Recently Purite Ireland sent me a selection of their natural and handmade products for the kids and I to try out. I’d never heard them previously but after a bit of research, I fell in love with their business idea and soaps, man their soaps look like they belong in a bakery. All of the products over at Purite Ireland contain natural substances derived from plants so you’ll find no nasties throughout their range. Aside from handmaking all their products, I also loved that their products do not contain any parabens, palm oil, silicons, glycol, SLS or SLES. And most of all none of their products are tested on animals.

So I’ll start with my favourite products we received, the soaps. I’m a sucker for a handcrafted soap. If you’re a long time follower you’ll know one of my favourite shops is Lush so Purite Ireland had big boots to fill to win me over. And it didn’t take long, just look at those beauties. And their soaps contain no preservatives, artificial flavourings or colours.

purite ireland

The first one is an Oatmeal, Honey & Goats Milk 100g bar, it looks edible, doesn’t it? That one was supposed to be for the kids but unfortunately, they didn’t get a proper look in. The oatmeal is to cleanse and soothe any irritations, the goat’s milk to hydrate and protect and the honey to nourish and moisturise. It’s a beautiful soap, it leaves a smooth film across your skin, leaving it soft and most definitely moisturised. I used this bar on the toddler a couple of times. He’s forever getting nappy rash, he doesn’t tell us when he’s pooped so it could be lying on his skin an hour before we realise. I’ve never used a soap as an effective way to treat nappy rash, ever, but I can honestly say this mixed with the Oleum cream (below) afterwards healed him in one application.

The Rose, Honey & Vanilla 100g bar is another artisian handmade soap that came in our gifted hamper, it’s so pretty, again I didn’t want to use it and it smelt divine. Like all their soaps they are traditionally handcrafted using a cold emulsification process. The base of their soaps contains olive oil, coconut oil, shea butter and other unrefined vegetable oils so, unfortunately, they will melt away quicker than your average shop bought soap. Again this one left my skin soft, hydrated and but unlike the Oatmeal, I felt a little glow of my skin after using this one.

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Another of my favourites is a product I mentioned above, the Oleum, a product they claim can smooth wrinkles, lighten the complexion, and rejuvenate hair and nails. I have used it on my hands, only and while it does keep them nourished after washing my hands a zillion times a day I prefer to use it as a nappy rash cream. I’ve gone all eco-mum and I’ve ditched the Bepantem and Sudocrem for more eco-friendly and healthier products for the kids’ skin and this one is definitely a winner in my eyes. The two younger ones have only ever had a pink bum never a rash (take a bow cloth nappies!), unlike the boy. He gets awful nappy rash, poor little fella, but with one little blob of this ‘miracle cream’, as I’m currently calling it, and it’s gone. There’s never been a need for a second application. With anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties, no wonder it works so well. There’s also some beeswax in there too which mimics Vaseline, forming a little coat over the affected area in return protecting his skin whilst it heals. The pot is quite small priced €13.50 for 30ml but it’s worked for us and helped me on my journey from putting chemicals and the likes on my kid’s delicate skin.

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I also received some body butter, a cocoa-scented one and I’m being honest I’m not a fan, I prefer chocolate in my mouth, not on my skin, so I passed that one on to a friend and apparently she’s loving it although she thinks the pot is very small for the €16.50 price tag.  Also in the hamper of Purite goodies was another little glass pot of nutritious and regenerating cream. While it leaves my skin feeling soft, silky and most definitely nourished I’m not using it long enough to really comment any further. There was a sugar scrub with dead sea salts added for cleansing and tightening of the skin. It does removes dead skin and helps in nutrient absorption. Teamed with the Rose soap above it’s a beautiful product.

I got a little 30g bottle of anti-aging serum, Elixir. I keep it in the fridge, using it after a long night shift of cluster feeds to reduce the puffiness around my eyes, and it does what is says on the tin, or glass bottle I should say. I personally haven’t noticed it but my mother and Joe have both said the dark circles under my eyes have lightened, so maybe it is the ‘miracle’ eye cream I’ve been looking for. It’s easily absorbed and it leaves a thick coat leaving your skin feeling protected. This stuff is €31 a bottle, the priciest of all the products I have received but my bottle looks like it hasn’t been touched so I should get a good a year out of it.

Overall I have had a very positive experience with the above Purite Ireland products (minus the cocoa body butter) and I will definitely be buying some of the cake-like handcrafted soaps again, as well as the Oleum cream for the toddler.

For more information on Purite Ireland check out their websiteFacebook or Instagram. Purite Ireland has kindly gifted my readers 10% off any order, just use code KELLIE10 at the checkout and I have a fabulous little giveaway HERE worth over €60 too.

I received a free hamper of Purite Ireland products for the family and was under no obligation to write up a review.

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  1. Oh wow these sound fab! I love the sound of an alternative to nappy rash cream and the handmake ‘cake’ like soaps look like they smell delicious!!! I love soaps that have been made with natural products. x

  2. That’s a mad looking thing. You’re right it does look like something out of a Bakery.
    I am odd with things like that to try out because my kids have dry skin but I’d try it out for sure.

  3. Lovely products. The soaps look absolutely gorgeous. And I love the sound of the rose, honey and vanilla soap. That seems just perfect for me as I love anything with roses in it. Hugs Lucy xxxx

  4. Hi,
    These products are divine! I have been doing a lot of research on how to handcraft an all-natural soap to use as a wedding favor for my sister’s wedding. These are a little bit pricey for a favor but I am very excited to try it all. I love chocolate on my skin so I am focusing my eyes on that cocoa body butter haha. Thanks for sharing!

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