The clocks go back an hour every single year and I say to myself that I will prepare the kids but I always forget or put it on the long finger. The following morning when one or two or three of them wake up at silly o clock I instantly regret it. So this year I’ve teamed up with Niamh O’Reilly, Ireland’s Supernanny or the baby whisperer as I like to call her to share her advice on how to beat next week’s clock change especially now that our wobbler wakes up at six bells most mornings.

Are You Ready For The Clock Change?

You’ve just settled back into a nice routine after the Back to School drama and then, bang! The clock change! This one can be a tough one for kids/parents of kids who are already early risers or those who you have struggled with in trying to get them to sleep at all! This year it will happen overnight on Saturday 30th October 2016.

  1. My preferred option is to slowly change your child’s schedule over the course of a few days before the time changes. So, for example on Wednesday prior to the time change, put your child to bed 15 minutes later than normal. This is done with the hope that they will wake 15 mins later than normal. But it mightn’t happen, certainly on Night 1. It’s a body clock thing. Also, offer any children who still have daytime naps, an opportunity to snooze 15 minutes later the following day. For the next few days get them to bed a further 15 minutes later each night (and nap 15 further minutes later). This way, by the night of the time change, you will be back to your normal schedule.
  2. Or, you could stick to your normal schedule up until the time change and once it kicks in, be a little more flexible and change as much as your child can handle.

The best way to approach it is without fear and apprehension, as adults, we become obsessed with the amount of hours sleep we get. Infants are reliant on our guidance and don’t get much of a say in the matter. By making the change gradually, come Saturday night, your little one will be going an hour later than at the start of the week. There’s no point keeping them up too much later than their normal bedtime because quite often they will be overtired and the wheels fall off!

Luckily enough, in terms of older children, they will probably be on school holidays and their normal day to day routines will be a little all over the place. Wake them at their normal wake up time in order to keep some sense of routine for them. It probably won’t happen, but no matter their age, try not to let them lie in.

We’ve started tonight, I do not want a reoccurrence of last year! And as well as putting sleepy spells on kid’s Niamh hosts the best Paediatric First Aid Course I’ve ever attended. I recommend any expectant parents and parents, to do a first aid course, they are invaluable. She’s holding another early next month and I’ve attached the details. She covers everything from burns, CPR and choking. Courses cost €50 but for the piece of mind I’ve had since attending last year, it’s worth every cent!

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5 Comments on Are You Ready For The Clock Change?

  1. Thank you for this lovely it’s a great article. I find the clock change worse in the summer.hoping it doesn’t affect us too much but we will have to see. Xx

  2. This is definitely something I’ll be keeping in mind. My two boys were never really effected by the time change but both were fairly good sleepers unlike my little girl whose an early riser so I’ll be giving this bash thanks

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