fist pump* I was secretly happy that I might get a couple of hours sleep but alas it never came. As we lay in bed the heavens opened, and I mean proper heavy, along with that claps of thunder. I tried to joke this symbolised that our baby could be a new god being born – I’ll let you imagine how that went down!

We finally rang the MLBU (Midwife Lead Birthing Unit) to say we are coming in and at 6am we were admitted. Getting to and into the car was fun but driving there sleep deprived I almost felt drunk and made avoiding bumps in the road quite difficult. We must have taken the whole journey at 20MPH, but we arrived safe and sound.

We were greeted by a midwife called Tracy who would see us through right until the end and good ole Tracy instantly put my apprehension at ease. A couple of examinations and the result was the OH was already in established labour. SHIT JUST GOT REALLY REAL. Tracey suggested some walking/waddling would potentially get things moving quicker, so we shuffled into the main hospital corridor. The shock and horrified looks we received from passers-by were hilarious – Almost like we needed to be somewhere getting some help. Errrr, Hello. We are in a fucking hospital!

10am came around fast and the birthing pool/bath was filled. The OH cannonballed in (joke) and took a position on fours rocking and bobbing (and creating waves). From there on in it’s all quite a blur. However, I just have moments etched onto my brain that I will never forget.

Whilst the OH was in the water she placed a towel pillow on the end of the bath to rest her head to save some energy when not going through a contraction. Numerous times she missed the towel and point blank head-butted the bare plastic, not that she seemed to realise, but much to my amusement and I had to stifle the laughs. She looked as though she was in some birthing bubble so doubt she would have even noticed me laughing out loud.

11.30am and my eyes couldn’t help but noticed the dull as dirty dishwater the birthing pool had become. Whilst in the pregnancy bubble, I did notice the OH was very close to bobbing her head under (GAG) as the pushing was now in full effect. I knew things were close now. If you are that way inclined, as the father you are able to get in the water, to comfort, but I would advise strongly against it.

11.45am, I should be really in the moment now but I’ve kind of been barged out of the way by the OH’s mum. She clearly thought I was just being useless and to be fair, I was. Now in the background and just a spectator of my wife’s water birth, I could hear a familiar song playing on the radio. Low and behold it was “Push it” by Salt n Pepa. I mean, come on, it couldn’t have been played at a more aptly time, even if we had requested it. 11.45am on local radio. Would you actually Adam & Eve it?!?

water birth wonders

And so here he is just moments old, our little boy Huxley Frederick Belsey, born 4th April 2016 and 12pm, weighing 7lb 8oz. 

Finally, to close this chapter on my events of the arrival of our precious baby boy we turn again to the OH’s mum. After sharpening her elbows to get me out of the way and actually help the OH in the final moments of labour, we are all in a sea of surreal tranquillity but equally emotionally drained. After being up for almost 30 hours Ruth reaches for a cool bag and passes over, not the usual sandwich snack but a full on antipasti board!! My saviour! Who doesn’t need a loaded antipasti board after the birth of your first child to settle you into parenthood? Chargrilled artichoke heart anyone…..

Find Luke blogging away at www.hexweb.com, or rambling on Twitter and Instagram.

There are a whole collection of birth stories on the blog if you would like to read more. Birth stories go live every Sunday at 9pm but sometimes life gets in the way like last night, sorry. If you would like to feature your birth story email me at mylittlebabog@gmail.com.

8 Comments on Water Birth Wonders by Luke Belsey

  1. I giggled my whole way through this! I’ve never heard a birth story from the perspective of a dad before but it’s so good to! I can really relate this to how my OH was being at the time too. I love that you got an antipasti at the end as well as a beautiful baby. So jealous!
    Chloe Ciliberto recently posted…3 DAYS IN FLORENCEMy Profile

  2. Congratulations! An antipasti board is incredibly organised of Ruth! What a great birth story, I understand what you mean about being in the birthing bubble, my hubby said I completely zoned out. x

  3. Loved this post Kellie! I never had a water birth but it’s something I would have loved to experience. Many of my friends who have had water births have said its a lot less painful then a normal delivery. Don’t know how true that is? Xx

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